Best Wireless Car Chargers and Mounts for iPhone

It's about time to ditch your wired charger and move forward to a new stage of wireless car chargers if you are looking for a charger to power up your iPhone on the road. So why would people have issues with wires? Go figure, the long cords would get tangled easily, especially while you are using a USB charging plugging in your car cigarette lighter. It'd better have an ideal length, otherwise, it would affect your comfortable use of your gear stick. However, a wireless car charger will make that trouble all gone.

The best wireless car chargers for iPhone X, XS, Max, 11 can be seen out there on the market now. This will be a tremendous boost to iPhone sales and the wireless car charger mounts. Because a wireless car charger is often sold together with a car mount. The combo product appears to be more popular as they just come in handy in a vehicle, not only for using a smartphone more frequently than before for driving navigation, but also for the greater convenience of charging everyone's phone in the car.

What should you consider before buying a wireless car charger for your iPhone?

  • Support 7.5w fast charging or not
  • Support your iPhone case or need to remove before charging
  • Support your car's vent or not

Join us and check out this list of the best wireless car chargers and mounts for your iPhone in 2019, they all work well whether you have iPhone 8, 8 Plus, iPhone XS, XS Plus or the new iPhone 11 and 11 Pro.

1.  ZeeHoo Wireless Car Charger Auto-Clamping Car Mount

Let's see how this ZeeHoo charger and mount deserves to be one of the best wireless car charger mounts. Like most charger mount, it looks like, more exactly, is a car mount itself, but at the same time, functions as a charger too, in a wireless manner. Literally, it's a Qi wireless charger designed to be a phone holder. The smart automatic sensor enables you to easily set your phone securely in place. To turn on the Qi charger, it simply requires a gentle touch, and when the charge is done, it will automatically power off to prevent over charge. The mount allows you to tilt for your favorite viewing angle, not to mention the strong suction cup.


  • 7.5W for iPhone, 10W fast charge for flagship Samsung phones 
  • Almost 4000+ reviews rated 4.5
  • Automatic opening and clamping design
  • Can deliver a charge through cases up to 3mm thick.

2.  CHGeek Wireless Car Charger Auto Clamping Car Mount

The clamp arms are a great feature. When placing a phone in and charging is detected, the arms automatically close and securely clamp onto the device. To open the arms, it'll just require a slight touch on either of the side capacitive buttons. With this smart Qi wireless car charger mount, you will be able to charge your iPhone wirelessly and quickly. Claimed to be a Qi certified wireless charger, it's fully compatible with iPhones(7.5W max), Samsung phones(10W) and other Qi-enabled phones(5W). The mount can fit in most phones even with thick phone cases. Moreover, the car charger will stop charging with a red light flashing to alarm when it detects an unexpected object between the charger and your phone. It's very convenient and safe to use in a car.

3.  Anker PowerWave Wireless Car Charger with Air Vent Phone Holder

This wireless car charger and mount from Anker is very clean looking and holds on strong. The mount is sturdily built with a strong grip on the phone itself. Yet, it's easy to place and remove your phone. When your phone stays on it, you can set the viewing angles freely as it supports 360 degrees rotation. It's widely compatible with Qi enabled phones, including the latest iPhones(7.5W), LG and Samsung phones(10W), providing fast, reliable charging. This car mount is case-friendly and comes with 2 air vent grips, and a 3 feet long Micro USB cable(it can be used with a charging cable optionally).

Pros: PowerWave delivers charging power directly through cases up to 5 mm thick—including Otterboxes.

 4.  iOttie iTap 2 Wireless Magnetic Qi Wireless Charging Air Vent Mount

This Qi wireless charger and car mount combo feel very sturdy and strong in construction. Like most wireless car charger mounts, it's easy to set up. Your phone can be securely held in place with strong magnets built in. Other than that, it features a secure twist lock that is installed onto air vents to absorb vibration while the car is running. You'd probably find this charger the best wireless car charger for the latest iPhone as it charges them at high speed using Qi wireless technology. Additionally, it has a second USB plug to charge another device simultaneously.

5.  PLESON 10W/7.5W Wireless Car Charger Mount

This mount has a nice motorized open and close grip rather than a spring-loaded mechanism that could sometimes rattle while driving. The dashboard mount option features an adjustable arm with 360 degrees ball joint flexibility to ensure the best viewing angles for safe driving. The suction cup is really sticky it holds great and it cleans right off with damp paper towel(dipped with warm water ideally). The gel on the bottom is reusable so that you can set it up again. This Qi wireless car charger is claimed to be compatible with all Qi enabled devices.  It can provide a maximum of 7.5W charging power for iPhone and Samsung phones.

6.  ZeeHoo Wireless Car Charger Mount with USB-C

Another wireless car charger and mount from ZeeHoo. The two products have a lot in common. And customers are still so deeply impressed with this model. For the suction mount, as long as you mount it properly, it maintains suction securely in place. The charger arm telescopes away from the windshield easily, allowing you to reach your phone without the effort. And when the phone is placed in the cradle, the motor automatically holds it tight enough, as you touch the button, the motor will automatically disengage and loosen the phone. About protection, it has a built-in heat dissipation vent to avoid over heat. And the Qi wireless charger has intelligent protection from surge, short-circuit, over charge etc.

7.  Nillkin Wireless Car Charger Car Mount Magnetic Phone Holder

When it comes to the best wireless car charger mounts, Nillkin car charger phone holder could be definitely one of the best alternatives. For the wireless charging, it provides 10W fast charges for Samsung Galaxy phones typically, and 7.5W for iPhone Xs, XR, X, 8, etc, and 5W for other Qi enabled devices. This is the ideal way for optimized charging wirelessly. For the phone holder, it uses a paste base padding for secure support. It has built-in strong magnet to ensure your phone is firmly clamped in place. For the viewing angles, it has 360 degrees tilting setting. All in all, it's one of the best choices, but it's not a case friendly phone holder, namely phone case shouldn't be thicker than 2mm.

8.  CHOETECH Wireless Car Charger

This wireless car charger and mount have a very sturdy construction. With easily adjustable design, it can hold phones of most sizes(even with phone cases). It has dual-mode system for fast charging, 10W max for Samsung phones, 7.5W max for iPhones and 5W for other Qi-enabled devices, meeting the standards of the best wireless car chargers listed above. The suction cup is reusable. You can choose to set it on the dashboard or windshield. With 360 degrees rotation feature, you can enjoy a perfect viewing angle for easy, safe driving. Once you set the mount up successfully, you won't have to plug your phone in each time. Your phone will be charged wirelessly and automatically.

9.  Baseus Wireless Car Charger Mount

This Baseus wireless car charger mount is highly similar to ZeeHoo car charger. Particularly it enables you to easily release and lock your phone in place. And surprisingly, after connecting with your car's USB port, start your car, the car mount arms will open automatically. And once you place your phone on the charger, the arms will close and start to charge it. It's not so friendly with phone cases though, it has great compatibility with all Qi enabled phones and charges them impressively fast. This car mount comes with an air vent clip and a 4.9 feet long USB cable. It's highly recommended by many customers.


There are plenty of Qi wireless car chargers and car holders you can find on Amazon. Car charger and mount combo are also getting popular and it takes up less space and offers you two main functions, to charge and to hold your phone. For easier use of your phone in vehicle and safer driving, you deserve to look at these valuable choices listed above. Going through this list will help you find the best wireless car charger mount that suits yourself most.

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