10 Ways to Protect Your Packages from Being Stolen

Have your packages left at your front door ever been stolen by thieves before? If yes, that must be one of the most depressing moments you've been through. It's so frustrating that you have waited so long just to see it gone. Other than cursing the one who did such a terrible thing to you, actually, you can have some precautions to prevent your packages from theft. Today we will focus on how to protect your packages from being stolen by introducing some useful security measures to keep your packages safe and sound at your doorstep, particularly when you are away from home. 

When it comes to how to prevent package theft, the fist idea would come up naturally -- set up a camera for surveillance. That would be a perfect counter measure to safeguard your delivered items after the courier guys just leave them outside your door, as they usually do. However, there are actually more effective ways to keep your packages from being taken. We've summed up a list that you might want to check out. Hopefully these tips would be helpful for you to keep your packages safe. Today we are going to share 10 best ways to protect your packages from being stolen. It's time to disappoint package thieves.

Best Ways to Keep Your Packages Safe:

1: Use an Amazon Locker

If often shop on Amazon, Using Amazon Locker is another smart move you take to receive your packages safely. The benefits you get from an Amazon Locker are that you don't need to bother yourself with complicated operation shopping online, instead, you just need to shop as usual, and that usually an Amazon Locker location isn't far from your residence, at least a lot nearer than the nearest post office. The only difference between sending to your home and sending to an Amazon locker is that you select your locker location as your delivery address at checkout. And the easy next step is to use the pickup code, pay a visit the locker location and collect your package. This absolutely eliminates the chances of package theft.

2: Receive Packages from Your Company

It's a cool idea to set the place where you work as the shipping address. With that as the recipient's address, courier service will directly bring packages to your company, so this will definitely disappoint thieves around your house. In this way, no matter how many packages you are to receive on weekly basis, it would just create a little more conversations between courier guys and the receptionists in your company. That said, you still have to live with that fact that you have to take your packages home after work. If your packages are bulky or heavy or both, you‘ll just have to put up with that. Hence, this way isn't perfect, as you have to suffer its shortcoming.

3: Let Your Neighbor Receive Your Package 

If you and your neighbor know each other pretty well, like on a good term as always. You can choose to receive your package from the next door. It goes without saying that your neighbor must stay home most of time, at least, stay home more than you do, otherwise, it will be completely meaningless. This sounds very convenient, as you can come home from work, say hello to your neighbor and pick up what's yours and go back home, nice and easy. This is how things are done when you have such a neighbor that helps. Indeed, it's a good idea considering people living in the same neighborhood should help each other by doing little favors like this.

4: Doorbells & Front Door Camera

If you don't have a neighbor like that, welcome back to us with this list. To scare thieves away, you can easily set security camera on your porch. A security camera is not almighty, but it works greatly to deter thieves from even thinking about the packages left at the front door. However, yes, even for camera, there's a however. Even though the surveillance camera captures what the thief did perfectly, and you have the footage saved as evidence, it will be still very troublesome and frustrating to call the police for investigation, and meanwhile contact customer service about this theft. In a nutshell, what a camera can do is to deter thieves to some degrees and show what's going on there, it won't get your stolen package back right away, let alone preventing it from being stolen. On the other hand, it also helps if you install a set of doorbells. When the courier service comes, they ring the doorbell, if you are home, come and get it safely, if you are not, well, that's another story.

5: By Using Eufy Smartdrop

Eufy Security Smartdrop is a safety deposit box that can be used for delivery drivers to leave packages inside while the recipient is not at home. Compared with traditional mailboxes, it's bigger and has a design that's more anti-theft. Let's start with the material, the Smartdrop is made of advanced cold-rolled carbon steel, which is extremely robust and durable. Thieves won't be able to carry it away when it's well mounted at your porch. Neither can thieves open it, or crack it any other way due to advanced locking mechanisms. However, it's perfectly designed to be very courier-friendly. The delivery people can have easy access to the box by pressing the right buttons. It also works easy for the user to open it and collect packages. If a courier is not familiar with this new tech box, you can jump to the live-stream and communicate with tem via the two-way audio. The on-device AI and 1080p camera lets you view and keep track of each delivery, making receiving packages safe and easy.

This Eufy Smartdrop is designed to fully protect your packages from being stolen. By the way, this high-tech deposit box is now in the process of crowd funding, offering a window for you to get it at $149. 

