Best USB C Power Strips 2020: Power Delivery for Fast Charging

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Everyone wants Power Delivery. When it comes to power strips, the first thing that would be brought to mind could be safety, at least for most people. When you already confirm a certified safe product, the next thing that should be given top priority is its performance, yes, fast charging. There has been a myriad of newly designed power strips on the market in 2020, today we pick several best USB C power strips that come with USB-C Power Delivery port for recommendations and comparison. Perhaps, you would find what you want in the list below.

The list of Best USB C Power Strips 2020 is not ranked from the most to the least recommended, instead, just by random. Let's see what they have in common and what they have to offer to impress people.

1. Anker Power Delivery Travel Power Strip

Anker 30W PowerPort Strip PD 2 Mini is equipped with 1 USB-C port, 2 poweriq-enabled USB charging ports, and 2 AC outlets to power and charge up to 5 devices simultaneously. The USB-C Power Delivery ports deliver a18W high-speed charge to phones, tablets, and more. 

With its compact square design, the travel power strip frees up valuable space at home, in a hotel, or on a cruise ship. Works with outlet voltages worldwide (100V - 240V). You can take everywhere you want. 

2. Anker 3 Outlets USB C Power Strip with Power Delivery

This is another version of well-designed USB C power strip from Anker. I really love the slim and compact design which can save lots of space and look clean on your desk. A USB-C port, 2 USB ports, and 3 AC outlets provide power and charging for up to 6 devices from a single wall outlet. Positive review about this power strip is" Probably the best power strip with usb c at the moment. It definitely feels high quality from its smooth outer shell and comes with a nice flexible braided cable."

Yes, it is a great accessory for your Apple products which offer fast charging for your iPhone or MacBook.

3.  JOTO 2 Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip with Type C Charging Port

This JOTO 2 outlet surge protector style power strip is built to make a difference. But how? In the very first place, let's check its safety management. Thanks to the sophisticated circuit design built in, the power strip is highly effective in preventing over heating, over current, over voltage and short circuit problems. It's officially certified by ETL and FCC standards for safety protection. And most customers find it satisfied mainly because of its overwhelming 1200W power rating and 4320 Joules' surge protection, fully preventing power spikes. It has 2 AC outlets with surge protection and 4 USB charging ports, one of which is a USB Type C port.

If you want something that can accommodate both a standard electrical plug as well as USB cables, that is where the JOTO surge protector power strip comes in handy. Similarly, it's compact enough to fit behind a sofa or a dresser to avoid cable chaos. The power strip uses intelligent charging technology for charging optimization. Each port is able to detect the device's need and deliver the most optimized charging current to it, so that all devices can enjoy fast charging in a safe manner. The power strip with USB has a 6.6 feet long cord for easy connection at home. And as to the size, you will find it surprisingly convenient, only 4.69 " x 3.17 " x 1.18 ", it won't take up much room wherever you use it.

4.  Anker Power Strip Pad USB C Power Strip with Power Delivery

Anker has all the way been a well-known brand for electrical tools and accessories. For this Anker power strip, you can enjoy absolute safety and high-speed charging. In contrast with ordinary power strips, you can find in most houses, this Anker power strip with USB C uses a highly protective fire retardant casing. As for the built-in circuit, it has protection against overload, over heating and short-circuit issues. On the other hand, the safe power strip charges impressively fast using it PowerIQ technology designed with USB-C power delivery. For USB C devices like cell phone, laptop, tablet, it delivers 30W charges ideally, and 12W for USB A devices.

The power strip is a space-saving wall plug that only needs little room on the desk. It comes with a 5 feet long cable for convenience in use. The 90 degrees angle design makes it easy to use behind very tight spaces like behind a sofa or a desk. The compact design won't get them in the way of other bulky adapters. As it supports 240 volts, it works greatly for travels too. Other than the two AC sockets, it has two USB ports and 1 USB-C port, which makes charging most convenient, especially for charging multiple devices all at the same time. All these features make it an ideal power strip with USB C for home, office and travels.

5.  Anker 6 Outlet USB C Surge Protector Power Strip

Another Anker's power strip, the 6 outlets surge protector with USB C is also a kick-ass device for power connection and USB charging. Other than the 6 AC outlets, it has 1 USB-C port, and 2 PowerIQ enabled USB ports, making this power strip an extremely helpful charging station for electrical appliances and USB devices. But normally, people seldom have to charge so many devices simultaneously. The quick charging of the USB-C power delivery port still makes people happy. With an optimized 30W charge, it fits all USB-C devices.  It can charge an iPhone 2.5 times as fast as its original charger.

