Qualcomm Quick Charge 5.0: Everything You Need to Know

Gallium Nitride (GaN) chargers were everywhere due to its smaller size and efficient fast charging technology. And today, In July 2020, Qualcomm stated: Quick Charge 5.0 is world’s Fastest Commercial Charging Solution delivering astonishing charging speeds of up to 0-50% in five minutes while enabling new battery technology, accessories, and safety features, many people involved in related products of such QC charger and accessories, as well as users of these products are eager to see the great changes of Qualcomm Quick Charge 5.0 is going to bring about.

Generally speaking, Qualcomm Quick Charge 5.0 is expected to work wonderfully with improvements comprehensively. Like, in most cases, users would expect a very straightforward upgrade in charging speed and efficiency performance, while some people would like to dig a little deeper about its versatility and safety and more. In this blog today, we are going to unveil everything you need to know about Qualcomm QC 5.0 by putting together a few frequently asked questions as a list that includes each and every detail about the mysterious and powerful Qualcomm Quick Charge 5.0.

No.1: Is Qualcomm Quick Charge 5.0 really that fast? 

Undoubtedly, yes and yes.

For those who are looking forward to experiencing a phenomenally fast charging speed from Quick Charge 5.0, here's the fact you should know. From Qualcomm, they take pride in this 5th generation of QC technology (namely, the new Dual Charge Technology), by advertising even fast is an understatement as the very new 5.0 is capable of achieving charge from 0% to 50% within 5 minutes. It amazingly supports more than 100W of charging power for smartphones, and proves to take only 15 minutes to charge up a 4500mAm battery without a hiccup. Hence, there's no doubt that this upgraded technology is able to charge smartphones and devices up to about 4 times faster, accomplishing up to over 70% in efficiency compared to its previous generations. 

No.2: Is Qualcomm Quick Charge 5.0 downward compatible with QC 4.0, 3.0 and 2.0?

Affirmative! Quick Charge 5 is backwards compatible with all previous Quick Charge solutions. And QC 5.0 showcases great breakthroughs in its charging speed while its downwards compatible with previous QCs. For instance, USB-PD devices can only get standard charging speed using QC 3.0 technology, and iPhone 8 and above smartphones go for the same, while QC 5.0 can charge them with fast charging. Thus, from this, we can see that, QC 5.0 is not only incredibly fast in charging, but also, its backward compatibility can be very convenient if you still plan to use it for other devices that used to work with previous QCs. 

No.3: When will Qualcomm Quick Charge 5.0 be launched?

With all that it can do for you, you will definitely anticipate its release as soon as possible. Well, news from Qualcomm has it that the first smartphones to incorporate Quick Charge 5 will go public in the 3rd quarter of 2020, which is about now. And Qualcomm will use Snapdragon 865, 865 Plus and more above Snapdragon mobile platforms with Quick Charge 5.0 availability.

No.4: What devices support Qualcomm Quick Charge 5.0?

Qualcomm Quick Charge 5.0 has a very promising ecosystem as the fast charging technology enables a single accessory to cater to the requirements of various charging operation for mobile devices. As Qualcomm estimates, QC 5.0 has the great potential to support 250+ mobile devices and 1000+ accessories. To be more specific, as QC 5.0 meets the current and future needs of Android systems, at the present time, Samsung Galaxy S20 and LG V30 smartphones typically support Quick Charge 5.0.

No.5: Wondering Quick Charge 5.0's safety?

As far as most people are concerned, 100W of charging power is really something unbelievable. And inevitably some of you might be skeptical about the safety of this technology along with such high efficiency in charging. When Qualcomm makes a statement about its safety, it's basically about the protection against over heat caused during charging. It's said the advanced charging subsystem safety includes 8 levels of voltage protection, 3 levels of current protection and 3 levels of thermal protection. And, based on their well control of over voltage and temperature in previous generations 4.0 and 3.0, Qualcomm offers highly reliable safety for this charging technology, without any overheating related issues or accidents.

No.6: Are there Quick Charge 5.0 accessories available on the market for the time being? 

Yes, but not many that we know of. For example, Anker and Belkin are typical companies that sell QC 3.0 and 4.0 accessories. They have quite a few related products that are well sold all over the world. And we can presume that when Quick Charge is officially upgraded to 5.0, companies selling these accessories will sure keep up the pace and bring more Quick Charge 5.0 accessories onto the market.

Final Words:

While Android phone users are so eagerly expecting Quick Charge 5.0, Apple phone users aren't that much, more or less. For this, there's a funny fact that makes iPhones charging using QC 5.0 not that great compared to Android phones. Qualcomm Quick Charge is a great feature designed for fast charging that applies to Android phones better. Apple seems to be more protective when it comes to super fast charging. They tend to take every aspect into consideration, such as battery longevity, heat output, voltage and current control and so forth. For all new iPhones in 2020, we don't see an inkling of fast charging improvement that works as well as QC 5.0 on Android phones. 

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