Best Dual USB C PD Chargers

Thanks to its reversible plugging, USB Type C is getting insanely popular. Most Android cell phones, like Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, One+, LG, use such USB C port for convenient everyday charging connection. Also, Apple iPhone 11 features USB C. From this you may foresee a growing need for USB C related accessories. When it comes to chargers with USB C port, dual USB C PD chargers are the most frequently recommended for their quick charges and availability of 2 USB ports.

Today we are going to list 7 best dual USB C chargers that typically charge fast and are generally believed to be well worth the money you spend.

1.  Anker 60W 2-Port USB C Charger

This Anker dual USB C charger is a travel friendly backup PD power bank for cell phones and laptops. The compact design is easy to carry around for easy business trips. It has a foldable plug to save space when it's not in use. Despite its tiny size, it's capable of delivering a pretty good amount of wattage to charge up USB PD enabled devices at 30W for each port. The 2-port design makes it greatly convenient to charge 2 devices simultaneously. For example, you can share it with your family, charging 2 phones or laptops at a time. It's about twice as fast as the 5W charger that comes with your iPhone. Charging an iPhone X from 0% to 50% battery can be done within half an hour.

2.  AUKEY 63W Dual USB C Charger

Compared to Anker dual USB C charger, this one from AUKEY has a similar size, featuring a foldable plug likewise to be space-saving. It's easy to pack and go for travels and comes in handy to charge most typically USB Type C enabled devices like iPhone 11, 11 Pro, Max, MacBook Pro as well as other devices that are compatible with USB Power Delivery. Using advanced GaN power technology, this charger has a highly safe and powerful GaN power chip built in to ensure it can preserve enough energy for charges. Besides, its dynamic detection is a real bonus when you expect this USB PD charger to optimize charging for you.

3.  ESR 2-Port 36W Power Delivery Type C Wall Charger

Like most dual USB PD chargers on the market, this ESR 2-port wall charger claims to achieve 0% to 50% charges within 30 minutes. People are quite impressed with this charging ability because it obviously saves a lot of time for everyday use. To ensure such high speed charging in a safe manner, ESR uses an intelligent IC chip inside for auto detection and optimal power delivery. The 2-port charger is beautifully designed to be comfortable to hold in hand, lightweight enough to carry around, and easy to plug and unplug. With such a fast dual USB C PD charger, it can easily charge up your cell phone and tablet, such as iPhone 11, iPhone XS, Samsung S10, S10+, S10e, Pixel 2, 3, iPad Pro, etc.

4.  Satechi 75W Dual Type-C PD Travel Charger Adapter

Satechi travel charger adapter is a perfect dual USB PD charger considering it does a good job charging 2 devices with the 2 USB C PD ports at 60W and 18W. Other than that, it has 2 extra USB A ports to charging other non-USB C phones and devices. Thanks to its incredibly wide compatibility, you can use it to charge MacBook Air, iPad Pro, iPhones, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Surface, some Samsung Galaxy series and more. The dual USB C PD ports and USB A ports have turned this little charger into a home charging station. This charger has a highly durable build with heat-resistant materials that meet CE, ETL, and FCC standards.

5.  Scosche Dual USB-C Fast Charger

Seeing that dual USB C PD chargers are getting more and more popular, manufacturers have all the way been trying to survive the fierce competition by upgrading the charger. Like this charger, it's been upgraded to Power Delivery 3.0 to charge devices in a more effective way without sacrificing the original functions. It delivers fast charges, getting approximately 70% battery within 30 minutes. With 18 watts for each USB C port, it's perfectly compatible with USB C enabled devices. And there's no need to worry about the charger getting overly hot after being plugged in for an extended period of time owing to the over-heating proof built-in circuitry.

6. Nekteck 63W 2-Port USB C Wall Charger with Power Delivery

Nekteck dual USB C charger features an advanced power delivery 3.0 USB C port, rated at 45W for fast charges, as well as an 18W USB C port with high output up to 3 amps. Like most USB C dual ports, they work flawlessly with tons of USB Type C enabled phones and laptops on the market. As long as the plug is fit, the charges will be delivered as rated power. This well-built USB PD charger fully meets the safety standards of CE, FCC and it's an ETL Listed unit with high-quality components and a renowned 11-point safety system to safeguard your devices and the charger itself.

7. UGREEN 2-Port 36W Power Delivery USB C Charger

This dual USB C PD charger features great simplicity in design, giving you a sleek look to blend with your devices, study or office. It's made to be lightweight and portable. You can easily stow it in your backpack or handbag for easy business trips and travels. This tiny thing, however, can do a lot for you. With 2 USB C ports, with 18W power rating for using both ports, or 36W for each port solely. For a PD charger with such great performance in charging, you can expect a from %0 to 100% full battery charge within just an hour for an iPhone Xs. Yet, it's so widely compatible with all USB Type C enabled phones and tablets, like iPhone 11 series, iPads, Google Pixels, and Samsung phones. With an intelligent chip built-in, it can optimize charging ideally for a certain device.

Final Thoughts:

These 7 dual USB C chargers recommended today share the best features you are looking for. If you put the budget aside, all that about a best dual USB C PD charger could literally be its portability, fast charging, dual ports, compatibility, and protection. Way too many chargers of this kind on the market are purposely constructed with high-performance Lithium battery cells, optimal chips and circuitry, and USB C PD ports as well. But apparently, safety protection is top priority because it's required to keep the charger working stably and safely.

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