6: Only Receive Packages When You're Home

This may sound ridiculous, but this is the way some folks choose to receive their packages at home. Instead of randomly leaving a package outside the door with no one watching, they precisely plan the time to place an order, and meanwhile, they carefully calculate the estimated time of arrival, and make sure they stay home during the short period. When a package comes, bingo, they safely receive it with their own hands, perfectly safe and sound, and thieves just hide in corners weeping. However, it's extremely difficult to calculate the time for delivery accurately, and no one can make sure everything goes smoothly as planned. More importantly, few people can make themselves available staying at home most of the time, expecting a package to come.

7: Get Packages from Post Office Only 

Of course you can opt to receive your packages in the nearest post office. It's a lot safer than having it sent to the front door. The very two things you benefit from this way are that your package is totally secure, and that you can easily track online to know its arrival, without answering phone calls from the courier. The drawback is way more obvious receiving your packages this way. You'll have to either walk, drive, take a bus, call an Uber or mail yourself to the nearest post office so that you can take your packages back home. This may sound troublesome, especially if there's a long walk between the post office and your home.

8: Request a Signature for Package Delivery

Requesting your personal signature to authorize complete package delivery is another feasible way to prevent package theft. Supposed that delivery person shows up at your front door, he or she can't just complete the delivery by leaving the package out there, he or she has to wait for your signature to get it done. This sounds pretty fool proof. However, the negative is also obvious. What if you are not home? Even though the courier calls you beforehand, if you can't make yourself available, the delivery time has to be rearranged. And probably, when you are home, you contact the courier, he or she might be delivering packages somewhere else, not in the neighborhood. This entails more communication and arrangement between the deliverer and the recipient. Hence, it doesn't sound like the perfect way. However, actually, it works perfectly fine when communication is made properly upfront. 

9: Upgrade Your Mailbox

Other than using the Eufy Smartdrop box, actually, you can upgrade your mailbox by choosing other secure parcel drops or lockboxes that serve better for package delivery. As long as your mailbox is improved to be able to secure your packages from being stolen by others, it's successfully upgraded. If you have a plan to upgrade your mailbox, you should take mailbox size and security into consideration. Besides, there's another factor that's worth your attention -- courier-friendly opening. For all the locking mailboxes you can find on the market, you need to pick a decent size that meets the standards of your most packages. And if you receive packages from USPS a lot, the drop mailbox should be USPS-approved. Mail Boss 7506 Mail Manager is a qualified USPS-approved drop box that prevents package theft. Thanks to a heavy-gauge galvanized welded steel construction, plus patented anti-pry latch lock mechanism, Mail Boss 7506 offers a secure box for couriers to drop packages, and for user to collect them conveniently.

10: Use Amazon Key

Speaking of high tech, the Key by Amazon App is another solution to prevent your packages from being stolen when you are not home to receive them in person. The Key by Amazon App enables you to safely receive packages anywhere, anytime. With this app, you will be able to receive Amazon packages securely in your garage, house, or directly car trunk. Meanwhile, you can monitor deliveries as well as the status of your garage, front door, and car. However, the Key by Amazon App isn't available in all areas, neither is it workable for everyone. Instead, it works for Amazon Prime members only, with its limit for areas, cars, garages, and home doors that are compatible with this app. Currently, only most of major cities in the US are eligible for Key by Amazon deliveries. For home and garage deliveries, it requires a Key by Amazon Smart Lock Kit or Key by Amazon Smart Garage Kit. For car trunk deliveries, it's currently compatible with Acura, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Ford, GMC, Honda, and Volvo cars. Moreover, even when you have such an eligible car, you'll still need a connected car service like FordPass, On Call or OnStar, and make sure your car is parked within 2 blocks of the delivery address. Overall, Amazon Key requires a Prime membership though, it feels so cool to remotely grant access to delivery people to complete the deliveries. It saves your effort, time and most importantly, your packages are safely delivered. 


In view of the fact that so many shoppers had their packages stolen, mainly because the packages were not under watch left at the front door, or were put in mailboxes that lack security, people should pay more attention and come up with solutions like the above-mentioned 10 best ways. To keep your packages safe, you can use a more convenient delivery address, use a package locker like the Eufy Smartdrop, use the help from neighbors, set up cameras, upgrade your mailbox with a package protector like Mail Boss 7506 Mail Manager secure box, or think about high tech means to get packages remotely, like using the Key by Amazon App. Whatever means you are going use, do keep in mind that you deserve to get what's yours safely and smoothly.

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