Best Cases and Covers to Protect Your Apple Watch

An Apple Watch is something you would treat with great care because of its functionalities that help you with your personal workout as well as its value. There are tons of Apple Watch cases and covers designed to protect them in an all-around way and keep them safe.

This blog is going to list the 10 best cases and covers for Apple Watch, all these cases can protect well for your smartwatch no matter you have the newest Apple Watch Series 5 or earlier versions of the Apple Watch Series 4,3,2,1. They will be the best choices that will serve your expensive Apple Watch right.

1.  Soft TPU Case for Apple Watch

This Apple Watch case is made of superior soft TPU material with super high transparency. With this case on, the watch is still as visible as without it. The TPU case fully covers the watch screen with curved edges to prevent accidental scratches and scrapes. Thanks to precise cutouts, it's perfectly fit for Apple Watch Series 3, 4 and 5. The installation will be a breeze even for beginners.

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2.  RhinoShield Bumper Case for Apple Watch

RihinoSheild Apple Watch case is found nicely fit thanks to the highly precise cutouts that give full access to all sensors, buttons, etc. The perfectly fit design enables you to charge the watch easily without hassles. It protects Apple Watch in an all-around way by its impact-resistant, shock-proof polymer material. On the other hand, this case is exquisite and fashionable in rich colors. The back is open wide for easy installation.

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3.  Spigen Rugged Armor Pro Case Designed for Apple Watch

Spigen, known for its popular cases & screen protectors for smartphones, also offers kind of apple watch accessories. This Rugged Armor Pro case uses a flexible and shock absorbent layer to effectively resist daily wear and tear, it also give you the look of a Casio G-Shock watch.

Despite strong protection, it's made aesthetic with a good finish, without sacrificing the original beauty of the Apple Watch. It gives Apple Watch bolstered screen protection with precise cutouts and well made access for the screen. It's perfectly compatible with Apple Watch Series 5, Series 4 in 44 mm and Series 3,2,1 in 42mm/38mm size.


  • The case comes with the integrated strap
  • Nice Look and Feel, Durable
  • Protected from bumps and drops, the screen will also be protected.


4.  Catalyst 330ft Waterproof Case for Apple Watch

This Catalyst Apple Watch case is a well-made piece of waterproof protective case. Rated at waterproof IP68, you can use your Apple Watch under water without having to worry about damage. Other than waterproofing, it has a strong resistance to drops, made of high-strength military grade material, it stands daily wear and tear, as well as accidental drops. It's fully compatible with 44mm Apple Watch Series 4 and 5.


  •  Dive as deep as 330 feet (100 meters)
  • exceeds MIL-STD 810G military standard for shocks & drops up to 6.6ft (2 meters)

5.  SupCase Rugged Protective Case with Strap Bands for Apple Watch

I guess most watch users would find the default wrist band that came with the watch sort of uncomfortable to wear. Well, you should probably try this SupCase rugged protective case, it could be a good alternative. It's beautifully designed with a lot of thought for the access to the watch's buttons, sensitivity, and functions. The case surrounds it the watch may feel a little bulkier than without it though, it does give great protection overall.


6.  Secbolt Bling Case Compatible with Apple Watch

This Secbolt Bling case for Apple watch, in the first place, looks extremely luxurious and aesthetic in the design. Presumably, most female users would greatly fancy such styles. It's very stylish and attractive, turning a low-key watch into a jewelry-like bracelet. However, the case is more than a good look, it has great protection to offer, made from premium polycarbonate, it's strong enough to stay protective without easy deformation or discoloration.

7.  Otterbox Apple Watch Case

Aside from the popular marketplace Amazon, you can also try some other channels that sell high quality Apple Watch cases and related accessories. Like Otterbox, this website has a large collection of Apple Watches and accessories available. Thick cases, thin cases, made of reliable materials, giving great protection to your watch, Otterbox sells Apple Watch cases of all sorts, with full compatibility to detailed watch models.

8.  URBAN ARMOR GEAR UAG Compatible Apple Watch Case

Urban Armor Apple Watch case is designed to make a difference for the hardness for protection. It uses extremely robust military grade material to build this protective case. The protection it provides meets military drop test standards, MIL STD 810G 516.6. Perhaps you guys won't figure that out. This level is way enough to safeguard your watch when it drops accidentally. Besides, it's also a screen, button and charge-friendly case that keeps everything going smoothly.

9.  Pzoz Slim Guard Thin Bumper Full Coverage Matte Hard Cover for Apple Watch

Likewise, this Pzoz case cover for Apple Watch features a perfect design on the nice cutouts that allow easy access to all controls, buttons, sensors, etc. This is obviously quite convenient as you don't need to take off the case for charging the watch. The screen protector works like a charm. The PET material is like paper thin in design, yet, fully protects the watch screen, providing great clarity meanwhile.

10.  X-Doria Defense Edge Apple Watch Case

X-Doria watch case is taking your Apple Watch very seriously by the material it used. For the main material exterior, it's made of high quality machined anodized aluminum, which is robust and long lasting. For its lining that closely touches your Apple Watch, it uses soft rubber deliberately to keep hard metal a little distance off the watch. For a watch case of this heavy duty, it's pretty easy to install by a snap-on design.


Of all the 10 best cases for Apple Watch recommended, we can easily conclude what they have in common. They are perfectly built to have nice cutouts in order not to affect Apple Watch's functions; they are strongly made to defend the watch by using reliable materials; they are thoughtfully designed to work on the Apple Watch series flawlessly with great compatibility; last but not least, they are good-looking. For all watch cases, you would definitely fancy an eye-catcher.

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