Best Essential Oil Diffusers for Large Rooms and Spaces

One of the sentences you would probably hear frequently could be "I need some fresh air or keep air clean ", or perhaps "I need to relax with aromatherapy in my room". The best large oil diffusers include a larger-than-average water tank so the moisture reaches all corners. Today we are going to share an indoor fresh air solution by demonstrating a few best essential oil diffusers for large rooms and spaces.

An essential oil diffuser is a modern device that emits delightful mist to freshen the air indoors. The fresh, favorable mist gradually, evenly spreads the room until it's filled with utterly fresh air. With such quality air indoor, you can breathe healthily, and sleep naturally. Usually, an essential oil diffuser is run by electricity power or through a USB port. Its work principle is to use a built-in oscillation circuit to stimulate a transducer which enables the ultrasonic metal plate to produce ultrasonic mechanical vibration, thus healthy mist is generated. Plus, considering the mist is highly hygienic and beneficial for human breathing system, an essential oil diffuser is usually used as an aromatherapy diffuser, or generally called a humidifier.

Let's skim the following essential oil diffusers for large rooms and spaces, which make a great impression on Amazon in 2019.

1.  URPOWER 1000ml Essential Oil Diffuser

This URPOWER essential oil diffuser has a large water capacity, up to 1000ml, yet, it's not a bulky size. With a water tank of this big, you don't have to add water on a daily basis. This diffuser is smart enough for you to control remotely and wirelessly. You can have it on a table or somewhere by the window, and lie down on your bed and control the mist and light effortlessly. Mist modes are easy to adjust -- high mist mode can work for 10 to 15 hours while low mist mode does 15 to 20 hours approximately. Besides, you don't have to worry about the water running out. It will automatically turn itself off for protection when water in the tank becomes little. This therapy diffuser is an oil-friendly humidifier, which allows you to drip a few droplets of oil to create a refreshed environment.


  • Applicable Area: Aromatherapy: 430 Sq ft / Humidification: 269 Sq ft
  • High mist mode: working 10-15 hours
  • Low mist mode: working 15-20 hours
  • 7 Color LED Lights
  • Rated 4.4star, 2600+ reviews. 

2.  Pure Enrichment PureSpa XL - Extra-Large Premium 2000ml Aroma Diffuser

This aroma diffuser has a typical diffuser look, and also typically it has a large water tank, 2000ml, it's obviously larger compared with most diffusers on the market. Bigger tank means more water to prolong the working time for mist production. This large capacity diffuser has a solid build and pumps out a large volume of mist based on a single water fill. This 2000ml aroma diffuser also does a great job in its lights. The rainbow spectrum mood light gives colorful lights with a soft glow. The light colors can switch themselves non-stop, or you can pick a certain color and leave it on for a long time. This diffuser is a great helper for those who always wake up like raisin during dry winter. Adding some essential oil to it, you will enjoy a cozy, relaxing time in your house. Plus, this device keeps a low profile by producing very little noise while it's working.


  • Aroma Coverage: Up to 350 sq. ft
  • 2,000ml Large tank, sleek design modern look
  • Up to 50 hrs (low); Up to 22 hrs (high)

3.  ASAKUKI 700ml Premium Essential Oil Diffuser

Admittedly, this design of this ultrasonic essential oil diffuser is very creative. This adorable cubic look will beautifully go with other charming ornaments in your cozy room. As this diffuser works, it has 7 variable colors for the glowing LED light. The diffuser is made of high quality eco-friendly PP materials. It's a highly safe oil diffuser with auto shut-off function before the water runs out to prevent overheat. As to its functions and performance, it has different modes based on 3 timers and continuously operating. This cubic diffuser works as both an aromatherapy diffuser and a humidifier, by serving its purposes, it effectively eliminates dry air, microorganisms, allergens indoors. Moreover, it has a super long warranty, what's not to love?

4.  Large 1500ml Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser

This aroma essential oil diffuser has a unique appearance design, like a super mini refrigerator style or a beautifully designed loud speaker. The strongly built diffuser has 1500ml super large water capacity which ensures up to 10 to 20 hours' working time. The diffuser emits mist from its top with 270 degrees adjustable rotation. The great efficiency of ultrasonic diffusion is able to quickly produce enough humidified air to fill the rooms, with a wide range of up to 325 square feet. Despite powerful ultrasonic diffusion working inside, this diffuser operates in a quiet manner, with lower than 35 dB, which won't affect your sleep at all. This large aroma essential oil diffuser is pretty easy to use. Adding water or oil is a breeze. And it has 7 light options for you to switch, the lights can be set bright and dim, designed to create a cozy, romantic atmosphere in your house.


5.  ASAKUKI Large Room Essential Oil Diffuser Humidifier 1500ml

This is another cuboid humidifier that functions like most humidifiers, featuring 7 different changing colors with bright glowing light. It diffuses cool mist in a whisper quiet way without disturbing your sleeping. The amount of mist per hour is 200ml or so, which is enough to fill a large space indoors. Based on a 1500ml water tank, this humidifier is able to cover about 400 square feet without the need to refill through a whole day and night. It can emit fresh mist evenly with a 360 degrees rotation outlet. The auto shut-off function fully prevents overheat issues before water is used up. And there's a water level window for you to see the remaining water with a quick glance. It's a great choice for a large capacity essential oil diffuser.

6.  URPOWER 500ml Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

Let's check another aromatherapy diffuser from the URPOWER company. This model has a smaller water tank capacity in contrast. However, it functions perfectly to produce healthy mist with high frequency vibration inside by advanced ultrasonic diffusion technology. Despite a smaller water tank, it's enough to work continuously for about 10 hours, meanwhile, with some timers to set. Designed for large space, it fits most rooms as its ability to provide aroma diffusion within 430 square feet and mist humidification within 260 square feet. This aroma essential oil diffuser will help you breathe easier in a fresh, calm atmosphere. As you inhale the soft, delicate air improved by such clean water and essential oil, you will sleep better and stay healthier.

7.  InnoGear Premium 500ml Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

Last but not least, let's see another diffuser with 500ml water tank. This model has everything a qualified diffuser requires, aesthetic LED light, quiet operation, auto shut-off function, timers setting et cetera. Still, it's one of a kind. Firstly it has a beautiful decorative iron cover, the design looks like a lantern. This retro-style design is awesome, especially when the LED light is on. The light has 7 colors, changing one by one, easily adjusted between bright and dim. Aside from the light effect,  it can work continuously for 8 hours in high mist mode and 12 hours in low mist mode despite 500ml capacity for the water tank. The whole diffuser is very durable, with strong PP, ABS materials. This diffuser works great for both small and large rooms for better air to breathe and it effectively helps alleviate allergies while the indoor air is refreshed.

So, all in all, we can simply sum up what to take into account for getting the best essential oil diffuser, especially for large rooms and space. These best ones tell us: big water tank capacity, long working time, multiple timers setting, auto shut-off function, gorgeous colors for LED mood light, large coverage for mist, functions to humidify and diffuse oil, optimized noise control, and what's equally important is its size, shape, you would adore a design that naturally blends with your room, then, that's more like it. 

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