Best Rain Boots for Toddlers and Kids 2020

Don't let the water or wet conditions outside stop your kids have fun when they wanna play outside. You just need the right rain boot which keeps their feet dryclean and warm. The best reliable rain boots for toddlers and kids should easy to put on, non-slip design, and most importantly, have strong waterproof capabilities to withstand the rain and mud. Here are the top 5 best kids' rain boots 2020 we picked from 30 brands online.

1.  LONE CONE Children's Waterproof Rubber Rain Boots

Lone Cone is our favorite brand for kids rain boots. We are really excited and can't wait to share this lovely brand with all of you once get their rain boots. They have LOTS of cute pattern prints and colors to pick from. Also a lot of sizes! Their rain boots for kids are available in both classic colors, as well as super-fun patterns designed just for little boys and girls, really adorable.

 LONE CONE Children's Waterproof Rubber Rain Boots

The rain boot from Lone Cone rated 4.6 stars at amazon while the average is 4.2-4.3 stars for most products. And it keeps ranked top 1 at amazon. Really amazing, I think the main reason is:

  • Lone Cone collaborates with independent artists to design their kids-friendly prints, you won't find them anywhere else; Playful designs inspire imagination at any age.
  • They are made of 100 percent soft, flexible rubber that lets young preschoolers run, skip, and jump without feeling stiff or constrained.
  • True Size, Durable and not too heavy.
  • Awesome product but only sells under $20. 

So here come to the question, did they really waterproof and keep kids feet dry? YES, they worked like a charm in our test. My kids were able to walk the muddy areas, He can't stop jumping, stomping and running. The lining on the inside making it easy for kids(by a 2-year-old!) to put them on by himself and The loops on the top make it super easy to slip them on even.

I would definitely recommend it to moms and dads who are looking for the Best Rain Boots for Toddlers and Kids. And I would buy the next size up when my son grows out of these.

2.  Crocs Kids' Handle It Rain Boot

Crocs Kids' Handle It Rain Boot

The rain boot for kids from Crocs has a unique cute design with a fantastic handle. With the help of handles and structure, They are super easy to put on and take off compared to other toddler rain boots. The boots have no lining or anything, so you don't have to worry about any smell, just hosing down to quickly clean.

Cons: Due to lightweight, it may take a little more time for your young baby to walk properly in these boots. 

They are quite a bit more expensive than the other rain boots on the market but worth every penny in my eyes. Now let your kids enjoy classic Crocs comfort even on the rainiest days.

3.  Oaki Kids Waterproof Rubber Rain Boots with Easy-on Handles

Oakiwear is now Oaki. Oaki boots are designed not only to wear on rainy day, but also perfect for while fishing, camping or on a picnic. The unique sole design is comfortable for children and is much easier to walk in than boots with an arch.

Just as the name says, Oaki rubber rain boots are made of 100% rubber. And comes topside handles to help pull them on and are mid-calf height to keep water out, great for daily play or outdoor adventure. Their high-quality rain boots can easily keep your kiddos dry in the rain and puddles. After a day of wear fun, just rinse them off and let the boys rain boots and girls rain boots dry overnight.

The sleek exterior protects the boots from stains and dirt and allows them to be functional for everyday use. Improved rubber keeps kids feet from stinking, and the 100% cotton interior is perfect for keeping feet warm. Plus, Oaki waterproof rubber boots sizes are pretty true to size, so if your toddler wears a size 6 shoe, they will likely wear a size 6 rubber boots as well. 

4.  Western Chief Boys' Light-Up Waterproof Rain Boot

Western Chief is the professional brand that has been making footwear since 1891. They focus on rain gear for 100+ years, especially kinds of waterproof boots for kids.

The Light-Up waterproof rain boots for toddlers or kids from Western Chief provide a fun, eye-catching boots that'll help your boy or girl stay dry, enjoy the outdoors and have fun. These rain boots for kids feature a waterproof PVC upper for long-lasting durability, smooth polyester lining for easy-moving comfort, and side pull loops for easy on/off. 

5.  KomForme Kids Rain Boots

Your little one will love the rainy days because he or she can wear these super cute and fun rain boots for fun outside nowadays. These rainboots are specially designed with a treaded, anti-slip sole for extra safety and to keep your little one sturdy on their feet.

The Built-in handles allow kids to easily put these boots on all by themselves, without mommy's or daddy's help. And like other brands, the rain boots come with lots of cute patterns.

Now Pick the favorite rain boot from our top 5 list and your toddler& kids will fall in love with it. Keep your child enjoying the water and the outdoors.

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