Best Type C to Lightning Cables for Fast Charging with Lifetime Warranty

Obviously, to most people, buying a USB cable is no big deal, however, still, with so many complaints about quality on Amazon or any other marketplace you could hear about, this should be taken more seriously. Just like a Type C to lightning cable, it's not simply a trivial accessory to your cell phone or tablet. As it does serve its function, you would want it to be long lasting, at least be worth the money you pay for it.

True, many USB cable accessory companies are selling their cables, claiming reliable quality and super long warranty. Some of them are confident in their products and offer a lifetime warranty for them. Let's see 8 best Type C to lightning cables for fast charging in detail. If these recommendations today meet your expectations, then you don't have to bargain about the prices or fight over myriad choices on the market.

8 Best USB-C to Lightning Cable for Fast Charging, favorably reviewed on the market:

1.  Anker Powerline II USB C to Lightning Cable [6ft Apple MFi Certified]

Most Anker's electronic products have been surprisingly popular and working wonderfully. This cable is no exception. First thing first, Anker offers a lifetime warranty for this product. By giving such a warranty, they don't worry returns and exchanges, just because the Type C to lightning cable is fully tested and proven workable and durable. With up to more than 12,000 times bending test, the material is strong and can last about 12 times as long as common USB cables on the market. And for the quality, it meets MFi certification with compatibility for iOS devices, such as iPhone 8, 8 Plus, X, XS, etc. Other than being durable, this cable charges fast too. It can transfer data like music files, movies between iPhone and MacBook impressively fast. Coupled with a 60 watts adapter, this cable charges an iPad much faster than any combination of an adapter with lightning to USB-A cable. This is absolutely a good choice for a lightning cable with a lifetime warranty.

2.  Native Union Belt Cable

For a USB C to lightning cable with fast charging, this Native Union cable appears to be an insanely strong one. The reinforced structure is pretty sturdy for repeat bending during everyday use. It's a typical tangle freestyle USB cable. The 4 feet long cable is perfectly organized with a genuine leather belt to make it stay resistant to tangling and easy to carry around too. The MFi certified cable ensures its compatibility. The cable has a slim connector, made for compatibility with Apple devices in thick cases or covers. It can charge up to 18W power to support Power Delivery for fast charging purposes. This cable is believed to have a long life span mainly because of its O-Flex strain relief design which is known for its flexibility at the connector joints to absorb up to twice as much as tension than that of other ordinary USB cables. And the bending testing includes over 10, 000 times bending to make it much stronger to resist daily wear and tear.


 3.  Anker Powerline+ II USB C to Lightning Cable

This Anker Powerline+ II USB C to lightning cable is another durable option. In contrast with the first Anker lightning cable we recommend today, this one is a double braided one, which means, it's made of highly durable two-shade nylon. The nylon made cable is strong and flexible. You'll be overwhelmingly impressed for a cable that's been tested for 30,000 times bending. It's believed to last approximately 30 times as long as ordinary USB cables. Likewise, this Type C to lightning cable is also an Apple MFi certified one, with full compatibility for all lightning enabled devices. It also fully supports high speed charging with Power Delivery. It takes less than a minute to finish data transfer for large piles of files of electric format. Overall this lightning cable with a lifetime warranty is a worthwhile investment in the long run as the braiding is so reliable no matter how you handle the cable for your daily use.

 4. Xcentz USB C to Lightning Cable

 Xcentz USB C to lightning cable has the superb quality to offer. This cable makes a great impression by its connectors which are Apple C94 connectors issued by Apple officially. This connector ensures 100% compatibility with Apple iOS devices. The connectors are narrow enough to fit through the slots in cases. Perfect compatibility also enhances the data transfer speed. It supports Power Delivery fast charging, with up to 480 Mbps speed, transferring files between different devices. As for its durability, this cable is built to last. The wear-resistant braided nylon material is strong and flexible. Before it comes to the market, it ran through up to 30,000 times bending test and fully tested to hold about 175 pounds for the strength. Claimed to be about 30 times as long lasting as other ordinary cables though, we might not totally believe the figure, we do believe it's highly durable. The cable enjoys a lifetime warranty for quality assurance.

 5. ALCLAP USB C to Lightning Cable 6.6ft

This USB C to lightning cable has an aesthetically pleasing look.  And the build is very sturdy. The 6.6 feet long cable adopts advanced military fiber to make it robust enough to withstand repeat bending in use. The company has exclusive laser welding technology to make 3D aluminum connectors, designed not to fray easily. The connector uses MFi certified C94 lightning ends for complete compatibility and fast charging. It supports Power Delivery fast charging and syncing, requiring about 30 minutes only for a charge from 0% to 50%. Transferred by 480 Mbps rate, the cable can get 1G files quickly completed within 30 seconds or so. Aside from its performance in so many aspects, it's a cable with a lifetime warranty. Most customers are satisfied with the quality and have wonderful user experience. Actually, if they are not happy with some issues, they can use the lifetime warranty for return or exchange. In addition, this USB C to lightning cable has a little bonus, a small leather strap attached to help when rolling the cable up during travels. It's really helpful when you want it organized.

 6. Energizer USB C to Lightning Cable

This Energizer USB C to lightning cable is also a good choice for fast charging Type C cable users. The company is selling this product all over the world on a simple basis of MFi certification, fast charging, quick transfer speed, and a practical length. The cable looks well made with a strong build. The sturdy cable is built to last for its thick design, unlike some cheaply designed cables that fray and break easily. The 6.6 feet length makes a connection quite convenient in life. 480 Mbps transfer speed, like other best USB C cables, makes data transfer easy like a breeze. These cable charges fast with up to 60W power to make your drained iPhone or iPad back to alive rather quickly. It supports Power Delivery fast charging and has everything a Type C to lightning cable needs.

 7. Nomad Kevlar USB-C to Lightning Cable

If you ever think a lifetime warranty is something exaggerated a little bit, this company's warranty may reassure you to some extent. Instead of a lifetime promise for the warranty, they give an exact time limit, 5 years warranty. 5 years is way enough for an accessory product, especially when you compare it with most frequently seen 1 year warranty from Amazon sellers. Kevlar Type C to lightning cable is solidly built with a robust exterior metal alloy housing that is greatly resistant to daily wear and tear. The connector is so finely made that it connects easily and does what it's supposed to do wonderfully. The whole cable is a double braided design with a reinforced structure for durability. The well made cable gives you 18W fast charging. It takes about half an hour to get your phone battery 50% charged.

 8. AUKEY USB C to Lightning Cable 3.6ft

This Aukey USB C to lightning cable shares most features with the above examples. Likewise, it supports USB Power Delivery, fast data transfer at up to 480 Mbps, fast charging getting 50% battery level within 30 minutes et cetera. The best cables of this type can always meet these needs. It's also a highly durable braided nylon cable with well made slim connectors for easy connection, not to mention its full compatibility with iPhone, iPad, iPod and all other devices with a lightning connector. Other than all these product messages, the company tells us in the meanwhile that customers can enjoy a 45 days money back guarantee and a 24 months product replacement warranty card. This means a lot to consumers. More practical policies always outsmart advertising that puts us on the fence. For this cable, it seems to say, if you think it a good value for the price, go for it.


These 8 Type C to lightning cables listed above fully show what the best USB C to lightning cable requires. With those basic features, you will surely benefit greatly from such a cable as it gives you fast charging, quick data transfer, a quality build designed not to fray easily. And most importantly, they promise you a lifetime warranty.

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