Best UV Sanitizers for Your Smartphone

Believe it or not, the increasingly severe pandemic virus situation urges a growing need for a UV sanitizer for your smartphone. Admittedly, the horrible COVID-19 coronavirus has made a considerable impact on people's everyday life as well as business actions worldwide. Many believed-to-be countermeasures have been taken against this pandemic, yet, they don't seem that effective as expected. And on the other hand, vaccines effective against a pandemic virus are not yet available. Attention to sanitation and personal hygiene should be paid more seriously. For instance, you should at least keep the things you use every day clean enough, like your smartphone.

Why You need a UV Sanitizers for your Smartphone?

What would you do with your cell phone about its sanitation since it's the thing you touch and use most on a daily basis? Considering that you use your phone so much, you would charge it almost every single day, how often do you clean it? Virus is often in connection with bad sanitary conditions. To completely avoid virus, you basically need to clean your cell phone as often as you charge it. Today, we are going to introduce some UV sanitizers for your smartphone, that will help you sanitize your phone thoroughly as per every time you come home with it as well as every single charge for it. 

Let's see a trusted list of the 8 best UV sanitizers for your smartphone you can find on the market to stay hygienic and healthy.

1.  PhoneSoap 3 Smartphone UV Sanitizer 

This PhoneSoap UV sanitizer works as a great sanitizer as charger combo for your smartphone. For sanitizing, it can effectively neutralize the bacteria that other phone cleaners can't kill. Through severe testing, PhoneSoap is proven able to kill up to 99.9% of germs that exist on your phone. To achieve such high percentage of germs removal, PhoneSoap uses advanced UVC technology for 360 degrees disinfection, eliminating germs and bacteria on the surface of your phone. Other than sanitizing, it can charge your phone as well. It's nicely designed to fit well as a bedside unit, or literally you can use it almost anywhere like kitchen, office, study room, living room etc. Sanitize your phone and charge it, what's not to love? The two charging ports can be used to charge other devices too.


  • Kills 99.9% gems
  • Fits most smartphones and cases
  • Sanitizes literally anything that fits inside other than phone
  • With 2 charging ports to charge phone or other devices
  • With acoustic audio amplifier to keep you informed of alarms and notifications 
2.  Casetify UV Sanitizer

Check out this Casetify UV sanitizer for smartphone. Likewise, it functions to eliminate virus and bacteria by using strong UV lamps inside. How this thing works is exactly like PhoneSoap does. It uses 6 mercury fee and radiant free UV lamps, which ensures good performance in germs removal without side effects to human beings. The whole UV sanitizer is made of safe materials that cause no harm. It's roomy enough to fit in cell phone of most sizes. When you compare it to PhoneSoap, you'll find its charging function is based on a wireless way. So charging your phone can be more convenient. And the sanitizer itself is powered by a USB Type C input. The wireless charging is easy, put a device that's wireless enabled inside the sanitizer, close the lid and press the blue button. And then the wireless charge is activated with an indicator showing its status. 


  • High efficiency UV sanitizing
  • Wireless charging function
  • Easy to use overall 
3.  59S UV Ultraviolet LED Sterilizer Sanitization Box

Users have been greatly impressed with 59S UV sanitizer's fast sterilization with strong UV-C LED bulbs for ultraviolet wavelength beams to eliminate germs. All you need to do is to just place your phone inside the sanitizer case, and press the button, wait for 3 minutes or so, then your smartphone will be thoroughly sterilized. Other than smartphone, this sanitizer is fully tested to sterilize other items, literally, any item you can fit in there, like small domestic tools, dentist tools, glasses, toys, scissors etc. Thanks to a portable design, this UV sanitizer is an ideal unit for travel and home use. Certified by FCC and FDA, this sanitizer is safe and smart. It can automatically turn itself off after 15 hours standby mode for protection. 


