How To Keep Your AirPods From Falling Out?

When it comes to earphones, basically nothing can be compared with Apple AirPods. Having a pair of AirPods is one of the coolest things if you are a music person. The wireless earphones will give you a rich, intensive experience than ever before. They don't require complicated setting or operation. They sense when they’re in your ears and pause when you take them out. Words can't really describe how convenient as they connect immediately when you put them in your ears. And, you can enjoy an unparalleled, high-quality sound. With all these you can benefit from AirPods, what's not to love? These wireless earphones are super small, and super experience. Being extremely tiny could be one of its drawbacks, because it means that it needs special care whether you are wearing them in the ears or carry them along with you wherever you go. You may have heard some stories shared by others complaining their AirPods fell out by accident. To keep your AirPods safe and sound, you might take some feasible precautions to prevent them from falling out.

Folks may figure out quite a few methods, some of them are proved to work, some aren't. Today we are going to focus on how to keep your AirPods from falling out, putting together 5 methods that actually work. Let's go for the list in the following.

1.  Try to Use AirPods Ear Hooks

Believe it or not, using AirPods ear hooks is the most straightforward and effective way to prevent your AirPods from falling out. Ear hooks for AirPods simply function to comfortably attach your AirPods to your ears, making them well fastened in place. To tell good options from bad ones, you'd better make sure they are keeping AirPods secure enough in place, and, easy to set up and remove. Amongst numerous options, we have a very good example from -- AhaStyle hooks. These hooks are made of reliable, medical-grade silicone material for great durability and maximum comfort. It features an ergonomic C-shaped ear interface granted by Freebit. All in all, if you would like try using AirPod ear hooks to keep your AirPods from falling out, the AhaStyle hooks from Lululook could be your ideal choice.

2.  ICARERSPACE Sports Hooks for AirPods 1, 2

ICARERSPACE Sports Hooks could be another choice for you if you would try to use AirPods ear hooks to fasten your AirPods. Let's see what's good about these hooks. Likewise, these hooks use ergonomic C-shaped design to ensure your AirPods stay securely in your ears. With the help of the reliable and comfortable ear hooks, you can enjoy hassle free cycling, jogging, running or other forms of workouts. According to many existing AirPods users, they said adding a pair of ear hooks would make them feel the extra weight and bulk even though it's not quite obvious. Perhaps, ICARERSPACE Sports Hooks could be a cure to such worries. The hooks are made of high quality TPU material to ensure great comfort and light weight. And, they are easy to install and take off whenever needed. These hooks work perfectly for AirPods 1, 2, and AirPods Pro.

3.  Twist Your AirPods

To effectively stop your AirPods from slipping out of your ears, there's another way we can recommend. Actually, many users have tried this method and approved with its usability, as it's getting popular with relevant videos on YouTube showing every move, every detail about how you do it right. In many cases, people keep wearing their AirPods in a comparatively loose manner by hooking AirPods in their ears with the stem pointing downwards. Frankly, wearing AirPods this way isn't ideal at all, making them apt to slip out possibly. The perfect cure for this is to twist your AirPods, like twisting them about 30 degrees upwards. Then, the stem becomes more horizontal than it usually is. Even though it sounds a little risky and unusual to make stem stick out more, as long as you master this trick, you might as well give it a shot.

4.  Use DamonLight Airpods Anti-Slip Covers

Other than the above methods, you can also try some other AirPods accessories, like this pair of anti-slip covers. We'll take DamonLight AirPods covers as an example. These tiny covers can help your AirPods stay more securely in your ears. They are nicely designed to extremely lightweight and thin so that they won't add any extra bulk at all. The thin covers perfectly wrap your AirPods, giving you comfortable wearing in the ears. In addition, despite a layer of earbud covers, your AirPods stay more securely without compromising the sound quality at all. The sound isolating design greatly helps reduce ambient noise for awesome listening experience. Using a pair of anti-slip covers like the DamonLight is a good idea, but we really don't suggest that you take them off and put them on frequently. Your AirPods can be normally charged even with the covers on.


Also, you may choose to use AirPods grips. Grips, to some degrees, can be considered to be an extended version of ear hooks. Grips have longer hooks designed to attach to your AirPods, and hook them to your ears nicely and comfortably. For AirPods grips, our top pick is the Rhino brand AirPods grips. This pair of grips is one of the most typical AirPods accessories on the market. They are highly recommended for great reliability and bold, fashionable design. The long hooks fit ears of almost all sizes while keeping AirPods right to the ear hole for stunning music entertainment. As the grips keep AirPods securely enough, you can enjoy all kinds of workouts without being overly cautious. Besides, the grips are made of superior silicon. The anti-microbial matierla is skin-friendly, giving you supple, cozy touch.

Final Words:

If you are looking some ways to keep your AirPods from falling out unexpectedly, you might as well try these AirPods accessories. Whether you choose ear hooks, grips, covers or try to twist your AirPods, you just won't go wrong with these ways, because they are proved to work perfectly and recommended by existing users.

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