Unboxing Timemore Coffee Scale: Smart Coffee Scale Worth To Buy?

Recently, my friends strongly recommended this Timemore coffee scale to me. It's a useful coffee scale with timer feature, and one of its most striking features is its high precision in coffee amount measurement. And coincidentally, I see lots of people talk over the Timemore scale in reddit, so that's the reason I wanna to share my experience. This product comes in two classic colors, black and white. Let's unbox this coffee scale by unveiling all its mysteries. 

Part 1: Unbox Timemore Coffee Scale with Introduction for Every Aspect

Packaging Box:

Let's get started with its original packing box. Styled in a neatly designed hard paper box, the coffee scale is decently stored and packed in place. The outer of the box has well-printed words clearly saying Timemore Basic Coffee Scale, the original product from Timemore.

Item and Accessories:

Unboxed: You can the scale, the waterproof silicone pad as well as the instruction manual. In the meanwhile, you will see this coffee scale is powered by a convenient USB Type C port(previously I was told this scale has a built-in battery for easy recharging). This USB-C port makes it much easier to charge the scale. After all, all that you need is a simply a USB cable(included).

Protective Film Showing Functions

There's a transparent film showing the positions of all functions. As usual, you need to remove the thin film before using this product. The scale is off in the beginning, even you get rid of this thin film, you still won't find the screen and on/off switch visually.

Easy Switching On/Off

Now, it's time to turn on this scale and see what you need to see. Long press the on/off switch button by touch in the lower right corner to turn the scale on. And the lower left button is for the timer measurement.

Part 2: User Experience

Structure & Size

Before we start using this Timemore coffee scale, let's compare it with one of the currently most popular electronic coffee scales, the Pearl from Acaia. Even though Pearl is something quite expensive, it's capable of doing every part well to meet users' expectations. Timemore scale, apparently, is highly structurally similar to the Pearl scale, and surprisingly, slightly smaller and thinner than Pearl.

Construction & Power

As for construction, we can't deny the fact that Acaia prevails in workmanship and other details overall. However, as we use Timemore scale, we find it's equally an outstanding alternative for coffee scaling. This scale is powered by 1600mAh built-in battery. Honestly, this device is only a weight scale and timer, without advanced technology like auto timer, Bluetooth. Yet, it still features some ergonomics in auto power off function. It will turn itself off in 3 minutes(not activated when the timer is on). Another thing you would appreciate could be the waterproof silicone pad, which is not afraid of coffee droplets by accident. And the high quality plastic for the scale is extremely sturdy plastic that withstands everyday wear and tear, and it won't get scratches easily.

Weight & Timer Precision

As for the weight testing, Timemore scale hasn't failed us with its high precision and its ability to measure 0.1 gram increments. This is definitely very instrumental for coffee making. It's also important that the increments are ascending in a consistent manner due to the highly precise sensors inside. Besides, the scale has a wide weight range from 0.5 g to 2 kg. And as for timer, we tested Timemore scale's timer repeatedly, it has functioned normally without much time lag at all, despite the fact that it's about 0.2 seconds slower than Acaia Pearl for a 2-minute test.

Part 3: Competitive Edges

This Coffee Scale and Timer from Timemore has convinced me of its reliability. And as far as I'm concerned, there are a few solid reasons to make this coffee scale a deal sealer. First off, its price, from Lulu.com, you can get it at $65.99, which would make it a worthwhile investment in the long run. Secondly, you would love its professional, simple weight measuring and timer functions, as few people would like a cup of coffee to be as complicated as Bluetooth connection and app control related. Thirdly, the convenient USB Type C port makes it a lot easier for powering a device like this. And what's more, the waterproof silicone pad is a bonus advantage, because it can resist water droplets and keep them off the scale surface for protection.

Final Words:

That'll be all for unboxing Timemore Coffee Scale. Hopefully, you guys would see its value from every aspect. It's one of the newest, and more affordable choices on the market.

You can buy the Timemore Basic Coffee Scale Here

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