Best Snow Boots for Toddlers and Kids 2019

Don't let the snow or cold conditions outside stop your kids have fun when they wanna play outside at snowy, slushy day. It would be wise for you to prepare some winter gear before winter. If you are a snow guy, especially if you are a married snow guy with kids, you are better off looking for some toddler snow boots in this season. Because for small kids, toddler snow boots are the very first step before other more thrilling activities on snow.

For those who are wondering where to get the best toddler or kids' snow boots, there are huge attractions on Amazon now - cute toddler snow boots for your boys and girls. Today we are going to share 7 best snow boots for toddlers and kids in 2019. For these snow boots, people have relished the experience and think of them well worth the investment.

1.  Northside Icicle Snow Boot

The color design looks a little fancy but not tacky. With such an attractive color, boys and girls will be quite into these cute toddler snow boots. Other than the cute look, the snow boots focus on more details, like the 200 grams of high quality insulation, which is great for keeping kid's feet comfy and warm during the time they walk on snow or wander across creeks. The boot shell is thickly made to be fully protected with well made lining inside. As to the zippers, they zip up easily for easy access, particularly convenient for toddlers to get on and off without hassles. 

Likewise, the snow boots have special out soles to resist shock, abrasion when they touch snowy, wet, icy surfaces, allowing boys and girls to walk, stomp and even run freely. The waterproof snow boots are perfect for freezing winters.

2.  Femizee Warm Snow Boots

When it comes to cute toddler snow boots, these Femizee boots are no doubt obviously cute and trendy. They use high quality faux fur for maximum wearing comfort, and durable synthetic for soles. I guess, particularly girls would have a preference for such soft, flexible, fur style snow boots because they look adorable and fit very well inside. The fur snow boots are very warm and waterproof, keeping feet comfortable while playing in rainy, snowy places. The quality breathable synthetic leather soles make the boots not only a great choice for cold winter but also a perfect pair of outdoor boots for summer, as kids can play on the beach, near streams, etc.

Actually the fur style toddler snow boots do not fit girls only, they are also suitable for little boys.

3.  Bogs Classic Rubber Rain and Winter Snow Boots

This pair of Bogs snow boots serve their purposes surprisingly well. The boots can be both snow and rain boots. The snow boots are man made. The rubber material is thick, strong and durable, particularly the soles. For a pair of snow boots of this thick, it's quite lightweight because of its unique construction. To make the boots waterproof, it uses rubber over a four-way stretch for inner design to keep feet dry. Thanks to its 7mm Neo Tech insulation, kid's feet will stay warm and comfortable in cold weather. The boots work finely under the weather of -30 Degrees F/-34 Degrees C.

With such a pair of boots, your kid won't complain about cold feet. Keeping feet warm, these boots are not stiff at all. The flexible tops enable kids to run naturally, or even walk through some creeks. Plus, the winter snow boots are easy to put on and off with user-friendly sturdy handles designed.             


4.  Nova Mountain Boy's and Girl's Waterproof Winter Snow Boots

As for Nova Mountain snow boots for kids, they look kind of big but are actually snugly fit for toddlers. The color is appealing and adorable. Made of high quality synthetic materials, they are heavy-duty in construction overall with protection against cold, snowy weather. The waterproof synthetic does a fairly good job keeping your kid's feet dry and warm even though she or he plays in the snow. The boots have insulated lining as well as insulated insole for warmth and safety.

They have more to offer --the anti-skid out sole design, supposed your kid is running fast in them, the special out sole effectively reduces the risks of slipping. When it comes to the coziness, these toddler snow boots hold up nicely in winter and keep kid's feet cozy and warm. Moreover, for the way they are designed, girls and boys will find it pretty easy to get on and off independently.

5.  Kamik Kids' Snowbug3 Snow Boot

For this Kamik snow boots for kids, you'll find them well worth the money. The snow boots under this band are made in the USA. Made of high quality fabric, together with synthetic soles, the snow boots also adopt waterproof 210 denier nylon for upper. The waterproof snow boots for toddlers are designed to be user-friendly, making sure kids will be able to put them on and pull them off all by themselves. The boots are insulated with soft, warm plush materials which can keep your child's feet dry and warm in snow and rain. And the sizes are snugly fit for kids to stay secure while playing no matter the ground is wet, muddy, or too smooth ice surface. Kids can run around in them easily.

Usually, toddlers wear socks in snow boots, but these ones are warm enough inside, feet will be kept warm enough without an extra pair of socks. They are a dependable choice with great quality.

6.  Outee Kids Toddler Neoprene Warm Snow Boots Rain Boots

Outee toddler snow boots create an impression by its cute design and stylish colors. Let's put the fancy look aside, and dig into what the materials are all about. They are made from natural rubber with 5 mm thick Neoprene for lining shaft on the rubber bottom. And for the soles, the rubber is specially made for anti-slip so that little boys and girls can run around without worrying slipping on wet ground. These snow boots hold up incredibly well to mud, rain, moist and snow. With these, children can play crazily in some snowy, muddy spots like a backyard, or a ski resort.

Why are they emphasized to be best toddler snow boots for kids? As far as the design is concerned, I think they are quite easy for toddlers to get on themselves and they securely stay on without needing buckles or snaps for fastening.

7.  LONECONE Kids’ All-Weather Neoprene MudBoots - Boots for Rain, Muck, Snow

Last but not least, the LONECONE toddler snow boots look obviously different in the design. Designed in Boise, Idaho, the boots are rich in art patterns inspired by childhood joys and memories.

The beautiful art patterns on the boots are not all they have to offer. Actually they focus even more on protection for children. The boots are very well made with sturdy out soles and reinforced toe box design for protection overall. They are finely seamed to make sure kids' feet are kept dry and warm during snow play.

The 5 mm self insulating neoprene and a waterproof rubber shell safeguards feet against all kinds of muddy rainy or snowy situations outside the boots. As these boots are dedicated toddler snow boots, they are designed with reinforced handles for easy put on and off all by kids.


If you are still on the fence about getting the best snow boots for toddlers and kids, the above choices could be worth your attention. From most people's point of view, the most important factors for the best snow boots, are quality, protection for kids, comfort, and user-friendly, and functionally, they'd better be completely waterproof. Hopefully, you would find your dream snow boots for your beloved children.

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