Best Leather Cases for iPhone SE 2020

Along with the hot sales of Apple's new phone iPhone SE 2020 which was just launched a quarter ago, myriads of related iPhone SE accessories have swarmed the market both online and offline. If you are lucky enough, you can get yourself a full set of iPhone SE accessories, like USB charging cable, power bank, Qi wireless charger, screen protector, protective case etc. When it comes to protective case covers, there are many types from hard shell to leather, available for your option. Considering the high value of the newly released iPhone SE, it's really worth full protection against any daily wear and tear or possible scratches. 

Since having a case cover for your iPhone SE 2020 is a worthwhile investment in the long run, you would want to get the right one that serves its purpose perfectly. Compared to hard shell styles, leather cases for iPhone SE do the job equally, while keeping the phone in a more decent look. Hence, it's a good idea to try a leather case.  Among so many choices, it's important to know which ones stand out for you. Today we've listed 6 best leather cases for iPhone SE 2020. They defend your iPhone SE well without compromising its original beauty. To some degree, your phone will be even beautified with such a leather case. This collection below will show you what you want. 

1.  Apple iPhone SE Leather Case

If you want some kind of case to keep your iPhone SE 2nd Gen safe and scratch-free, you'd better start with Apple online store to check out the iPhone accessories. Let's say, Apple designs an accessory for its own product, it must be fully tested to fit flawlessly. True, this Apple-designed case for iPhone SE fits beautifully over the curves of the phone without adding any bulk. Thanks to the finely tanned and finished European leather, the leather texture is soft with nice touch, and it develops a natural patina over time, with a growing sense of retro leather look. As to lining, the microfiber material is protective for the phone. Moreover, the case is compatible with wireless chargers, which means, you can keep it on all the time. Overall, it's a typical leather case for iPhone SE with protection and decent decoration.


  • Perfectly fit design
  • Quality leather with fine texture
  • Great protection from scratches and drops
  • Reasonable price: $45.00
2.  SHIELDON iPhone SE 2020 leather Case 

If you are looking for a more budget friendly option, this SHIELDON model could be your case. A more affordable price doesn't mean the case leaves much to be desired in construction or functionalities. And you will be happy to know that this company offers lifetime warranty for replacements. The case is made of genuine leather and durable soft TPU combined. The cowhide has a natural and soft texture. And TPU inner case is designed with cushioned shockproof edges for protection. With thoughtfully designed cutouts for camera, speaker, ports, you can use your iPhone SE as it weren't wearing a case at all. Other than the protection and easy access to the phone's functions, the folio style cover case has more purposes to offer. It contains 3 card slots and a side pocket. This design is inspired by the idea of cover wallet and iPhone leather case combined. However, some people will think it unnecessary, worrying it will make the case bulkier than it needs to be. 


  • Lifetime replacement warranty
  • Folio cover case with magnetic closure
  • With card slots and a side pocket
  • Precise cutouts for iPhone's ports and functions
  • Full protection by reliable materials
3.  Twelve South Journal for iPhone SE (2nd Gen)

This Twelve South Journal case for iPhone SE is a more mature design for protective case and wallet combo. The leather is full grain leather from New Zealand with exquisite hand-crafted details and a glossy finish over time. It looks stylish and vintage in appearance. Even though Journal's heavy-duty wallet folio case looks thick and bulky in profile, some iPhone users would love this thickness that looks like a lot of protection to safeguard the phone. Plus, it literally works as a small wallet with slots for cards, ID window and cash pocket. The folio case is an integrated leather shell to protect the phone from drops and bumps, furthermore it can be folded and transformed into a display stand for better hands free viewing. It really is a multi-purpose protective case for iPhone SE 2nd Gen, especially when you are a fan of case and wallet combo. 


  • Heavy-duty protection against drops and bumps
  • Integrated display stand function
  • With card slots, ID window and cash pocket
4.  icarercase iPhone SE 2nd leather Case

Compared with other options, this case is not a dedicated case for iPhone SE 2nd, it's equally compatible with iPhone 7 and 8. But quite similarly, it's a wallet case with card slots and cash pocket. The structure resembles Twelve South Journal case very much. The hidden magnetic closure for the folio case allows you to open and close it easily, while magnet helps secure your cards and cash. The hand-crafted faux leather is not too fancy material, at least it's not luxurious leather. However, with the fine stitching work and durability, it can defend your iPhone in an all-around way. Looking and feeling thick though, the case is compatible with wireless charger, and is designed with full access to ports, buttons and sensor, and camera. Adding a small wallet to your iPhone can be a cool idea, particularly when it doesn't sacrifice the original good look of the phone.


  • Slots for credit cards and cash
  • Hidden magnetic closure for easy opening and closing
  • Adjustable kickstand for hands free viewing
  • Supports wireless charger
  • Durable faux leather for protection
5.  Bullstrap iPhone SE 2 Cases

Luxurious leather look, thin design, and seamless cutouts, this Bullstrap is the right case for your iPhone SE. It's always not an easy task for a designer to make a case like this. It features a perfect balance between beauty and protection. Bullstrap is a good example of a well-made designer protective case for iPhone SE, if you take every aspect into account. The leather shows great decency and aesthetics in a naturally way. The calfskin leather has a fine texture of suppleness and patina. With so many leather cases for iPhone SE out there, this one is pretty thin(at only 1.5mm). The leather safeguards the phone well without additional bulk. One more thing we love about this case is its seamless design to fit iPhone SE, with well-crafted cutouts for camera, buttons and all. As far as a case's most important purposes are concerned, it does what it's supposed to so well, and is a typical blend of style and protection.


  • Serves great protection and beauty.
  • Thin calfskin leather design
  • Perfect cutouts for buttons, cameras, ports etc.
  • Reasonable price $54.95 

Fossil case excels in luxury and slimness. If you compare this slim leather case with those folio wallet cases, you would love the snugly fit profile. It's pretty thin, like claimed, 0.5mm, sounds a little exaggerated though. Made of top grain leather, the special two-tone design has an eye-catching, stylish look. If you take a closer look, you'll see Fossil has put much thought in details like frames and corners. Leather is finely wrapped for the corners for protection. Not to mention the durable and super light polycarbonate frame gives great protection. Besides, they adds a layer of barely visible, paper-thin Nano leather protection coating to maintain the leather. In addition, Fossil offers you free customization for your phone. You can select from quite a few customization options to get personalized. 


  • Supports wireless charger
  • Full access to buttons and lightning port
  • Light and durable polycarbonate frame
  • Allows for customization
  • Budget friendly price $49.00

After we tested all the best leather cases for iPhone SE 2020 2nd Gen listed above, we can simply have them divided into two styles, one of which is the folio wallet case, the other is the snugly fit wrap-around case. Which style is a better option depends on your specific needs. If you'd like a case to merely serve its basic purpose -- protection, the wrap-around case will be your option. And based on that, thin leather cases will be more popular. That said, sometimes, people really don't mind the minor difference in thickness, they will focus more on the protection and convenience. On the other hand, folio wallet cases also enjoy great hot sales, because wallet-case users love the part that a single thing serves two purposes (or even multiple purposes) while keeping its size as expected.

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