Best AirPods Max Accessories

AirPods Max, unlike their previous generations, are simply big and naturally expensive. These over-sized headphones maintain the same extra features found in the AirPods Pro. Yet, it does give a deep impression by providing a perfect balance of exhilarating high-fidelity audio and the effortless magic of AirPods. Apple claims AirPods Max's sound is a unique spatial audio for theater-like sound that closely surrounds you. In addition, AirPods Max are designed for an uncompromising fit that crates the optimal acoustic seal for many different head shapes, this is how these headphones show their ergonomics in user-friendly design. Considering that a pair of AirPods Max are such an expensive option to own, when you have them, you should really keep them well protected, and more importantly, you should make full use of all their features, let them prove what they are actually worth. Our blog today will include some of the most fantastic AirPods Max accessories that have been highly recommended by existing users. Let's get down to our list of the best AirPods Max accessoriesand perhaps you will find something suitable for your AirPods. 

You Deserve These Up-to-date Items: Best AirPods Max Accessories That Are Currently Popular & Will Stay Popular in 2021.


First thing first, better safe than sorry, a highly protective case is always our top priority. The AirPods Max case we recommend today is made of leather and canvas combined, from Waterfield. It goes without saying that the basic rules of choosing a storage bag for such an expensive gear must be protection, durability, and portability. For protection, this AirPods Max Shield Case safeguards your AirPods Max from outside to inside. Rugged canvas and luxurious leather will keep AirPods Max safe from any damage from outside, and for inside, the interior lining is soft as cashmere. The metal stainless steel stay snug and protected inside the custom-fitted Shield Case. Another feature is the magnetic leather butterfly that puts the AirPods Max into low-power mode, working as an effective buffer between the ear cups.


  • Rugged canvas and stylish leather for protection and durability
  • Magnetic leather butterfly helps AirPods Max preserve power in the case
  • Smooth zipper closure for easy access 
2.  Air Hanger for Airpods Max 

In addition to case storage at home and carrying AirPods on the move, there is another way for storing AirPods Max indoors. For example, let's take a look at this Air Hanger for AirPods Max. The nicely built hook shape fits AirPods Max snugly in place. Actually, thanks to the compatible hook shape, it's a versatile wall mount headphone hanger holder that works for other kinds of headsets as well. Moreover, it will be an effortless task to get this air hanger installed properly. Thanks to the tool-free strong 3M adhesive sticker, the headphone hanger stays securely on a spot of the wall, and it lasts long.


  • Suitable hanger shape for hooking
  • Easy installation for wall mounting
  • Strong attachment onto the wall 
3.  Twelve South AirFly Duo

This AirFly Duo is a useful wireless transmitter with audio sharing for up to 2 AirPods or other wireless headphones. It's a cool tool that helps you enjoy entertainment using AirPods or other wireless headphones, typically on flights, at home. With this thing, you can easily share the same screen with your roommate, or family member while both of you wear your own AirPods Pro/AirPods Max. The cord free entertainment sharing only requires a computer, or TV with a 3.5 audio jack. Most people would use it for air flight mainly because of its long battery, more than 20 hours based on a single charge. As for Bluetooth, AirFly Duo features easy pairing with Bluetooth 5.0.


  • Seamless audio sharing
  • Wide compatibility based on a 3.5 audio jack
  • Long battery
  • Bluetooth 5.0 for easy pairing.
4.  Lightning to 3.5mm Adapter Cable

Actually, we listed this Apple lightning to 3.5mm adapter cable not completely it works perfectly for AirPods Max. As Apple describes, this Female-to-Male lightning cable is originally designed for Beats Solo Pro headphones. However, due to its compatibility, you can also use it for your AirPods Max. With this cable, you can easily connect your headphones to the 3.5mm audio port on an airplane, iPhone, iPad, Mac etc. The high-quality audio cable preserves audio sound to the maximum.


  • Works for connection between headphones and many iOS and iPadOS devices
  • Perfect compatibility and great performance 
5.  Anker Nano USB-C Charger

Likewise, this Anker Nano USB-C charger isn't a dedicate charger for AirPods Max, as it's initially designed for iPhone 12 with all its specifications. Yet, honestly, it's a perfect charger to keep your AirPods Max charged anytime. Other than iPhone 12, AirPods Max, it's workable for many other handheld devices, too. With this Anker Nano USB-C charger, you can easily charge your AirPods Max via a USB-C to lightning cable. It literally charges impressively fast with its incredible efficiency and stability, featuring great protection from getting overly hot by advanced heat dissipation. One more thing about this USB-C charger is its size. The compactness and lightweight design makes it an easiest charger on the move.


  • Wide compatibility
  • Fast charge with stability and good heat dissipation
  • Compact design for portability
6.  Anker PowerCore Slim 10000 Ultra Slim Portable Charger

If you are looking for something more versatile as a portable charger, you can't go wrong with Anker PowerCore 10000mAh power bank. It serves most smartphones, iPads, headphones, and basically all USB-enabled devices. One single charge enables it to store plenty of power juice for multiple charges for many phones. Something high-tech about this charger is the trickle charging mode, which provides a convenient way to charge low-power devices. It's easy to hold this portable charger in hand with its sleek matte finish, and comparatively thin design. It has cool-blue LED indicator lights to show battery level at a glance. What's more, it's a highly safe power bank from Anker. Overall, with all its features, it's fast, safe, portable charger for AirPods Max as well.


  • Slim size, easy to hold in hand
  • 10000mAh capacity with enough power for multiple charges
  • Advanced trickle charging mode for low-power devices
  • Highly safe product with protection 
7.  The Anchor - THE ORIGINAL Under-Desk Headphone Stand Mount

Now let's take a glance at an under-desk headphone stand mount that serves perfect AirPods Max storage for the time you don't use the headphones in your study or office. Setting them under the desk, firstly, will save your desktop space, secondly, will give you easy access to them whenever they are needed. Since the design idea is great, let's see how easy it works. Using 3M adhesive for attachment, it stays insanely securely under your desk. Installation is just a matter of a few minutes, no exaggeration. It's designed to hold two sets of headphones with its dual-hook design. And it's a durable under-desk stand mount with thick silicone construction.


  • Stores your AirPods Max neatly, saving desktop space
  • It stays securely in place
  • Easy installation
Final Words:

AirPods Max, undoubtedly, are the most popular big headphones for now. If this list isn't enough for headphone users, we will keep up the pace of most updated accessories, and enrich our list of the best AirPods Max accessories.

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