Magnetic Stand For Galaxy Tab S8/S8+/FE/S7/S7+

Lululook Magnetic tablet stand: Large version specially designed for Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+/S8 Plus 12.4 inch 2022, Galaxy Tab S7 FE 12.4 inch 2021, Galaxy Tab S7 plus 2020; Small version fit for New Galaxy Tab S8 2022 & S7 2020 11". 

Modern Design: Magnetic Floating design allows you lift your Samsung device off your desk for the best experience. Secure magnetic holder, It's easy to place your devices on the holder, Fully compatible with the S Pen and comes with built-in pen storage.

User-friendly Adjustability: 360°swivel rotation floating design. Adjustable, Sturdy hinge can be easily tilted for multiple viewing angles to meet your needs. Enjoy hands-free, comfortable viewing on the screen, great ideal for video watching, drawing, playing game.

Robust Aluminum Stand and Anti-Slip Silicone Pads: our stand is made of extremely hard and durable aluminum material, the anti-slip and scratch silicone pad provides your tablet with comprehensive care. The magnetic stand for Samsung Galaxy Tab S8/S8+/FE/S7/S7+ has a beautiful, sleek, minimalist surface to go with your exquisite desktop atmosphere.  

Also Available for Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra.

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