Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners under $200

When you want to get a robot vacuum cleaner, there are too many brands for you to choose from. And each famous brand usually has a series of different models that deliberately serve different purposes. The best ones are undoubtedly good at collecting dust and dirt from floors extensively, they won't miss any corners, unusual surfaces, or even upholstery or draperies. Considering that you might take your budget into account, we are going to list you the best robot vacuum cleaners under $200 for you.

Why You Need A Robot Vacuum Cleaners?

Everybody deserves to have a tidy, cozy home. To keep your well decorated house always clean and fresh, cleaning your floors, you’ll some more advanced tools. Unlike manual tools such as brooms and mops, nowadays, an intelligent robot vacuum cleaner is more popular. For super small dust, or even invisible dust, such robot vacuum cleaners can totally take over your old, traditional tools. 

A robot vacuum cleaner is also known as a sweeper that uses an air pump to create a partial vacuum to suck up dust and dirt so that you can enjoy having a clean place without the need to sweep or mop the floor by yourself. You can relax, sit back on your couch, enjoy your TV shows, and let the robot do its job.

Top 10 robot vacuum cleaners under $200

1.  eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11S Slim Robot Vacuum Cleaner

This robot vacuum cleaner RoboVac runs automatically and intelligently with strong suction 1300 Pa power. It can suck dust, dirt, debris in your house thoroughly. It takes only 1.5 seconds to increase suction power to clean to a better level. RoboVac offers up to 100 minutes' run-time based on one charge, so one single charge is enough to get the whole house cleaning job done.  To operate the cleaner is a breeze as pre-set vacuuming time is available. RoboVac is designed to do its job better thanks to its triple filters within. 3 layers of filters make your floor absolutely clean and fresh.

It's also a furniture friendly robot vacuum, adopting advanced infrared sensor to recognize and avoid obstacles. And the drop-sensing technology enables it to beware stairs. What's more, RoboVac has great noise cancellation, it operates in a quiet manner with low decibel sound. It comes with a few accessories and sells at a reasonable price of $229.99, which is slightly higher than what the list meant to be. But you can save up to $20.00 with a coupon.

2.  ILIFE V3s Pro Robotic Vacuum for Pet Hair Care

This Robotic Vacuum is known for its special care to pick up extremely small pet hair and other sorts of debris. Especially if you keep a dog or cat in your house, every day you wake up, you would find hair piles everywhere. This vacuum will take good care of your good-looking wood floor and accumulate pet hair and other dirt automatically. This low profile vacuum can do more than it looks like, it cleans dust and dirt under beds, sofa, and other furniture, and works brilliantly on carpets too.

Programmable schedule for cleaning can be set. Or, you may use the remote control optionally to operate the vacuum. With strong sensor to avoid obstacles, you don't have to worry about the furniture while it's working. This company charges you only $119.99 for this model. For a robot vacuum with such functions and performance, it's quite worth the investment.

3.  ECOVACS DEEBOT 500 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

For a robot vacuum cleaner selling at $189.99, this ECOVACS DEEBOT model is definitely worth every penny. Let's see what the pros it has to offer.

First of all, it has some modes to serve the differ area, like the Auto Mode to clean the entire floor, the Spot Mode for a specific small area or spot, and the Edge Mode for edges and corners. You can easily set it to a standard quiet mode or the max suction mode. Secondly, it's perfectly compatible with the hard floor. This is what most vacuum users expect. Thirdly, it works as a scheduler for auto task, and it's able to return to the charging dock and recharge itself when it detects low power. Moreover, you must be impressed with its Wi-Fi connectivity for long distance remote control, also, you can start, stop or charge it with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa or your cell phone with the ECOVACS Home App.

4.  Coredy Robot Vacuum Cleaner

This Coredy robot vacuum receives tons of compliments because of its outstanding performance. People are first impressed with its incredibly powerful suction 1400 Pa rating. The strong vacuum can thoroughly collect all pet hair, dust and dirt to make your house like new again every day.

Likewise, it has a lot in common with other bands, like anti collision ability to avoid furniture, drop sensing ability to avoid falling to stair steps. And it also allows you to use it anytime you like because it can automatically return to the charging dock to charge itself to be always ready. More surprisingly, powered by a 2600mAh high capacity Li-ion battery, it can work constantly for up to 110 minutes. It runs quietly and works for a big house of your effortlessly. When it comes to prices, it's $165.99 only, making itself one of the best alternatives on the market based on a medium budget.

5.  iRobot Roomba 614 Robot Vacuum

iRobot Roomba is one of the best-known brands for vacuum cleaners on the market currently. It has quite a series of different models which will meet specific needs for indoor dust vacuuming. Again, the price is higher than what the blog was supposed to list. $249.99 for a well reviewed iRobot Roomba is worth the exception. And now you can get $10 off instantly, namely, pay $239.99 upon approval for the Amazon Prime Store Card.

