Best Wireless Chargers with USB Port

Since Qi wireless chargers are getting crazily popular for its convenient usage, new things are amazingly built into them, like extra USB ports. Why would wireless chargers still need USB ports with them while they already can charge devices wirelessly? Probably, people want a wireless charger to work for more devices, like those incompatible ones with Qi such as earphones, Bluetooth speakers. True, one single charger can solve charging problems for multiple devices you've got.

So, what would say to have a wireless charger with USB port? The most answers we heard from Amazon reviews are like it rocks! Having a perfect desktop accessory like that sounds extremely handy and cool. Today, we are going to share a few collections of the best wireless chargers with USB ports on the market.

1.  Anker PowerWave 10 Wireless Charger Stand with 2 USB-A Ports

Anker PowerWave 10 is an excellent wireless charger rated at 5W for standard Qi-compatible devices, 7.5W for iPhones and 10W for Samsung phones. It has 2 USB-A ports in the back, rated at 12W total output which means you can charge your e-reader or tablet without needing more wall plugs and power bricks. Yes, Based on this design, you can charge 2 USB-enabled devices plus a Qi-enabled device like an iPhone at the same time at fast charging speeds and looks beautiful on your desk.

This wireless charger also works effectively even with your phone's case thanks to the case friendly charging function. You don't have to take off your phone case for easy recharging if it's thicker than 5mm.

2.  BESTEK Wireless Charger with 40W 6-Port USB Charging Station

Compared to JSVER, this BESTEK is similarly designed, but more impressively built with more AC outlets and USB ports. It's not merely a wireless charger, instead, it's a compact charging hud power strip with surge protection(1500 Joules). 8 AC outlets will meet the need for multiple appliances connection. 6 USB ports provide 2.4A quick charge for each port. The wireless charger is rated at 5V 1A. The whole unit is supported by a 6 feet heavy-duty power cord(rated at 14 AWG). This charging station is ETL certified for safety, with safety socket door to prevent kids from electric shock, as well as protection against overload, short-circuit malfunction.

3.  Seenda Fast Wireless Charger with Dual USB

The wireless charging pad is well built with a skid-resistant silicone pad designed for a phone to stay securely in place. Apart from wireless charger, it has 2 USB ports and a QC standard AC adapter, making it easily replace 3 chargers. Each USB port delivers 2.4A charging current. This charger has a smart chip built in to regulate current and voltage properly to ensure safety. It's able to turn itself off automatically for protection when it gets overly hot. To prevent getting too hot during charging process, the charger has unique heat dissipating ports nicely designed at the bottom. Considering that this charger has a compact size, it's an ideal travel option.

4.  Spansive Source Multi Device Wireless Charger with 2 USB charging ports

Spansive Source wireless charger focuses more on its wireless charger pad. Its charging algorithm allows for a little longer distance between the wireless source and your device. No matter how thick a phone case is, it still gets charges easily. And it's powerful enough to support up to 4 phones to recharge at the same time wirelessly, not to mention the extra 2 USB ports for 2 more devices. Plus, charging multiple devices simultaneously won't affect the charging speed at all. The wireless charging pad doesn't require perfect alignment when you place your phone, you can choose it to put your phone there in the middle, or just near it, the charging will start accordingly. In addition, it also supports Wi-Fi connectivity as well as a Spansive app for easy control of charging.

5.  JSVER Wireless Charger with 2 USB ports

JSVER wireless charger is getting a little creative for the design. It's built more like a small charging station, with a Qi wireless charger stand, 2 AC outlets, and 2 USB ports. Due to the 15W built-in adapter, and power plug, it works in a multi-functional way for you to charge smartphones, other USB devices, or directly use it as a power strip. The 7.5W fast wireless charger features wide compatibility for Qi-enabled phones and USB ports have 2.4A quick charge for each port. It has smart LED indicators to show charging status. The whole unit is highly safe owing to its comprehensive protection against over heating, overload, with FCC, ROHS certifications for safety guarantee.

6.  Wireless Charger Stand Station with 3 USB-A & 20W USB-C Ports

This wireless charger, with a built-in adapter, is perfectly designed with a wireless charging stand rated at 50W, 3 USB-A ports, and a 20W USB-C port. It fully meets the need for various phone models and all Qi-enabled phones and devices. The wireless charger stand has beautifully made anti-slip silicone mats on the bottom to make sure it stands upright. And it features great ergonomics for the perfect 60 degrees viewing angle. You can enjoy watching your phone while your phone is being charged, without the need to take off its case. Wireless charging works with a case up to 5mm thickness. This could be a helper for your nightstand, saving you a power strip while it has so many ports to offer. Besides, it's a sleep-friendly charger that runs quietly without bright light, with full protection from overload, short-circuit, etc.


There are tons of different wireless chargers out there with all kinds of different options that make them multi-purpose. When you are looking at these wireless charger options, you'll find they are typically combined with other new functions like USB ports, AC outlets other than the Qi wireless charger itself. Still, they are so nicely built to be space-saving and portable. More importantly, despite more ports or outlets than they are initially expected to have, safety is totally guaranteed based on built-in technology and quality protective materials.

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