The Best Apple Watch Portable Chargers and Cases to Use While Traveling

Last time we have introduced you the latest luxury apple watch straps, And Today we are going to walk you through 7 best portable chargers for Apple Watch while traveling and 4 best travel cases for Apple Watch. These items rank among the best portable chargers and cases for Apple Watch in 2019.

Why do you need these Apple Watch Accessories while traveling?

An Apple Watch is more than just a watch. It can do more for you other than just keeping track of time. Apple Watch is widely considered to be the ultimate device for a healthy life as it intrigues people to take more exercise than they used to do. People are quite into all sorts of fitness apps and keep working out with easy recording, tracking using such a portable, convenient tool on their wrists. Like other devices, Apple Watch needs recharging from time to time. When you are looking for a dedicated charger for your Apple Watch, you would expect it to be as portable as the watch itself. A handy, portable charger or power bank for Apple Watch helps a lot particularly while you are traveling.

Part One: Best Portable Chargers for Apple Watch While Traveling

1.  UGREEN MFi Wireless Portable Charger for Apple Watch

UGREEN has been so popular out there for a few reasons. Most notably, it's an Apple MFi Certified product. Apple MFi Certified products always put themselves in top priority because this means compatibility. UGREEN wireless portable charger is fully compatible with all 44mm 42mm 40mm 38mm Apple Watch Series 4 3 2 1, Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch Nike Plus, Apple Watch Hermes and Apple Watch Edition.

This charger charges your Apple Watch fast without a charging cable. This cable free design conveniences you the most, all you need to do is to simply plug it into a power bank or a USB power strip, and enjoy hassle free charging.

2.  FLAGPOWER Pocket Sized 700mAh Power Bank for Apple Watch

This FLAGPOWER portable charger for Apple watch has one dominant feature -- extremely small. It's more like a smart car key. The pocket-sized key chain style Apple Watch charger comes in handy for everyday charges. Like you can just toss it into your pocket and take it out for a quick charge anytime. The key chain hoop allows you to attach it somewhere you think the charger would hold your watch securely in place while charging.

This MFi certified product ensures its full compatibility with all Apple Watch versions. And the built-in 700mAh lithium ion battery is powerful enough to give an Apple Watch 3 solid charges.  Other than MFi certification, this portable charger also meets the standards of CE, FCC, and RoHS.

3.  CHOETECH Key Chain 900mAh power bank for Apple Watch

Let's see how another key chain style power bank make itself a best portable charger for Apple watch. First, it adopts a highly efficient 900mAh polymer battery. This rechargeable polymer battery cell is safe with high density and powerful with perfect compatibility. The MFi certified watch charger works flawlessly with all Apple watches on the market. 

The slim travel charger for Apple Watch clearly shows the charging status by 4 blue LED indicators so that you can easily get to know how much power juice remains anytime.

4.  Oittm Charging Stand for Apple Watch

Oittm looks like a small charging station for Apple Watch. Despite the small size, it has 4 ports available, which work not merely for an Apple watch. 3 USB ports can charge other devices like iPhone X/8/8 Plus, iPad Pro, S7/Edge, etc. This bucket lookalike charging station has roomy space inside, which can hold the charging cord, and other small gadgets, making everything well organized and neatly settled.

This travel charger serves its purpose with great performance. It uses smart Power IQ and Voltage Boost technologies to charge your device by 5V 2.4A. Moreover, this smart charging stand allows you to use your Apple Watch while it's being charged thanks to a nightstand mode available.

5.  MIPOW 6000mAh Power Bank for Apple Watch

Finally, let's check out this super high capacity 6000mAh portable charger for Apple watches. Likewise, it's an Apple MFi certified charger with full compatibility for all current Apple Watches. It's small and pocket friendly, yet it's able to charge an Apple Watch and an iPhone at the same time without the need to plug a charging cable.

High battery capacity means its full charge is enough for 10 charges for an Apple watch, or 2 charges for an iPhone Xs, or even 4 charges for an iPhone 8. The tilt stand design contains a built-in magnet on the top to hold your Apple watch securely. The travel charger is made of flame resistant material with a solid build, not to mention the smart protection against over current, voltage and short circuit issues.

6.  BatteryPro for iPhone & Apple Watch

BatteryPro wins its position in this best portable charger for Apple Watch list due to a few characteristics, one of which is that it's powerful enough to provide charges for an Apple watch for over 2 weeks, or more than 3 days for an iPhone. It's made up of high-efficient lithium battery cells. 

With a slim size, you can hold this travel charger in hand comfortably. The construction is robust and durable. Overall, it's a well made wireless MFi certified Apple watch charger, designed with USB port for charging iPhone simultaneously. 

7.  Oittm 5000mAh Portable Charger

The Oittm Apple MFi Certified Backup Charger is a portable charger that supports charging your Apple Watch and iPhone simultaneously. 5000mAh battery can charges an Apple Watch from 0% battery life to 100% 6 times. Or charges an iPhone from 0% battery life to 100% 2 times. It is ideal for long flights or whenever you need to charge your iPhone, camera, or other smart devices.

Part Two: Best Travel Cases for Apple Watch

Best travel cases for Apple Watches are designed for best protection while the chargers are meant to be power backup. Let's see some best travel cases with impressive durability.

1.  Twelve South Travel case + Bedside Charging Stand for Apple Watch

This Twelve South travel case for Apple watch comes with a bedside charging stand. Aside from the fancy look from the outside, the inner structure enables you to store your Apple watch and essential accessories snugly in place. The roomy space inside is enough to hold magnetic charging disk, power adapter and watch bands. When it opens, it offers you a multi angle travel charging stand, making the best travel companion for your Apple Watch.

2.  Moretek Travel Carry Case for Apple Watch

This Moreteck travel case for Apple watch is made of durable EVA material for the outside and nylon for the liner. The thick EVA material protects Apple watch against collision and shocks during traveling. The travel case has great ergonomics for the inside shape, which locks Apple watch securely in place and organizes other accessories neatly. The case uses a secure zipper for easy access and better storage. The perfectly organized inner structure is ideal for most Apple watch versions.

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3.  Tomtoc Travel Carrying Case for Apple Watch

This travel case differs slightly from the above two. For the inside, it's well structured with elastic bands to hold Apple watch and watch bands securely, plus for the cover side, it has a mesh pocket to store other watch accessories. As for the outside, it has a unique design, nicely grooved surface for carrying in hand more easily. The hard shell is built to last. It is made of high quality EVA material against possible scratches and scrapes. Aside from the water repellent fabric material, the case has a YKK zipper for smooth zipping.

4.  Apple Watch Bands & Accessories Case

This travel case for Apple Watch is a perfect organizer. It has dedicated spots for the watch, watch bands, and mesh pocket and elastic strap to fasten other accessories, keeping everything in perfect order. It uses convenient two way zippers for quick access and easy zipping, keeping your Apple watch and accessories safe and sound in a snugly fit place. In regard to its material, this case is made of quality carbon fiber Matt PU with great durability, and microfiber velvet lining with great softness, preventing possible scratches. And it's lightweight and portable overall for traveling.


For anyone who's looking for the best power bank for Apple watch, or the best travel case for Apple watch, you are better off looking at these alternatives listed today. The portable chargers work greatly during travel owing to the fact that they are small, easy to pack, functional, and good at charging Apple watch in a quick manner. And the cases for Apple watch feature well organized structure inside, to hold Apple watch and essential accessories securely with a lot of protection. These products charge and keep your Apple Watch nice and easy for travel's sake.

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