Best Dual Dash Cam Options in 2020

There are naturally always a wide variety of dash cam options on the market both online and offline. These useful cameras set inside your car to capture footage of your car journeys. Compared to the previous generation of dash cam, only the front camera to record what happens in the front, the new generation of dual dash cam has been brought to the market.

A dual dash cam means it has front and rear dash cameras to clearly capture footage. This is usually found useful in an unexpected car crash, or a dispute of traffic violations. Because once you review the recorded footage, everything will become clear with no doubt. Let's check out a few best dual dash cams with great image quality and multiple functions, like Wi-Fi, GPS. A dual dash cam with GPS works best for Ubers.

Part 1: Best Dual Dash Cams 2020

1.  VAVA 1920x1080P Dual Dash Cam

This dual dash cam with Wi-Fi from VAVA has a 360 degrees swivel view angles to capture footage inside and outside the car. The 155 degrees lens is able to cover basically 5 car lanes. Other than that, it records in-car conversations perfectly too. So it can be the best dual dash cam for Uber, conversations between driver and passengers could be sometimes needed to avoid some issues. This Wi-Fi dash cam can access to live stream, playback, download, or upload recorded videos to other media to save them as proof. Like other dual dash cams, loop recording will be activated automatically when you start the car. In addition, it has a snapshot button to quickly capture a 20-sec short video. This is extremely helpful in a necessary situation.


  • Dual 1080P Dash Cam
  • 360°Swivel angle
  • Night Vision Dash Cam with Sony Sensor
  • Wi-Fi dash cam & VAVA Dash APP, work with iPhone and Android
  • Affordable and reasonable price
  • Loop recording, g-sensor & parking mode
  • Compact design & Super easy installation


2.  APEMAN 1440P&1080P Dual Dash CamBest dual dash cam under 100

You would be greatly impressed with this cameras' HD resolutions as well as the easy setup. The super clear dual cameras can monitor front and back at 170 degrees wide angle. This is extremely good when you need visual more than what your rear mirrors can do. You don't need to worry about the storage issue because it can automatically overwrite the previous records (which are not useful anymore) and offers space to record new videos. The G-force sensitive recording serves your driving perfectly when you hit a bump or dent on the road, it will automatically lock a video which won't be deleted by the loop recording. Because the sudden collision might need some evidence to prove you were driving normally. Besides, this is one of the best budget dual dash cams as it sells at only 99.99 USD.

3.  Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual Dash Cam

Among so many dual dash cams we tested, this Vantrue N2 Pro could be one of the best dual dash cams for Uber because it has a lot of functions that serve your driving and parking conveniently. Like the high resolutions 1080P, it seems to be a must-have feature because high image quality could be very helpful proof for what's necessary. It has an infrared night vision to capture footage clearly enough for night driving. It comes with parking mode for 24 hours optionally. Even when you leave your car, the dual car camera can surveil around your car and automatically record when it detects motion. What's more, it has a looping recording so that you don't have to delete records from time to time manually. And a G-sensor can lock the footage when the severe collision takes place. Additionally, it supports GPS function. All in all, it works perfectly for Ubers.

4.  Crosstour 1080P FHD Front and Rear Dual Lens Dash Cam

Just like the APEMAN dual dash cam, this Crosstour dash cam features 1080P HD resolutions for both front and rear cameras, together with 170 degrees wide angle views. However, what really makes it special is its optional GPS interface, which makes it the best dual dash cam with GPS. With a GPS antenna connected, it can help record your driving track, specific speeds at a time, and related longitude and latitude data. Such information can be useful as proof in case of need. On the other hand, this dash cam also features loop recording and G sensor video locking.


5.  TOGUARD Uber Dual Dash Cam

Based on 180 degrees rotatable dual dash cameras, plus 2 wide angle lenses, it allows you to see everything clearly in the front and back. The ultra HD 1080P cameras enable you to see great details, even the license plates of other cars. The cameras work with audio with an advanced Sony Exmor IMX323 sensor to record road situations for you. It's one of the best dual dash cams for Ubers and taxis. Other than the must-have features like continuous loop recording and G sensor recording, it has more optional functions like 24 hours parking monitor and motion detection. Thanks to the WDR(wide dynamic range) function, it supports high image quality and IR night vision recording.

