10 Best USB C Hubs 2020

Sometimes you would probably wonder why people need to use a charging hub. A charging hub is a charging station with multiple charging and connecting ports to offer. Usually, a hub has at least 3 USB ports so that multiple devices can get charged at the same time. This is really helpful when you use 2 or 3 devices frequently, or in a scenario of sharing USB ports with roommates or family members, to avoid fighting over a charging port. For connecting peripheral devices like HD TV, computers, a hub usually contains a 4K HDMI video output, an Ethernet port, and an SD or TF card reader slot. These ports will meet the need for a Type C laptop.

With the popularity of USB Type C devices, people enjoy using such reversible USB C connectors for charging cell phones, iPhone mostly, as well as connecting laptop for extending a screen for multitasking, viewing, editing documents, etc. The best USB C hub in 2020 naturally has a lot for you to benefit from. Let's check out the 10 best USB C hubs round-up to see why they deserve to be your ideal hub.

1.  VAVA 8-in-1 USB C Adapter

This VAVA 8-in-1 USB C hub really helps you rule out other lower quality options. It's designed with 2 USB 3.0 ports, a USB 2.0 port, a 4K HDMI video output port, an RJ 45 Gigabit Ethernet port, SD and TF card reader slots, and a 100W Power Delivery port. All these ports make it a real charging monster. This powerful USB charging hub allows you to quickly upload and download photos, videos and other files with its fast data transfer speed, up to 5 Gbps. And the USB 2.0 port is an ideal port to connect a wireless mouse or keyboard. It supports 4K resolution video at 30 Hz and 1080p at 60 Hz. The 100W PD port makes charging the laptop much more convenient than before.

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2.  Satechi Aluminum Multi-Port Adapter V2

This USB C hub is made of high quality aluminum material for durability and portability. It feels smooth and lightweight. It has multiple ports, including 4K HDMI port, Ethernet port, USB-C port, SD/Micro Card reader port, and 3 USB 3.0 ports. Something special about the USB-C port is that it's a 60W USB port with a Pass-Through design which enables you to charge a Type C device while using the other ports. The HDMI connection is stable and reliable. The SD card slots are convenient for connection. However, some customers said it has a downside for the Ethernet port setup, it's not plugged and play, instead, it needs some help from the company for a successful setup.  

3.  Anker 5-in-1 USB C Hub Adapter

This Anker 5-in-1 USB-C hub features 2 USB-A ports, 1 HDMI port, a micro SD card slot, and an SD card slot. All these ports are expanded from one single USB C port. It supports 4K HD video based on 4K @30 Hz and 2K @60 Hz resolutions through the HDMI port. It transfers data impressively fast by 5 Gbps through the USB 3.0 ports. You can switch the hub adapter freely without the need to disconnect anything while you are using your laptop. If you are looking for a USB hub for easy data transfer and HD video support, you are better off looking at this 5-in-1. It has a quality design from the outer look. And Anker provides an 18 months long warranty.

4.  HyperDrive USB C Hub

This USB C hub is slim and compact in design, and it has every port you might need. It's claimed to be the world's most compact and fastest USB C hub, for that, we'd better not argue, because only those who have used the hub can tell us the truth. A customer told us, it's exactly as small as it looks in the pictures. Actually most people don't want a hub overly small, especially when it has so many ports on it. You may find it hard to connect a certain port. Likewise, it has every port a hub should have, supporting Power Delivery, HDMI (40 Gb/s), and SD card. It's believed to be the best USB C hub for MacBook Pro as well as the backward editions owing to its full compatibility.

5.  HooToo 6-in-1 USB C Hub

Speaking of small size, here's another good example of a compact, slim USB C hub. Despite the small size, it's made pretty solid and aesthetic by a sleek aluminum alloy housing with a sharp finish. This 6-in-1 USB C has ports for 100W PD Power Delivery, 4K Ultra HD Video, USB 3.0 and SD 3.0. It gives easy connection based on USB Type C standard protocol (USB 3.1, PD 3.0, DP 1.2), and is fully compatible with iPad Pro 2019 and its backward edition. The 3 USB 3.0 ports and SD 3.0 slot ensure high speed data transfer. As the SD slot supports SD, SDHC, SDXC, UHS-I, it can get the job done smoothly at up to 5 Gbps. The USB 3.0 ports are user-friendly for connecting your mouse, keyboard, USB drive, etc. And also, charging via the 100W Power Delivery port won't affect other ports' connection.

