Best Rechargeable Battery Chargers for AA and AAA Batteries 2020

Better Recharging Experience: High-quality Rechargeable Battery Chargers for AA and AAA Batteries.

Nowadays, along with the inspiring concept of environmental protection and better domestic waste disposal, rechargeable batteries have met with a more favorable reception since their popularity at the beginning owing to the recyclability and economies. What's more, rechargeable batteries get themselves in such a favorable position not merely because they are cheap and recyclable, more importantly, fast recharging gives people greater convenience compared to disposable batteries.

To make convenient, fast recharging happens, rechargeable battery chargers have evolved constantly from the initial generation. Since they evolve in a highly competitive manner, everything concerning the charging ability, compatibility, heat control ability, has been greatly improved. Many rechargeable battery charger testers have experienced all sorts of most up-to-date battery chargers for AA and AAA batteries. In the following paragraphs, I will sort out 10 best rechargeable battery chargers for AA and AAA batteries in 2020, which have been fully tested and reviewed by people in an unbiased way.

1.  Energizer AA and AAA Battery Charger (Recharge Pro) with 4 AA NiMH Rechargeable Batteries

This Energizer battery charger is another good example for an environment friendly money saving rechargeable battery charger. It's small, compact and portable. For a charger of this size and with an integrated plug itself, you can use it as a travel battery charger other than using it as a household charger only. The plug folds in and out easily to connect to an AC outlet conveniently.

The 4 simple battery slots are designed for 2 or 4 pieces of AA, AAA batteries to get charges, again, 1 or 3 batteries are not allowed to set for charge technologically. Compared to most rechargeable battery chargers, this one not only uses LED lights as indicators for charging level but also uses audible sound to remind users. Safety is always the number one priority for electrical devices. The built-in protection of this charger fully prevents short circuit, over charging, and over heating for better battery health.

2.  EBL 8 Bay Charger with Batteries

Many customers are happy with this product simply it works as expected, or more likely it comes with 4 AA batteries and 4 AAA batteries. Anyway, let's see how the charger serves its purposes.

This 8-bay battery charger is made widely compatible with AA, AAA Ni-MH Ni-CD rechargeable batteries, but not for alkaline or Lithium batteries. The multi-bay design enables it to charge up to 8 pieces of batteries at a time, however, you can only charge batteries in pairs, it won't work for batteries in an odd number. I guess we don't bother to figure this why out.  It also has LED indicators showing the charging level.

Likewise, the recharging speed is fast and satisfying. But we would like to focus more on its unique function, the Trickle Charge. The Trickle Charge is something special that uses an intelligent cut-off charging method, called delta V, which is able to slow down the quick charging when batteries almost reach a full charge, namely, the charge becomes trickle charge, and finishes the charging bit by bit in a more safe way. Besides, the battery charger has advanced protection to stop unwanted overheating, higher voltage. It will automatically stop charging when the voltage goes up to 3.4 volts for the sake of safety. The battery charger is an ETL Listed product that officially meets and North American safety standards.

3.  AmazonBasics Ni-MH AA & AAA Battery Charger With USB Port

AmazonBasics has been a very well-known brand in this field and the charger we recommend today is a multi-functional one that charges more than just rechargeable batteries.

The four charging slots accommodate 2 or 4 AA/AAA Ni-MH batteries at a time, still, batteries need to be charged in pairs. Built-in protection will automatically prevent over charge, as well as reversed battery polarities. Auto detection tells you a certain battery is incompatible, like an alkaline battery, or a bad cell battery, no longer workable.

The battery charger has a retractable AC plug that fits worldwide 100-240 volts AC standard.  The slim charger can be also used as a portable power bank thanks to the USB port. The USB outputs 500mA for the maximum, which is enough to charge a cell phone, iPod or other USB devices. The USB port enjoys charging priority over AA, AAA batteries. When your USB device is fully charged, the charger will resume the rechargeable battery charging automatically.

4.  EBL 12 Bay LCD AA AAA 9V Battery Charger

EBL battery chargers are inevitably quite similar to each other, but sometimes they differ from each other too, functionally. Like this 12-bay battery charger, it can do more than an AA, AAA battery charger usually does. The multi-purpose charger works for AA, AAA, and 9V rechargeable batteries of Ni-MH and Ni-CD kinds. Thanks to the 12 battery bays, it can charge 1 to 10 pieces of AA, AAA batteries and 1 to 2 pieces of 9V batteries simultaneously. As to the indicators, it has a small LCD screen to show the charging level for AA, AAA batteries, and 2 LED lights for 9V batteries.

For the Trickle Charge function, EBL battery chargers basically share the same technology. Aside from the battery detection, it has intelligent control for safety protection, using advanced MCU control and delta V function to effectively safeguard the charger against short-circuit, non-rechargeable, defective batteries, over voltage, current or heating.  Overall, the battery charger has a solid build and safe, efficient charging for AA, AAA, 9V batteries. A charger with so many charging slots is rarely seen on the market.

5.  Panasonic Eneloop Advanced Individual Battery Charger

This Panasonic eneloop battery charger is generally reviewed as an excellent improvement in rechargeable household batteries. The charger structure is simple and easy to set batteries in. 4 charging slots are designed for 4 eneloop AA or AAA batteries to fit in and get recharged fast. It will take approximately 3 hours to charge them fully. When charging 2 pieces of AA or AAA batteries, it will be even faster, ideally an hour and a half you will have them recharge in full.  To let the user easily read the charging levels, the battery charger has 4 individual LED light indicators. Green light means about 80% to 100% recharged, orange light means 20% to 80% and red 0% to 20%. When a certain battery is completely recharged, its indicator will turn itself off.

