Best Luxury Wooden Hangers 2019

When it comes to hangers for coats or suit, people usually have different ideas. Some prefer stainless steel hangers which were once the vogue because they are sturdy, robust, extremely durable and the material won't get rusty. However, stainless steel hangers are usually bulky and chunky, when you need some adjustments, it could be kind of heavy to move a little bit. Compared to stainless steel ones, well made wooden hangers for suit and coat tend to arouse people's appetite for such a set of luxurious indoor tool for hanging the garment in an elegant manner.

Still, some people are quite skeptical about the wooden structure, wondering if it lasts long or it might get moist and moldy. Honestly, such worries are basically groundless as the best wooden hangers on the market now are made of solid wood processed in a sophisticated way for an exquisite and strong build for the wood itself.

Let's take a look at the best wooden clothes hangers in 2019, which are finely complemented by users.

1.  JS HANGER Solid Wooden Suit Hangers - 20 Pack

These 20-pack JS HANGER wooden suit hangers are wardrobe friendly hangers. You might think the size is somewhat smaller than it should be. Actually, the slim size of the flat design enables you to hang your clothes in its original shape, and what's more, it won't take up much space in your wardrobe. These hangers look so thin and slim, but they are not fragile at all. Made of quality solid hardwood, the hangers are highly durable in structure. These hangers have so much attention to details, like the heavy duty wooden pants bars, they are strongly built to hold heavy jackets, trousers, suits, coats, etc. And the notch design ensures your garment doesn't fall off the hanger. Besides, the hook is a real bonus with its 360 degrees rotation, helping you to adjust and perfectly organize your clothes in your wardrobe.

2.  Home-it (20 Pack) Natural Wood Hangers

Visually, you won't tell much difference between these 20 pack hangers and the ones mentioned above. Indeed, they share great similarity in functions and design. These 20 packs wood hangers are made small but functional, with a chrome swivel hook, beautifully cut notches on both hanger shoulder ends, as well as sturdy construction for heavy clothes hanging. These hangers are decently made to reduce the chance of suffering garment folds or dents at the shoulder part. And the bottom horizontal bar has a good-looking ridged plastic cover to fully prevent clothes from slipping out of the hanger. If you are looking for the best wooden suit hangers, you are better off looking at these 20 packs, they are a great helper to hang everything neatly in place for your closet.


3.  ZOBER Wooden Suit Hangers 30 Pack

Let's see how these best wooden suit hangers do the job. These will fit your needs if you like wooden hangers over metal ones. They are made of high quality lotus wood with the beautifully varnished wood surface. The crease free pant bar can hang skirts, pants, or other small clothes like scarves, towels. The notches on hanger shoulders help hang clothes securely in place, keeping them in shape. The 360 degrees hook eliminates the chances of clothes or hangers tangling in wardrobe. Thanks to these designs, inside your wardrobe you will see a more organized scene with everything hanging orderly in place. Another thing about these wooden hangers is that they don't stink at all. Despite natural lotus tree wood by simple handcraft, they don't have any scent to them. Moreover, the hangers are straight enough to take up less pace for you. And for the price, getting 30 packs of them is a great investment in the long run.

4.  SONGMICS 20 Pack Solid Wood Hangers – Best Coat Wood Hangers

These 20 pack SONGMICS wood hangers will give you an instant closet upgrade for the functions and designs. Like other recommendations today, these hangers have grooves for straps, bars for pants. The smooth design enables them to glide easily and prevents clothes creasing. The well crafted durable maple wood material is exceptionally solid, and will definitely hold up heavy winter coats. This wooden hanger has a slim profile to take up little space for better organizing your closet. The swivel hook is a rust proof steel hook with 360 degrees flexible rotation for easy checking on clothes at any angle without the need to take them off one by one. All in all, these 20 pack wood hangers are the best hand crafted suit hangers that keep your closet tidy and cozy.

5.  ZOBER High-Grade Wide Shoulder Wooden Hangers 6 Pack

These wooden hangers make a great impression for wood construction. The suit hangers use heavy duty thick wood and well built zinc plated hooks. And for the pant bar, it's designed with screws to reinforce the structure. For a wooden hanger of so robust build, it's able to hold heavy coats, suits, leather or wool jackets and keep them from deforming due to the grooved non-slip rubber design. They hang big, heavy coats easily mainly because of the extra wide hanger shoulders, up to 2.5 inches wide. And like other popular hangers,  it gives easy access with the 360 degrees rotation swivel hook for free turning around for clothes checking and adjusting. These wooden hangers are built to last and organize your wardrobe better. The 6-pack hangers come with a 5 years warranty. 

6.  TOPIA Extra Strong White Wooden Suit Hangers

 TOPIA has some best wooden clothes hangers to offer -- these hangers are made of thick wood material, 0.53 inches. The hanger feels sturdy and is well constructed with a glossy finish. The thickly designed hangers can hang heavy suits, coats, and trousers. Some thought has been put into the flat hook which is thick metal. The strong hook snugly fits the rods in your wardrobe without any pointy edges to get caught on your clothes. The natural wood grain is made with superior craftsmanship. It's smooth enough to protect your clothes from any scratches or tangled wrinkles. The non-slip bar for pants and sweaters is pretty well made and securely screwed in place while the grooved design on the hanger shoulder is perfectly cut to be beautiful notches that help a lot hanging dresses or other garments with straps. The rich pure white color for these hangers are bold and dazzling. They really are a brand new choice compared to some old, tacky styles.

7.  Wooden Hangers Suit Coat Hangers with Locking Bar -10 Pack

These suit hangers appear to be quite well finished using high quality solid wood. Other than the superb quality in wood, these hangers are particularly designed for adult size clothing, which means they are big enough to hang large suits, coats, trousers, slacks, etc. They are made to keep coats looking great in the closet while keeping them in shape. As they hang clothes well and rearrange your closet more neatly, they save more room for more clothes. Similarly, these wooden hangers have nicely designed notches to hang clothes firmly in place, and non-slip bars for pants. And surely, the chrome 360 degrees swivel hook allows you to adjust your clothes flexibly and the size of hook fits standard closet rods perfectly.

8.  Home-it 10 PACK Wood skirt hangers with Clips

I presume these 10 pack hangers are specially designed for women and kids clothes. They work for men's clothes as well, just not for oversized suits or pants. These wooden hangers are highly praised because of their versatility. They have adjustable clips with soft grip, which allows you to easily slide the clips to adjust the correct length for a certain garment. The rubber non-slip pad on the clips can effectively protect your clothes from slipping out. As for the chrome swivel hooks, they feature 360 degrees flexible rotation, adapting themselves to your wardrobe. Additionally, the wood quality is excellent. It's pretty sturdy but not heavy, and it's designed with an aesthetic natural finish. These 10-pack high quality wooden hangers are solidly built and will last a long time.

In conclusion, suppose that you already have a luxurious wardrobe which deserves some high quality wooden hangers in it, you should be careful choosing them. The best wooden hangers, as you can see from the above, have superb quality in wood construction, beautiful, perfectly fit notches to prevent clothes from sliding out, solid pants bars, and typically, 360 degrees rotation metal swivel hooks for easy adjustments. Having these features in mind, you would not miss the best hangers on the market in 2019. And naturally, you would have some individual preferences for the size, color, and more other details. As far as wooden hangers are concerned, the above 8 models are the ideal examples that serve their purposes best. Besides, we must emphasize that the best wooden coat hangers should be extremely solidly built so that they can handle heavy coats.

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