6.  Rexing V1LG Dual Channel Car Dash Cam

This dual dash cam with GPS features a low-profile design. The discreet design enables the Rexing V1LG dash cam to monitor and record what might be needed during your car driving. Like the TOGUARD dash cam, it has a wide dynamic range function to provide recording in low light conditions. The built-in GPS is a great feature that records your driving in detail, such as speed, routes, time, date, etc. Thanks to the loop recording, memory card storage limit is not a problem at all. New footage will automatically overwrite the earliest ones. Like most other dash cams, the G sensor is highly sensitive to lock certain footage when your vehicle detects a strong movement, like fierce bumping on the road.

7.  Vantrue S1 2160P Single Front, Dual 1080P Front and Rear Dash Cam

Compared with its N2 Pro Uber dual dash cam, this Vantrue S1 appears to be an upgraded model in performance overall. The 1080P FHD dash cam is designed in a hidden style. The unnoticeable camera stays low profile. It can be set behind your rear view mirror, without affecting your sight while driving. Using Novatek NT96663 chip and Sony Starvis CMOS sensor, both cameras can cover 170 degrees in the front and 160 degrees in the back at FHD 1920 x 1080P. Built-in GPS is a real bonus recording driving routes, speed etc. Moreover, its parking mode is intelligent. When the dash cam senses no movement within 5 minutes, it will turn itself into parking mode automatically. Thanks to the motion sensor, it will record objects(or people) getting closer to your car. So when your car is parked, you still keep it well monitored and protected.

8.  Anker Roav DashCam Duo, Dual FHD 1080p Dash Cam

Anker Roav Dashcam Duo is an ideal dual dashcam that you mount in the upper mid-section of the windshield. When it's ideally mounted, it has an all-around coverage, providing you super wide angle footages. Like other dual dash cam with GPS, it tracks your car journey conveniently with the built-in GPS, recording your routes, locations, speeds, etc. Owing to 323 Sony sensors with F.8 lenses, it captures clear videos at night. Other than that, you can use the parking mode optionally. Set the parking mode 24/7, surveilling your parked car for safety. When it detects any moves, the built-in gravity sensor will activate the camera to record what happens and save the footage automatically.

9.  Rexing V3 Dual Camera

Let's see another dual dash cam with Wi-Fi and GPS from Rexing. This V3 dual cameras' lenses can cover wide enough with 170 degrees. So, cars in the front and in the back, and even driving on near lanes can be captured in the videos. Using an infrared night vision together with WDR function, you can drive safely at night or on roads with poor light. The cameras will have anything needed well recorded, even at night. Other than GPS, it's compatible with Wi-Fi connectivity. You can easily check, save and upload recordings elsewhere online, using the mobile device connected to Wi-Fi with the Rexing Connect App. Besides, it has more functions to offer, like G sensor footage locking, loop recording, parking mode, etc.

10.  Street Guardian SG9663DCPRO Dual Channel Dash Camera

This dual dash cam records seamlessly with no gaps in between the footages. Setup can be personalized. Usually, people prefer setting 3-minute clips on a high bit rate. Since clips are continuously captured, so you don't need to worry anything could be missed during your car journey. Thanks to the 1080P at 30 fps, the image is crystal clear. And it comes with a 128GB micro SD card, it can hold way too many footages within. The sensor works impressively since it can still expose your car's shapes and shadows when you are entering some area with extremely poor light there.

11.  AUKEY Dual Dash Cam

This dual dash cam from AUKEY is even wider in capturing peripheral action. With 170 degrees for the front cam and 152 degrees for the rear one, it can well cover front, back and sides for a crystal clear view for 6 car lanes wide. Drivers with such a dual dash cam can make full use of the rear cam when they need to reverse. This is found extremely helpful for parking without blind spot at all. The image quality of the front cam is super clear, even at night. And both images from front and back cams are precisely time-stamped. As to the power connector, it's a standard USB so that you can set it to the USB port, leaving your cigarette lighter available for your car charger.

