Best Dual Screen Portable DVD Players for Your Car

Getting bored during a long haul? Or fail to set the kids in your car at their ease while you are busy driving? Under these circumstances, you'll definitely need a dual screen portable DVD player for your car. A dual portable DVD player can do a lot of entertainment that you can enjoy inside the vehicle, without distracting you from driving.

So What is a Dual Screen Portable DVD player? 

You may hear a portable DVD player before, so what is a dual portable DVD player? As you may imagine, A dual screen DVD player normally is the main DVD player that comes with a secondary slave screen, which can display the same video program on both monitors, allowing each child to do their own thing in the car. As technology advances, some dual DVD player for car also can play two different movies today. Now let's check out. 

Best Dual Screen Portable DVD Players for Your Car 2019-2020

If you key a dual DVD player for car, you will find tons of them out there, ranging from different designs. Today we are going to share a trustworthy list of best dual screen portable DVD players that were fully tested and proved for quality and performance.

1.  WONNIE 10.5” Car Dual DVD Player Portable Headrest CD Players

This 10.5" dual screen DVD player supports AV and DC cable connection. The AV connector allows for the player to sync screen to a big TV. The speakers give loud sound. The clear stereo sound can be easily controlled by remote control. It comes with brackets and straps for easy mounting onto your car backseat. The mounting strap doesn't sag overtime. The included AC adapter is widely compatible with UL/EU/UK standards with 100-240V 50-60Hz. This DVD player is widely compatible with CD, DVD, CD-R, DVD -R/+R, DVD -RW/+RW, VCD to SVCD formats while the SD card and USB can work with MP3, WMA, VOB, AVI, JPEG, XVID, MPEG1 formats.

2.  NAVISKAUTO 10.5" Dual Screen Portable Car DVD Player

This dual screen DVD player for car is a great companion for holiday road trips. It's able to sync playback on both screens. Your passengers will like having 2 screens for entertainment. If you play on the main monitor, it supports about 5 hours run time solely, and about 2.5 hours for 2 monitors simultaneously. This player supports USB, SD, MMC, with 128 GB FAT32 storage for your media. Built-in dual speakers are loud enough for use in a vehicle. The player has the last memory function for you to resume what you were watching last time.

3.  WONNIE 10.5" Dual Screen DVD Player Portable CD Players - Play a Same or Two Different Movies

One more DVD player from WONNIE, like the first one recommended, it has pretty loud dual speakers, available for AV cable connectivity and HD resolution 1024 x 800. It's surprisingly good enough to play the very same movie with 2 screens, optionally, 2 different movies with 2 screens respectively. So, folks in your car can share a same movie together or enjoy their favorite ones separately. Like its other models, this WONNIE player supports a variety of formats. It's supported by a built-in 2800mAh rechargeable battery.

4.  FANGOR 10.5 Dual DVD Player for Car

The FANGOR 2019 new generation 10.5 inches dual portable player is highly similarly designed with the WONNIE 10.5" series. It almost works the same way, with HD resolution 1024 x 800, clear, loud sound by 2 speakers, 2800mAh rechargeable battery, and AV connector for syncing playback to the big TV screen, etc. It supports a great variety of music, movie formats and is easy to mount on your car. Overall, it's one of the best dual DVD players that you can use for long road trips or short excursions.

5.  NAVISKAUTO 10.1" Dual Screen DVD Player Portable for Car

If your kids spend a lot of time in your car, this dual screen DVD player is really a great choice. Because of the 2 screens availability, your kids will absolutely love that they can have their own screen. And based on a rechargeable Lithium ion battery, you can have approximately 2 hours and a half for streaming 2 screens. It functions smoothly with clear, loud speakers, not to mention that it also supports USB and SD card reader. Additionally, the installation is super easy, you just need to deal with a few wires.

6.  NAVISKAUTO 12" Portable Dual Screen DVD Player

Let's see another DVD player from NAVISKAUTO. This is a 12-inch player with dual screens typically. The screen size is large enough for kids to get a better view. It can be connected to play the same movie as the WONNIE's do. Other than USB, SD card availability as well as the resume play function, it features a clamshell design with 180 degrees flipping which is extremely convenient for you to charge discs. The installation requires easy steps only and it fits many cars with different headrests.

7.  WONNIE 9.5'' Dual Screen DVD Player Portable for Car

WONNIE is apparently a very reliable brand in this field. Its car DVD players have been quite popular on Amazon. Let's take a closer look at this smaller one, the 9.5" dual screen DVD player. Sharing most features with other WONNIE players, it allows for easy volume adjustments by remote control. The whole player is easy to set up onto the car. Folks sitting on your backseats enjoy having their own screen. It comes with an AC power adapter and a car charger. The AC adapter and wire enable the player to hook up to a TV, when you arrive at your destination, you can enjoy watching movies from the bigger TV screen.

8.  Philips PD9016 9in Dual Portable DVD Player

As we all know, Philips is a world famous brand for electronic products. Its DVD players for car appears to be as reliable as its other products. Firstly, it's widely compatible with most DVD and CD discs you can find on the market. The stereo speakers play high quality sound which is not affected by the noise during your road trips. And the dual player design, like other players recommended today, allows your passengers to watch movies on different screens. Optionally, they can the same movie at the same time, making your tedious trip incredibly entertaining.

9.  NAVISKAUTO 10.1" Dual Screen Portable DVD Players for Car

 Let's see another 10.1" dual screen portable DVD player from NAVISKAUTO. Many customers would like the fact that this player can play two different DVDs simultaneously, or syncing a same movie on the dual screens. This is found especially interesting for kids because they can enjoy the same movie while they are sitting different seats. If they don't like each other's movies, they can enjoy their own. The play is rechargeable and it can play from the last memory.

10.  Koramzi Portable 9" Dual Screen DVD Player

If you are looking for a slightly smaller DVD player for your car, you are definitely better off looking at this alternative. The screen size is comparatively smaller than other popular models, 9 inches wide, and the resolution 800 x 480 seems absolutely OK since the screen is smaller. Its audio and video output supports the earphone jack connection. For a small, portable dual screen player, its rechargeable battery is long lasting. It lasts about 3 hours based on a full charge, which is enough for short excursions. It comes with a car charger, an AC power adapter, a controller, 2 car headrests and a pair of earphones.

Final Thoughts:

As can be seen in this list, the best dual screen portable DVD players for car share the most needed features: 2 screens can play the same or 2 different movies. This is basically what a dual screen DVD player designed for. Other things you need to consider could be its compatibility for different disc, music formats, battery life, speaker sound quality as well as installation. No doubt you would expect it to be easy, useful and convenient during your car travels.

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