  • Works for any item you can put in
  • Great portability
  • FCC and FDA certified for safety
4.  UV-CLEAN Phone Sanitizer

UV-CLEAN is designed to effectively disinfect daily used items, like most other phone sanitizers, it's originally designed for smartphone sanitization. Using 2 UV-C Germicidal LEDs, it's able to sterilize your phone or other household items at full coverage. Thanks to a long battery life, it offers 70 cycles per charge. Whether you use it to sanitize most items that stay home most of the time, or you use it for items you take with you every day, you will find it useful, especially during the pandemic period. It's a good habit for sanitization with this UV sanitizer to run through every little thing you return home with.


  • Full coverage UV-C sanitizing
  • Fits most items for sanitizing
  • Long battery life 
5.  UV Light Sanitizer Box

This sanitizer box has a user-friendly design -- it's literally a box that you can use for home and travel with its perfect size. You can easily get rid of germs for whatever items you put in that box. Indeed, this sanitizer box can help quickly kill germs and bacteria with its 20 pieces of UV and LED light beads for wide wavelength sterilization. The LED beads are believed to last up to 10,000 hours, with that shelf life, you can use this UV box for ages. If you need a box like this to freshen up your phone, every time you come back home, and meanwhile it disinfects other items for you if necessary, here's your UV sanitizer box.


  • Works for more items
  • Travel-friendly size
  • FCC/ROHS/EPA certified product 

6.  Portable Smartphone Sanitizer 

This smartphone sanitizer shows great efficiency in sanitizing germs and bacteria. Reviewed and recommended by hundreds of users, it deserves to be one of your best options for a UV sanitizer. It's easy to use, and functions super quickly, to get rid of unwanted bacteria perhaps with virus in it in a matter of minutes. Despite the typically small size, it's able to accommodate smartphone of all sizes. With the great performance for UV sanitizing, even though you are frequently using your smartphone, or other items, you are able to immensely reducing the risk of spreading germs or getting an infection.


  • Great performance for UV sanitizing
  • Works for any item you can put in
  • Great portability 

CleanTray UV sanitizer features great efficiency and performance just like PhoneSoap UV sanitizer does. This model has most features that are similar to other sterilization cases. But, obviously, it has longer lifespan and it's suitable for a great many household items other than just a phone. It can be used to sanitize glasses, wallets, watches, jewelry, AirPods, power bank, you name it. Unlike others, it can give your belongings thorough sterilization by aromatherapy, yes, you can add essential oils to refreshen them. Plus, it's a lightweight design for travel purpose as well. 


  • High efficiency in kills germs and bacteria
  • Long battery life
  • Works with essential oils for aromatherapy
  • 2 years warranty 
8.  Mophie UV sanitizer with wireless charging 

The Mophie sanitizer is functional model with wireless charging. While most UV sanitizers for smartphone only kills germs and bacteria, Mophie has a built-in wireless charging pad that's compatible with all Qi-enabled devices by 10W power. This is one of the features ideally designed -- in the middle of a sanitizing process for your devices or items, your device is being charged wirelessly, saving your time and getting things perfectly done. One more thing that's worth your attention is that it runs quietly enough without loud buzzing sound. Plus, it runs without getting hot, it uses UV-C bulbs to sanitize while keeping your devices safe and sound.


  • Sanitizes most devices and items
  • Wireless charging for any Qi-enabled device
  • Works quietly
  • 2 years warranty

As the severe COVID-19 pandemic calls for more protection you deserve for your body as well as your everyday items, like your smartphone typically, using a UV sanitizer case or box become a right decision to make. Because it's a silly idea just to wipe your smartphone or other devices with cloth only and take it for granted that it becomes sanitary then. To kill invisible germs and bacteria, UV sanitizers for smartphone are absolutely essential. And you are actually expecting a better situation when a UV sanitizer does more than sanitizing a phone, like it can charge your phone wirelessly or it can sanitize other items as well. As long as you find these sanitizers useful and convenient, this list of best UV sanitizers will be worth your valuable time.

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