Best Power Strips with Wireless Charger

Looking for the best power strips for your house? Wondering which type may fit most? Unlike the previous generation of power strips that provides a few sockets only, the latest power strips can do a lot more for you. So, the answer for which type -- it will be definitely the multi-functional type.

AC Outlets: Usually designed with 3 or more outlets, a new power strip can work for several electric appliances simultaneously as the old ones do.

Surge Protection: High Joules surge protector built in the power strips, they enable you to use your electric appliances much more safely than before.

USB Ports: Other than electricity power connection for appliances, USB is becoming a must-have feature from which you can benefit a lot for charging your USB-enabled devices, like a smartphone, an iPad, etc. Nowadays, several USB c power strips offer fast charging. 

Wireless Charger: This is absolutely something new that you expect from a power strip. Aside from traditional USB ports, such a power strip with a wireless charger allows you to enjoy the convenience of recharging by Qi wireless technology.

Here are some most advanced power strips that serve multiple purposes for you, called power strip with wireless charger. They have been highly recommended on the market, now let's check the list of best power strips with wireless charger feature.

1.  BESTEK 1500 Joules Surge Protector with Wireless Charger

This BESTEK power strip is an ETL certified surge protector. It has a robust build and a space-saving design.Its surge protection is based on 1500 Joules. With 8 AC outlets, 6 USB ports, it can connect so many appliances like your computer, TV, printer, robot vacuum cleaners, air conditioner, or humidifier. Actually, few people would use as many as 8 appliances at a time. The widely spaced outlets make it easy to plug in an oversize adapter, but since it has 6 USB charging ports, you won't be needing an adapter anymore. This power strip has a built-in wireless charger giving you 5V 1A charging current, the charging could be a little slower, but it's convenient, saving you the trouble to connect anything.

2.  GLCON Power Strip Tower with Fast Wireless Charger

This power strip emphasizes safety very much. It's well built from outside to inside. The ABS fireproof plastic material combines with PVC and heavy-duty 16 AWG copper cable for long lasting quality and safety. For inside protection, when voltage surge is detected, the power strip will turn itself off for protection against surges, lightning, short-circuit, overload, etc. As for its USB ports, it offers 3.1A max for each port, which is incredibly fast. And AC outlets are rated 3000W while wireless charger output is rated at 5W, 7.5W or 10W depending on the device you need to charge. 7.5W and 10W output require a QC 2. 0/3. 0 adapter. 5W output is generally available for all Qi-enabled smartphones.

3.  BESTEK USB Power Strip with Wireless Charger

Another BESTEK power strip with wireless charger: this one is closely similar to the first BESTEK power strip we recommended. They share almost the same structure, with 1500 Joules, 8 AC outlets, 6 USB charging ports and a 6-foot heavy-duty power cord. It has a built-in safety "door" designed to prevent kids from electric shock. It has 2 separate switches for the top row and bottom. You can turn off either row or both rows for safety or energy saving reasons. As for its wireless charging, the area which charges your Qi-enabled device is big enough for you to place your device easily.

4.  GLCON Power Strip Tower Wireless Charger

This is another GLCON power strip that deserves a recommendation. Other than its quality build and surge protection safety, it's designed as a standing, vertical power tower style for easy plugging in from all directions. You must appreciate that this thing rotates, showing more flexibility for power connection. Its extension cord can be hidden when not in use, saving you much space. This works especially well for a room that has a shortage of outlets. The smart wireless charger on the top of this power strip is widely compatible with all Qi-enabled devices, particularly good for smartphones.

5.  Lecone Wireless Charging Stand with Power Strip

This Lecone power strip with wireless charger features a pretty lightweight design, weighing in at 0.66 lbs only.  For a power strip with such a compact size and portability, it has 2 US sockets, 3 USB ports, and a wireless charging stand. All these extensions are supported by a 6.5-foot power cord rated at 18AWG, which is thickly built and powerful enough for its job. The 3 USB charging ports charge impressively fast, with 2.4A for each port. The wireless charging stand is convenient in design, but honestly, it's a bit slower than expected, charging your device at 5V/1A only. Overall, this power strip offers multi-purposes for power connection and charging, with 300 Joules surge protection.

6.  MyDesktop 29W Wireless Charging Stand with power strip

Let's take a look at another wireless charging stand style power strip. Just like Lecone power strip, this kind features the charging stand over the power strip itself. Thus, this MyDesktop is compactly designed to take up less space, making it workable for study, office, bedroom, etc. Despite a small charging station, it has 3 USB ports, a wireless charging stand, 2 AC outlets, all supported by a 5-foot power cord. For USB charging, it has 12W 2.4A for each port, and for wireless charging, it offers 5W for Qi compatible devices, while it has 300 Joules for surge protection. All these ratings fully meet safety standards for easy everyday use.

7.  2-Outlet 2 USB Port Wall Tap with Qi Wireless Charging Pad

This wall power strip shows great simplicity in design, containing 2 AC outlets, 2 USB charging ports and a Qi charging pad. Thanks to such a portable size, it's easy to carry around and mount anywhere you like. For its protection, it's a UL listed product, with 560 Joules of surge protection, safeguarding the power strip and your appliances. For USB ports, it has 2.4A charging current for each port, which is fast enough to reload your cell phone or tablet in time. And for its wireless charging, it's rated 10 watts for high efficiency, and has smart LED lights to let you know the status, like blue light means charge in process, red light means you need to re-position your device or remove unwanted objects on the charging pad. All things considered, this power strip with Qi wireless charging pad and USB is a great choice to back up your power for computers, TV, smartphones, etc. 


In a nutshell, a multi-purpose power strip with wireless charger, USB ports, and reliable surge protection will have all your electric power, charging problems resolved. It's like a small, compact charging station that is safely designed to support your home appliances and portable USB devices.

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