Apple Pencil Holder Sleeve

Fully compatible with Apple Pencil 1nd and 2nd generations; a perfect idea to attach the pencil with the iPad.

Food-grade Silicone Material: This Apple Pencil holder sleeve is made from odorless, soft silicone, which is highly hygienic and protective for Apple Pencil.

Magnet Design: It uses a reliable magnet built-in for you to easily attach the pencil to the sleeve and take it off. Magnetic protection keeps the pencil from falling off.

Works Perfectly with iPad:Reusable adhesive allows you to conveniently attach it to any surface, like an iPad ideally. You can attach it to different spots repeatedly.

Travel-friendly Holder Sleeve: The sleeve offers a good place to store your Apple pencil. You can travel anywhere with it holding your pencil securely.

The best idea for Apple Pencil storage, with magnetic protection and reusable adhesive sticker.

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