This model 614 robot vacuum cleaner uses dual brushes to suck dust, dirt and debris. It works efficiently on hard floors and carpets. The vacuum works in 3 stages, loosening, lifting and sucking dirt, dust and hair in from the entire floor and carpets. Its Edge Sweeping Brush can collect debris from wall edges and corners easily as it functions at a 27 degrees angle. With up to 90 minutes' continuous run-time, sensors to avoid obstacles and stairs, auto docking and recharging, the vacuum cleaner is smart enough to do its job completely on its own.

6.  ILIFE V5s Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Like the ILIFE robot vacuum listed No. 1, this V5s model also does a good job collecting dust and pet hair. It works seamlessly on most surfaces, such as typical hardwood floor, carpets, rugs, tiles etc. There's little likelihood it would get stuck on some furniture, but most of the time it goes smoothly and does what it's supposed to do. It definitely will sensor and avoid furniture, and protect itself from falling off stairs.

When it detects low battery it will automatically go back to base and recharge itself for the next cleaning task. This V5s vacuum uses an advanced BLDC motor that is believed to be approximately 40% greater suction power, and 20% longer power life, yet, it still works in a quiet condition while sucking dust and debris. With a price of $196.14, it could be a great choice for a decent robotic vacuum cleaner.

7.  GOOVI 1600PA Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

This GOOVI robotic vacuum cleaner looks gorgeous and works powerfully. With a compact size 12.6 x 2.8 x 12.6 inches, it's small but highly efficient and smart.

It cleans your floor, carpets with effort with powerful suction 1600 Pa, which is rarely seen among popular vacuum cleaners on the market. Aside from the smart functions like auto return for recharging, the protective sensor to keep itself away from obstacles and stairs dropping, the vacuum is most characterized by it thorough cleaning, which means it's good at catching dust hiding under beds, sofas, along walls and corners. Besides, it has a few modes to set for different purposes, like pre-set vacuuming while you are not home.

This GOOVI vacuum comes with a few side brushes, a filter, a remote control, and more other accessories, considering the impressive functions and the price $189.99, it's a worthwhile investment in the long run.

8.  Pure Clean PUCRC455 Alexa Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner

This Pure Clean robot vacuum cleaner is another noise canceled model(lower than 65dB) that's able to clean a large area indoors, up to 120 square meters max. And it can used widely used for various types of floors, reaching corners, wall edges and spots under furniture for dust cleaning. Other than the dual spinning side brushes, it's built with an HEPA filter to optimize the cleaning job. One thing special about this vacuum is the Gyroscope Navigation, which enables it to map large rooms for systemic S path dust collecting. Gyroscope Navigation schedules a map which rules out any obstacle like furniture or gaps in the room design.

Plus, the vacuum is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for wireless remote control. Optionally, you can operate it remotely using an app in your cell phone. The vacuum is powered by a high capacity 2500mAh built-in Li-ion battery. It offers up to 2 hours run-time with auto return for self-recharging. Overall, this is a smart robot vacuum for easy floor cleaning with a reasonable price of $179.99.

9.  Tesvor Robot Vacuum Cleaner

This Tesvor robot vacuum is also very popular on Amazon this year, selling at a price of $199.99. It tends to be a more intelligent vacuum for hands-free operation. You can control it remotely from an app in your Alexa or voice commands in Google Home. The smart mapping system helps the vacuum plan its cleaning path for back and forth cleaning. And you can easily check the real-time map, cleaning status, etc.

In respect of the cleaning system, the vacuum has a powerful brushless motor together with dual rolling brushes to clean dust thoroughly. Despite strong suction, it works without much noise due to noise control technology. With this intelligent robot vacuum, you can get down to your things at home or run some errands without having to watch how it works for your floor.

10.  Amarey Robot Vacuum with 1400PA Super Suction

Amarey robot vacuum looks comparatively compact. It's beautifully designed with a super thin build, only 2.7 inches thick, which allows it to go under beds, sofas, tables to clean hard-to-reach dust and debris. Having such a small size and powerful absorption ability, it can easily get rid of pet hair invisibly scattered all over the house.

All these best robot vacuum cleaners almost share the same features because these functions really help when your floor is dirty. Other than the 1400 Pa powerful rating, this vacuum is also a quiet running model that won't affect your sleeping or doing anything else at home. As to its intelligent sensors, it adopts 360 degrees anti collision and anti-drop technologies for better protection from damaging your furniture or the vacuum itself.  When it comes to cleaning modes, this vacuum is slightly different in contrast with the above ones. There are 4 cleaning modes available, auto vacuuming, spot vacuuming, max vacuuming and edge vacuuming for your needs. With long run-time approximately 100 minutes per charge, and self-recharging ability, this vacuum will be always at your service.


These recommendations today aren't listed from the best to worst, instead, just 10 best robot vacuum cleaners we searched through a large number of sellers on Amazon, we tested them and concluded with unbiased reviews. They basically meet the needs of an intelligent, functional robotic vacuum cleaner, and meanwhile, they do clean dust, dirt, debris indoors with satisfying results. Most importantly, most of the time, such a robot vacuum does the cleaning job all on its own, so maybe, you should give it a try.

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