iPad Mini 6 Magnetic Stand

Not only for iPad Pro and iPad Air 5/4,  The Urban Magnetic stand now comes to iPad mini 6.  Modern Floating Magnetic Stand Specially Design for Apple iPad Mini 6th generation 8.3-inch 2021 (model number: A2567, A2568, A2569). Refined aluminum with adjustable design, our magnetic stand holds your iPad mini 6 securely in place.

Magic Magnet Experience:  Strong built-in magnet which automatically aligns and holds your iPad mini 6 in place, showing the iPad screen to you with ergonomic viewing experience. It's easy to place your iPad on the holder and let the magnet function magically.

User-friendly Adjustability:  360° swivel rotation design offers portrait and landscape viewing. Supporting arm can be easily tilted for multiple viewing angles to meet your needs.

Robust Aluminum iPad Stand:  Made of extremely hard and durable aluminum material, it provides great stability to support an iPad nice and easy. 

Elegance & Decency:  Thoughtfully designed to be highly aesthetic in appearance, the magnetic iPad mini 6 stand holder has a beautiful, sleek surface to go with your exquisite desktop atmosphere. 

Our iPad mini 6 magnetic stand helps create a stable viewing experience for your tablet and frees your hands so you can do more.

Lululook iPad mini 6 Magnetic Stand: a must-have iPad mini accessory

We've placed the Lululook stand directly below the Studio Display in our office and use Universal Control to interact with the iPad mini. The stand has been an excellent accessory for several reasons: it matches the Apple design aesthetic, presents the display cleanly, and the ease of attaching and removing the iPad is a boon.


-- Wesley Hilliard, from Appleinsider

Portrait and Landscape mode support


360°swivel rotation floating design offers portrait and landscape viewing. Adjustable, Sturdy hinge can be easily tilted for multiple viewing angles to meet your needs.


You can rotate the iPad Mini 6 to any orientation. This is great for taking Zoom calls, video watching, drawing, playing game on iPad or cooking in the Kitchen.

Magic Magnetic Design make you different

The usability of a stand, especially for an iPad, is the ease of attaching and removing the device. We've tested many stands with clamps, shelves, and other mechanisms and haven't found one as satisfying to use as the Lululook stand.


If you own an iPad mini 6 and want to use it on your desk, on a side table, or in your kitchen, we highly recommend the Lululook iPad mini stand. There are a few other stands with magnetic attachment options, but they are much more expensive for about the same utility


---Wesley Hilliard, from Appleinsider


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