How to Keep AirPods Pro from Falling out?

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AirPods Pro, the very third generation of Apple’s AirPods, has improved the sound effect, active noise cancellation and appearance design to some degree, giving users a fascinating experience. Most people enjoy wearing AirPods Pro while running, working out or jogging. However, most of them seem to meet the same trouble. The dearly paid in-ear wireless earphones are apt to fall out. 

“The AirPods Pro keeps on falling out of my ears. I have tried all ear tips!”, this might ring a bell. None of the users would expect to suffer such a “falling out” issue, since AirPods Pro are really something, instead of some cheap knock-off. They certainly don’t deserve this.

Today we’ve concluded some counter measures that would show you how to keep AirPods Pro from falling out when running or working out, etc. All these accessories are comfortable for long periods of use. 

Useful Tips to stop AirPods Pro from falling out while talking or running:

Counter Measure #1:Try to use AirPods Pro Ear Hooks

 A pair of ear hooks, like the Ahastyle ear hooks, will physically solve the problem of AirPods Pro falling out. The Ahastyle ear hooks fit your ears perfectly. The ergonomic design helps position your AirPods Pro securely in place, making running, jogging, talking, cycling easy without worrying AirPods would fall out accidentally. And it’s easy to set the earbud tips onto the AirPods, just gently slip over them, and then it’s done. There are way too many earbuds on the market, yet, these anti-slip Ahastyle ear hooks are proven perfectly fit ones to secure your AirPods Pro.

Counter Measure #2: Try to use Comply Foam Tips Compatible with AirPods Pro 

Macrumors have tested Comply's Foam Tips and a set of foam tips will surely solve the problem too. They physically add a little thickness to the AirPods Pro, preventing AirPods Pro from falling out when running. The foam tips create soft and comfortable wearing in the ears. The Comply foam tips are fully compatible with AirPods Pro. The foam tips use body heat activated memory technology for better wearing comfort and greater listening experience by focusing on your audio and canceling outside noise. Those who tried foam tips say better fit in the ears, a better sound they have.

Counter Measure #3:  Try to use Elago Longer Hooks

Compared to the Ahastyle ear hooks, these Elago AirPods Pro ear hooks are designed with more obvious hooks, which are literally hook-shaped hangers to hold your AirPods Pro securely in place. The hooks are easy to set up and remove for convenient everyday use. Wear them over your ears and you will no longer worry that AirPods Pro fall out while talking. The material for the ear hooks is soft and bendable TPU, built for great comfort for ear wearing. Hole punch at the end of earhook is a useful feature for straps or clips to keep them together.

Keep AirPods Pro from Falling out

Hopefully these three counter measures would be constructive. Some useful accessories that are completely compatible with AirPods Pro(dedicated designs for AirPods Pro) could be necessary if you find them more comfortable for wearing, without diminishing the sound quality, of course. More importantly, your AirPods Pro no longer fall out unexpectedly. 

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