This highly efficient battery charger uses a retractable AC plug for direct power connection to an AC outlet, making easy and safe to handle the electrical cord and power connection. For more safety of battery charging, the charger adopts an advanced "battery sensing" technology built-in, which will enable to the charger to automatically stop charging when it senses a non-rechargeable battery in the charging slot. The charger will also stop working when it detects overheating during battery recharging for protection. Overall, this battery charger is efficient and safe for Ni-MH rechargeable batteries.

6.  La Crosse Technology Alpha Power Battery Charger

You might have some puzzles by the first sight of this battery charger because it's so obviously designed with some buttons. The 4 small buttons near the battery bays control the recharging for 4 pieces of AA, AAA batteries. The charger works fine for both Ni-MH and Ni-CD rechargeable batteries.

As for the other 3 buttons, they will let you know the charging current, charging level and which mode you are using. The charger allows you to operate in 4 modes, charge, discharge, refresh and test. These modes help you not only fully recharge or fully discharge a battery, but not also refresh, test to examine your battery's health condition to ensure you are using a safe, reliable rechargeable battery. This multi-mode design for a battery charger is one of a kind on the charger market as it does a good job in charging optimization and battery management.

7.  EBL Smart 8 Bay AA AAA NiMH NiCD Rechargeable Battery Charger

Here's another ETL Listed model from EBL. It's an ETL Certified 100-120V rechargeable battery charger for AA, AAA batteries. People like the fact that it can charge so many batteries at once, without having to check on them once in a while. You can completely leave them charging all day long, and only get to them when you need to use the batteries because the charger is totally over-charge proof. It will automatically turn itself off to prevent getting overly hot when the charge is finished.

Compared to those you have to charge two sets of batteries every 2 hours and check on them frequently, this charger is absolutely convenient and smart. The smart thing it can do for you is the intelligent protection against short circuit, over voltage, current, temperature, or bad batteries that don't fit anymore. And like other EBL chargers, it features MCU control, delta V cut-off trickle charge, and compatibility with Ni-MH, Ni-CD AA, AAA rechargeable batteries.

8.  Panasonic “Advanced” Eneloop Individual Battery 3 Hour Quick Charger

Like the first Panasonic battery charger listed above, this one is also designed for eneloop AA or AAA batteries, and basically, share the same design as well as functions.

Other than the auto shut-off protection to keep the charger and your batteries safe, people are also deeply impressed with the LED light indicators because they feel they benefit much from the convenience of knowing the batteries' charging status anytime.

In the long run, this individual battery charger is a worthwhile investment considering that it detects the problems of your rechargeable batteries and allows you to charge batteries fast and conveniently, like one at a time or in any combination up to four.

9.  La Crosse Technology BC700 Battery Charger

This La Crosse Technology battery charger is another button style charger that quite resembles the Alpha Power Battery Charger listed at No. 5, which comes from the same company.  They resemble each other in appearance and functions. Both became popular among users due to the functions of the mode that help a lot in use.

The mode button has been helpful to charge, discharge, test and refreshes your batteries. The test mode can discharge and charge the battery. The refresh mode can bring some half-dead batteries back to alive. With typical charge rate 200mAh, and discharge rate 100mAh, the battery charger works in a highly protective way for better battery longevity to avoid overly fast charging with heat that jeopardizes the batteries. The display button clearly shows volts, mA, mAh and time for optimized charging.

The battery charger comes with a 12V, 0.75A AC/DC adapter. With this charger, you'll find charging rechargeable batteries has never been so easy.

10.  Maha PowerEx MH-C808M Charger for Eight AA/AAA/C/D NiMH/NiCD Batteries

Last but not least, this Maha PowerEx charger is definitely a versatilely compatible battery charger for multiple types of rechargeable batteries, such as AA, AAA, C, D sizes(of Ni-MH and Ni-CD). The multi-slot design enables you to charge 1 to 8 pieces of rechargeable batteries in any combination. Plus, other than the hassle-free charging, you'll be equally impressed with its large backlit LCD screen that shows charging status.

One more feature about this charger is that it allows for soft recharging which saves the life of the battery over time. All in all, it's a qualified, versatile battery charger for household rechargeable batteries of the most popular sizes. Families with frequent use of electrical torches, remote control, electrical toys would need it most.


If you are still on the fence about getting a best rechargeable battery charger, this top 10 best battery chargers for AA, AAA batteries could be your choices as they have been thoroughly tested and greatly recommended for a couple of times. You might as well skim the list and find the one that suits you fine, or supplement the list with an eleventh choice that might broaden our horizons.

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Darren Stone

Darren Stone

April 02, 2021

thanks for the info. I purchased the Lacross Alpha charging system above which came with several Lacross AAA’s and AA batteries PLUS I also bought several Panasonic EneLoop batteries. All, and I mean all of the Lacross batteries failed after about one year while the Pansonic’s are still going strong 5 years on. I called Lacross and they dismissed it with the usual 1 year warranty BS even though all 8 batteries failed. Please don’t recommend , not doing justice to your readers.

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