Part 2:  Best 4K Dual Dash Cams

12.  VAVA 4K 3840X2140@30Fps Wi-Fi Car Dash Camera

I guess you would appreciate the real quick and easy setup of this dash cam like other users do. People used to go to a car repair shop to have such a device installed. But now, they don't. Because the installation requires easy steps to deal with its wires inside your car and mount both cameras with super strong 3M adhesives optionally. This dash cam can capture HD 4K 25 fps videos even when you are driving at high speeds. It also supports Wi-Fi as well as its VAVA dash app, which allows you to view real-time photos and videos, or upload them to other media you want. Its 24 hours parking monitor doesn't consume your car's electric power, instead, it has a built-in battery to keep the monitor running while you are away from your car.

13.  APEMAN 4K max Dash Cam with OLED Touch Screen

In contrast with APEMAN 1440P&1080P Dual Dash Cam, this APEMAN 4K dashcam is apparently a fully upgraded high-end model. You must be fairly impressed with the large touch screen. The 3-inch wide touch screen is exactly the same OLED screen as iPhone 11. It's easy to operate using your finger. This screen touching control even won't distract your driving at low speed. With built-in Wi-Fi, GPS, G sensor, this multi-functional dashcam can do a lot for you. Many Uber drivers bought this 4K HD dashcam because what it's supposed to do is not merely providing video proof after an accident. Instead, it assists you to drive safely in a worry-free way, everything you need during your car journey is well recorded at high resolution, with easy access and great intelligence.

14.  Lifechaser Dual Dash Cam 4K+1080P Front and Rear Car Camera

When it comes to the best dual camera dash cams, 4K+1080P dual channel car cameras start to prevail nowadays. This Lifechaser dash cam uses its front and rear cameras to simultaneously capture visuals at 4K 3840*2160P@30fps + 1920*1080P@30fps. Other than upgradation in image quality, it also has upgraded night vision using the latest WDR and lenses for perfect clarity, capturing details like a neon light, street signs, license plates. Its cameras can widely cover 6 car lanes. It supports Wi-Fi or App connection for easy management of recorded videos, not to mention loop recording, G sensor and 24 hours parking mode functions.

15.  VIOFO A129 Pro Duo 4K WIFI Dual Dash Cam

This ultra HP 4K dual dash cam uses Sony 8MP IMX317 Sensor for the front camera and Sony IMX 291 sensor for the rear camera, rated at 3840 * 2160 @30fps + 1920 * 1080P @30fps at the same time. It uses upgraded 7-Glass F1.8 aperture lenses and WDR technology to maintain sharp images and automatically balance the lighting at dark areas you may travel, giving you best night vision. This dual dash cam has a unique buffered parking mode which is able to record events like an impact or motion detected, from 15 seconds before it and 30 seconds after it, saving the event footage completely. Besides, it's also a best dash cam with Wi-Fi and GPS with 2.4GHz & 5GHz dual-band Wi-Fi for fast file transfer, and a helpful GPS logger. Time stamp will be embedded in the video together with real-time speed recording.

16.  Blackvue DR900S-2CH 4K Dash Cam

Typically, Blackvue dual dash cam has 2 channels for 4K UHD recording in the front and back. Thanks to the full HD resolutions, you can easily make out other cars' licence plates if necessary. Built-in 2.4/5 GHz is good enough for Wi-Fi connectivity, meanwhile, it also features G sensor and GPS functions. It comes with a 16GB micro SD card. This could be its downside because 16GB is way too small to storage videos. If not for automatic loop recording, you have to format it or delete videos manually from time to time. Users naturally concern themselves about the installation. It's not like a breeze, yet it's not that hard since the cable is long enough for the rear camera to run all the way around the passenger side to the back. For the front camera, it seems a lot easier using the cigarette lighter plug.

Final Thoughts:

For all these best dual dash cams listed above, we can conclude that they don't differ from each other that much since they serve basically the same purposes. However, they still differ a little bit because some functions are not essential, but optional. These extra functions help in some way in some circumstances. Seeing that dual dash cam with Wi-Fi and GPS is getting more and more popular, such functions gradually become indispensable, especially when they want to survive the keen competition on the market.

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