Hypoallergenic Care for Children: Best Pillows for Toddler and Kids 2019

As it is known to all that a growing child needs plenty of sleep. Children require a proper amount of sleep in order to grow to their full potential. Especially for even smaller kids, toddlers, they need a good sleep with sweet dreams. Parents should always find out healthy and effective approaches to ensure their kids always get a good night's rest.

Let's skip the food and drink before bedtime, and the bedtime story schedule, what would affect toddlers' or kids' sleep could be the bed itself, or perhaps simply the pillow. Toddler pillows should never be neglected as they play an important role in children's sleep.  

What's clear is that thoughtful parents would know how to pick the best toddler pillow -- they would focus intently on comfort, ergonomics, and hypoallergenic materials and all. Let's see the 8 best pillows for toddlers and kids in 2019 inspired by most parents. 

Best Toddler Pillows that Deserve Your Attention:

1.  Dreamtown Kids Toddler Pillow with Pillowcase - Made in USA

First of all, let's check out this American brand, the Dreamtown kids' toddler pillow. This kid's pillow is made of quality polyester and cotton combined, claimed to be a perfect first pillow for toddlers. Because of the dense and soft fiber for filling, toddler's neck can be perfectly supported while sleeping. It's one of the non toxic and 100% hypoallergenic toddler pillows that are rarely seen on the market. The unique synthetic pillow fill and cotton poly blends are found most effective in resisting mold, mildew and mites. If you intend to pick a healthy, comfortable pillow for your kid, this could be the one without any chemical materials.


  • Rated 4.3 stars, over 5000+ review
  • Much more comfortable
  • Perfect size, holds well

2.  My Little North Star Toddler Pillow - Organic Cotton

This is another American brand, showing love and care for kids' sleep in their products. They have the 100% certified organic cotton shell for the best toddler pillows. For a toddler pillow hypoallergenic and washable, this My Little North Star could be a typical example. The pillow is filled with high quality soft poly cluster fiber, which is totally free from BPA, lead, Phthalate, Latex, Formaldehyde or other kinds of flame retardants. The pillow is washing machine friendly and is easy to dry. The toddler pillow with cotton gives the best support for the toddler's spine while supporting their little necks and heads. It really is a great toddler pillow with love and care as advertised.

3.  Little Sleepy Head Toddler Pillow

This 100% hypoallergenic toddler pillow won't cause any allergy to toddlers. Parents who bought this love it for its size, density and the comfort for kids. The size is perfect, not too big, not too small either. The pillow feels sturdy and yet soft too, without any spots where the pillow case is saggy, or without gaps. The sewing is high quality. As for the fill inside, it uses quality polyester cluster fiber covered with a soft 100% cotton, 200 thread count fabric, making the pillow snugly fit for kid's neck. Like the above two toddlers recommended, this pillow is also washable, good for washing machine, and easy to dry. As you compared so many toddler pillows with cotton on Amazon, you'll find they share most features, and this one is definitely one of the best out there.

4.  KeaBabies Soft Organic Cotton Baby Pillows

One of the greatest features you benefit from this toddler pillow is that it does wash great. Parents say that there is no queer smell after a quick wash. And thanks to the quick wash, it doesn't take much time using a dryer to get it fully dry and ready for use on the same day. Having a toddler pillow that's machine washable is always convenient as we all know the mess kids will make, pillows do need washing from time to time. The toddler pillow with cotton uses natural cotton pillow case and caver for the sake of hygiene and protection for toddlers. The toddler pillow is impressively soft and breathable to help your kid sleep well. Besides, the toddler pillow focuses much on the head support, designed with perfect softness and height, particularly for kids.

5.  Little One's Toddler Pillow

This Little One's toddler pillow has a low profile though, it's a 100% certified organic toddler pillow with cotton. Let's check out its structure --the delicate cover is 100% high quality organic cotton. For the filling, not 100% organic though, it's completely chemical free, Latex free, Phthalate free, Formaldehyde free, lead and BPA free, making it healthy for children's sleep. Other than the reliable materials, the toddler pillow is made with excellent craftsmanship. It gives great touch, softness that fits toddler's head and neck perfectly. Usually, most toddlers would sleep quietly without rolling over the sheet. However, with this pillow, even if a toddler rolls over during his/her sleep, the comfortable pillow will still safeguard the neck and spine with its comfortable design.

6.  Snuggle-Pedic Toddler and Kids Pillow with Shredded Memory Foam

Here's another fully tested and proven healthy toddler pillow -- Snuggle Pedic toddler pillow. Made in the USA, the new type of toddler pillow with breathable cover uses 43% bamboo, 56% polyester and 6% Lycra for a cool, soft, and a good-looking design. The toddler pillow is made without use of ozone depleters, PBDE flame retardants, mercury, lead, Formaldehyde or any other chemical. So it won't emit bad smell and does no hard to toddlers even for long hours' sleep. It can be used as a spare pillow or just a toddler travel pillow as it has a perfect size with great portability. 13 x 18 inches is cut out for the job, an awesome companion for toddlers. The pillow is slightly thicker for the support part that works brilliantly for the neck. With the breathable pillow, toddlers will sweat very minimally on hot nights, of course, with the help of AC or a blowing fan.

7.  Kinder Fluff Toddler/Travel Pillow

This toddler pillow is listed as one of the best toddler pillows mainly because it has everything a hypoallergenic toddler pillow needs. Filled with 100% synthetic polyester cluster fiber, covered by 100% quality cotton, the pillow has the healthiest materials. And it's also machine washable. More importantly, it serves a few purposes aside from being just a toddler pillow. It works as a great outdoor pillow for adults too. You can squish it against a car seat, or use it by the window indoors. Due to such a portable size, it can be a great travel pillow that you might want to use on bus, plane etc. When it functions as a toddler pillow, it provides the best support for the dead and neck for comfortable sleep, especially ideal for kids who don't maintain the same sleeping position through out the night.

8.  RESTCLOUD Small Nap Toddler Pillow – Great for travel

This toddler pillow with pillowcase has a perfect toddler size, approximately 15.4 x 10.3 x 2.4/1.4 inches. Having two versions for the height enables the pillow to be suitable for kids from 2 to 7 years old. Other than the unique protection for head and neck, it has a beautifully made grass coral fiber cover, which is soft, breathable and easily removable. Such pillow cover keeps sweat off and won't make kids too hot even in hot weather. This is awesome for those kids who need a pillow for daycare nap time. On the other hand, the pillow is easy to wash and dry. It takes a little longer than a regular pillow for washing because of the memory foam which retains shape for continuous support with great ergonomics.

All in all, the above 8 best toddler pillows recommended today can be most parents' choice because they are protective, comfortable, suitable in size, softness, and they are easy to wash and dry. What's obviously clear is that the most popular pillows for children are made of quality cotton and hypoallergenic materials without any chemical things emitting a pungent smell. And yes, they'd better come with a pillowcase which is easy to come off for washing. The best toddler pillows on the market, admittedly, will meet the need of parents with love and care for children.

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