The power strip works sensationally good as a surge protector with perfect protection from sudden surges and spikes up to 1280 Joules due to the advanced surge protection technology. Again, like the first Anker power strip we recommended today, this one is made of a fire resistant casing, and what's more, it has children friendly internal safety shutters. This is what most parents concern about. This is not only a safe power strip for devices, but also for users. The 6 outlet power strip has very much attention to details, like the tangle free braided cable, and the ergonomic layout design. It has enough space between every two outlets, so large plugs can easily fit in.

6.  Nekteck USB C Surge Protector with Power Delivery

This Nektech USB C surge protector power strip is compact but powerful. Its rated power for AC input is 1875W 15A 125V for maximum while the USB A output is 5V 2.4 for each port, and 5V 3A, 9V 3A, 15V 2A for the USB C output with Power Delivery. The USB Type C supports most USB C devices, even USB C laptops rated at 45W. For the USB power strip's compatibility with USB Type C devices, it serves this purpose for quite a lot of tablets and smartphones, such as Apple MacBook 12-inch/ Pro 2016 version, HTC 10, Nokia N1, LG G5/G6, Asus Zen AiO, ASUS Zenpad S 8.0, Google ChromeBook Pixel, PixelBook, Nexus 5X/6P, Pixel/ Pixel XL, Galaxy Tabpro S, S8, S8 Plus, Nintendo Switch.

This multi-purpose charging station is designed not bulky at all, unlike those chunkier ones, it's easy to sit under your night stand for easy connection to your laptop, cell phone. The power strip has up to 4 AC outlets available, which you probably use 3 of them at a time, give or take. The outlets are spaced slightly apart so a bigger plug can still fit in easily. The surge protector power strip features great protection against overload as it will turn itself off when the power load exceeds the rated power 1875W. Overall, it's a good choice you are better off considering for all its functions and protection.

7.  AUKEY USB-C Power Strip with 18W Power Delivery

The design of Aukey USB C Power Strip is a little different with other brands, main color is in black. This 18W Power Delivery USB-C Power Strip from Aukey features 1 USB-C port with 18W Power Delivery, 2 USB-A ports, and 8 AC outlets, which means you can power  up to 11 electronic devices simultaneously. 

The strip is make from decent materials that can withstand wear and tear, but the distance of the plugs across from each other is a little narrow, so if you have big plug, you may meet some problem for plus two items in a row. 

8.  POWERADD Power Strip 5 Outlet Surge Protector

This Poweradd power strip has a compact design with a portable size. Despite the small size, it has enough space between every two AC outlets to avoid crowded plugs. And it has up to 5 AC outlets to meet the need of using multiple electrical appliances simultaneously. The power rating is powerful enough to support the massive electricity output. As a typical USB power strip, it has 2 USB ports and 1 Type C port for your USB, USB-C devices. Poweradd uses its smart IC technology to detect the USB device plugged in and output the maximum power delivery for fast charging. The 3.3 feet long cord can be well kept instead of getting tangled.

As for the materials, the power strip has a fire resistant PC shell that is able to extinguish itself once the source of ignition is removed in 3 seconds. The cord is heavy-duty copper that handles a great amount of electrical current without getting hot easily. For the inside protection, the built-in circuit breaker and surge protector do a good job safeguarding your appliances from overload, over voltage, short-circuit, spikes and power surges. This power strip with USB-C is particularly favored by those who stay in hotels a lot because of its portability and shape that fits narrow spots like under the bed, behind a dresser or sofa.

9.  BESTEK Cubic Power Strip

The BESTEK cubic power strip features much ergonomics in the appearance design. The convenient design concept makes it workable in many situations, at home, in office or workshop. And the portable size makes it a travel friendly power strip like some of the above ones. It also has a space-saving design for the outlets. The 3 outlets are designed for use in different directions with safety shutters. The power strip is suitable for mounting on a wall or setting up under a desk. It won't take up much room, and actually you can carry it around wherever you go.

Compared to most typical multiple outlet power strips, this one has a low profile, with only 3 AC outlets to offer. But it works fine for most people. 3 outlets will basically meet the need at a time. The 3 USB ports give you 2.4 A quick charge for each port while the USB Type C port is even faster in charge, 3A, 15W. But sadly the USB-C port is not compatible with MacBook, iPad Pro, Pixel 3 and other devices that rate higher than 15W in power. Yet, this won't affect its popularity. People like that fact that it's handy, simple, and safe. Based on its well made materials and built-in protection, it keeps your appliances going without worrying about short-circuit, overload, etc.


The best USB C power strips with Power Delivery in 2020 have been used in so many homes and proven to be the best indeed. People are happy with the power strips for a few reasons: safety, space-saving design, portable size, powerful rating, fast charging with USB-C port, affordable prices and so forth. If you are looking for a perfect one for yourself, you are better off looking at these recommended options that might exceed your expectations.

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