6.  TOTU 11-in-1 Type C Hub Adapter

In contrast with other USB C hubs, this TOTU 11-in-1 Type C hub adapter appears to be more functional not just because it's advertised as an 11-in-1. As we tested it and found out it serves the purposes with much attention to details. First of all, let's see how it handles the Ethernet port connection. It offers a full 10/100/1000 Mbps super fast gigabit Ethernet performance over the RJ45 Ethernet port. It's obviously faster and stabler than most wireless connections. On the other hand, it focuses a lot on the technology of 4K HDMI output, ensuring smooth connection for crystal clear 4K high resolutions, 4k UHD and 1080 P video to HDTV, monitor or projector for awesome visual effect. Not to mention the 3.0 USB ports with fast transfer speed.

7.  MOKiN 5 in 1 Dongle USB-C HUB

This is another pocket-sized USB-C hub with a low profile design, yet solid construction. It sure is a great accessory to have for home or travel use. It shows great compatibility with MacBook Pro with a USB Type C Thunderbolt port. For those who use this kind of laptop a lot, this hub will be a great helper to connect for more functionalities. USB ports can be freely used for data transfer, connecting a mouse, keyboard, or just for charging devices like a cell phone. SD card reader slot is equally essential for most people. And so is the HDMI port, connecting for HD videos for work or something else. It's finely compatible with 4K@30hz, and downward compatible with  2K@60h, 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 480p. Overall, it's a useful hub, especially for photographers or designers.

8.  UGREEN 6 in 1 USB C Hub

Typically designed in a beautiful gray color, this USB hub has a well made aluminium finish. Many customers find this hub worth the purchase as it easily connects everything needed. Like other USB C hubs, its USB 3.0 has super fast data transfer, up to 5 Gbps, approximately 10 times as fast as USB 2.0. The SD and TF slots widely support UHS-I for many types of versions. Besides, it also supports 4K UHD with its HDMI port. For such a USB C hub expanded up to 6 ports, and all these ports can work at the same time without affecting each other. This hub is a good option on the market with everything you might want from a USB C hub.


This USB C hub has a cute look and a lightweight design based on quality, solid build. Being slim enough, it's quite convenient for everyday use. You can stow it in your laptop bag while on the go. When you use a desktop computer, it won't take up much space on the desk while giving you multiple ports for connection. The single USB C port expands into 4 USB 3.1 ports with up to 5 Gbps transfer speed. Although it doesn't too many other functions as the above multi-purpose hubs, it does what it's supposed to do very well. Plus, it features its dual protection with improved circuitry for comprehensive EMI and ESD protection.


10.  Satechi Aluminum Type-C Clamp Hub Pro

This Type C hub is believed to be one of the best USB C hubs for iMac. As it describes, exclusively designed for iMac Pro and iMac (2017 and later editions) with Thunderbolt ports. Built with a finely brushed aluminum finish, it's particularly designed with an adjustable knob to fasten itself onto the bottom of your iMac. With such easy access, you can enjoy simple plugging for connection. It has a USB C data port, 3 USB 3.0 ports, and SD card reader slots for easy connection and charging. It provides impressively fast data transfer between portable storage and the iMac. This is absolutely a great option designed for your iMac connections.


These above 10 USB C hubs were fully tested and proved for compatibility and functions. If you are still on the fence, wondering which ones are worth your payment, you are better off looking at these recommendations. Hundreds of customers have experienced these products and shared their reviews online, telling people how well they work, as well as possible downsides in actual use. Hopefully, this list of Best USB C Hubs 2020 might be helpful.

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