Best Sleep Apps for Apple Watch

Earlier in June, Apple declared that its watchOS 7 features enhanced customization tools and powerful new health and fitness functions, among which, there's the sleep tracking function. With watchOS 7, Apple Watch lets you know how well you are sleeping. It simply helps you get the desired amount of sleep, set an ideal schedule for bedtime routines. However, the world's most advanced smartwatch, the Apple Watch doesn't emphasize the sleep tracking function too much, because the watch doesn't come with its own sleep app. It could be the high demand of battery consumption, so Apple wants to skip this app running in the watch.

But, fortunately, there are many third-party sleep apps for Apple Watch. These apps work greatly as a sleep tracker. Let's see 8 best sleep apps for Apple Watch. They might work in the way you like.

1.  AutoSleep Track Sleep on Watch 

Admittedly, Auto Sleep is the most popular Apple Watch sleep tracking app considering every aspect. This tracking app has many useful features to offer, including statistics for sleep quality, heart rate, deep sleep etc. AutoSleep is able to track your sleep overnight, and send you a notification in the next morning telling you details of your sleep quality. This is how you track your sleep with AutoSleep while you wear Apple Watch to fall asleep. Also, this app enables you to track your sleep without wearing the watch at all. When you put it back on your wrist, AutoSleep will understand your sleep ends. AutoSleep uses  a system of rings to monitor key statistics for you to easily read what you need to know about your sleep.  


  • Intuitive interface
  • Smart notifications
  • New Smart Alarm, New charge reminder
  • With in-depth data on sleep records & trends

2.  Pillow Automatic Sleep Tracker

Pillow Automatic Sleep Tracker is also an excellent Apple Watch sleep app. This tracking app can automatically detect and analyze your sleep while allowing you to switch between manual and automatic modes anytime. This easy-to-use tracking app doesn't require complicated operation to get to know how you sleep. You can view your heart rate graph, and access sleep stage diagram as well as sleep session trends. There's something special about this sleep app, namely, it's also a mood tracker, which is able to track your mood when you wake up, meanwhile, it can add your notes to every sleep session and discover how your sleep quality is affected.


  • Automatic sleep tracking
  • Analysis for sleep quality and heart rate
  • Detailed sleep history and sleep trends
  • Wake-up mood tracking
  • Sleep aid melodies and wake up sounds 
3.  Sleep++

As one of the best sleep tracking apps for Apple Watch in our list, Sleep++ accurately measures the duration and quality of your sleep using the motion and health monitoring functionalities. Sleep++ provides a straightforward report showing you how much time you slept and how well you slept during the night. Like some other Apple watch sleep apps, it allows you to use automatic and manual mode. This is highly similar with AutoSleep. You can opt to use both modes. For automatic mode, the app will analyze your sleep and give you a detailed report. In this mode, you need to wear your Apple Watch to go to bed. The manual mode goes pretty the same, but you have to tell Sleep++ when you start and end sleeping for each time. This is necessary because a different nightly routine makes it difficult for the app to know when exactly you go to sleep. Something new about Sleep++, its version 4.1 has greatly improved the battery life.


  • Intuitive interface
  • Automatic sleep tracking
  • Detailed report showing sleep quality and time
  • Improved battery life 
4.  NapBot - Auto Sleep Tracker

NapBot is an automatic sleep tracking and analyzing app for iOS and watchOS devices. This app has its own way to understand your sleep. It's one of the most popular sleep apps for Apple Watch. The app, like other Apple watch sleep apps, has a greatly intuitive interface, allowing you to view comfortably and tap easily. It provides sleep analysis in detail as it tracks your sleep automatically during the night. If we put these features these apps have in common aside, we are still quite impressed with NapBot's Environmental Sound Exposure analysis. By analyzing environmental sound while sleeping can help us better understand how it affects sleeping. Detailed sleep analysis also includes a summary chart for sleep heart rate.


  • Intuitive interface
  • Automatic sleep tracking
  • Environmental sound exposure
  • Detailed sleep analysis  

5.  Sleep Watch by Bodymatter

This app features auto tracking, detecting and analyzing sleep details. It's super easy to use, simply wear your Apple Watch to sleep, before falling asleep, check the app to see if there's need to adjust your auto-detected sleep times. If you confirm everything like your adjustments, you can sleep peacefully and wake up next morning to see last night's sleep details on your watch. With this app, you can enjoy quite a few helpful features. You can sync sleep data to health app automatically, track your sleeping heart rate dip, track sleep rhythm, and have access to more analysis of your sleep details.


  • Intuitive interface
  • Auto detected sleep times
  • Multi tracking details like heart rate dip, sleep rhythm
  • Auto sleep data syncing to Health app 
6.  Sleep Cycle - Sleep Tracker 4+

Sleep Cycle has something different to offer other than its detailed tracking and analyzing on your sleep. The best features of this app are the waking up function and the understanding of your sleeping patterns. This app helps wake you up in a gentle, natural way, which won't directly drag you out of bed while you still want 5 more minutes or something. Thanks to its understanding of your sleeping patterns, it wakes you up most scientifically while you are in a light sleep session, so that you can wake up feeling refreshed without reluctance. What's more, you can use this app without wearing Apple watch while you are sleeping. You can simply place your watch on a nightstand, and Sleep Cycle can start to work by using sound analysis, and using your device's microphone to record and track.


  • Sleep analysis with Sleep Cycle patented sound technology or accelerometer
  • Detailed sleep statistics and daily sleep graphs
  • Scientific wake-up with understanding of your sleep patterns 
7.  Sleep Tracker - Sleep Pulse 3

Sleep Tracker Sleep Pulse 3 is another popular sleep tracking app for Apple Watch with features like sleep report, sleep analysis, heart rate, motion etc. And the Sleep Goal Ring and Analysis Donut Ring are highly similar with the AutoSleep tracking app. And this app provides a good measurement of your health overall, with its Resting Heart Rate, your resting heart rate will be measured automatically upon your waking up. Sleep Pulse 3 differs itself from other similar apps with adjustable sensitivity levels in order to analyze your sleep quality more accurately. The sensitivity levels should be adjusted mainly because you would sleep in different places. 


  • Sleep analysis with detailed reports
  • Resting hear rate measurements
  • Adjustable sensitivity levels for sleep analysis

8.  Sleep Tracker ++ 

Last but not least, this Sleep Tracker ++ is another useful auto sleep tracking app you can use with Apple Watch. You would sure like the features from a smart sleep app like this. It's an automatic app with which you don't have to do anything like manual start, stop etc. With the app in your Apple Watch, you can naturally sleep wearing your watch, and the app will keep tracking your sleep automatically. You can add notes by using #hashtag to categorize your sleeps. From your sleeps, you can see your sleep trends and learn more about your sleep quality. Overall, it helps a lot as a sleep app that provides sleep data for every night and typically shows you a report in the morning.


  • Intuitive interface
  • Automatic sleep tracking
  • Learn sleep history and sleep trends
  • Integration with HealthKit 

Final Thoughts:

From these 8 best sleep apps for Apple Watch, we can get to know that these third-party sleep apps can provide more powerful and richer data to support detailed sleep analysis. And their Health app integration takes them to a next level as a sleep tracking app for Apple Watch. With so many best choices available on the market, it could be a little challenging to decide which one is ideal for your Apple Watch, you might consider more about the interface, the access to download, and existing user experience. Anyway, with these recommendations, we hope you would find the perfect sleep app to track and improve your sleep.

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