Best Wi-Fi Video Doorbells 2020

Compared to traditional doorbells based on simple mechanisms, a new type of doorbell has been brought to the world recently. So, what's new about this new generation of doorbells? They are Wi-Fi video doorbells using advanced, smart Wi-Fi technology to give you ultra clear video to see who's standing outside your front door. And of course, a Wi-Fi video doorbell has more other functions to make your day easier, and your home securer than before.

When you spend your money on a set of Wi-Fi video doorbells, you absolutely want to get a good value for what you pay for. A myriad of Wi-Fi video doorbells are being sold on Amazon, and here below are some good examples that are generally believed to be well worth the money.

1.  Ring Video Doorbell Pro

This doorbell is insanely popular on Amazon with over 17,000 pieces sold merely in the USA. It's a smart doorbell that works perfectly with Alexa. When your doorbell is pressed, or it detects a motion out there, you can easily talk to your visitor through compatible Echo devices by saying "Alexa, talk to the front door". Using your smartphone, tablet or computer, you can literally see, hear and talk to your visitor. This doorbell enables you to check on your front door anytime with live video which is supported by easy Wi-Fi connection. Ring Video Doorbell Pro is compatible with 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi networks operating on 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz frequencies. Even in the nighttime, it has an infrared night vision to provide 1080HD video for monitoring your home.

2.  Eufy Wi-Fi Video Doorbell with 2K HD, 2-way audio

Eufy Wi-Fi video doorbell is really something worth recommending. It makes a great impression for its crystal clear 2K video with high definition 2560 x 1920 resolution. The video quality is superb with advanced HDR and distortion correction technology. The doorbell uses military grade AES 265-Bit data encryption to secure private footage for storage. In addition to this, the doorbell enables you to quickly identify who is at the front door by receiving facial snapshot notifications instantly. It features a two-way audio function for you to directly talk to those who approach your front door. Moreover, it also functions well with Amazon Alexa or Google Voice Assistant to enable announcements.

3.  Remo+ RemoBell S Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Camera

Customers are quite impressed with the quality of this Wi-Fi video doorbell. Its video stream is full HD with 180 degrees wide viewing angles and infrared vision. The doorbell can receive instant alerts on your smartphone when motion is detected. The motion detection is highly sensitive and super fast. And you can adjust the motion sensitivity and frequency of the notifications on the app in your cell phone. Similarly, this Wi-Fi doorbell works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT as well. You'll be able to connect it to your Echo Show without issues, and everything going on outside your house will be clearly shown on your screen. Besides, the installation for the Wi-Fi video doorbell requires easy steps.

4.  MECO 1080P Wireless Video Doorbell

MECO wireless video doorbell is designed to make a difference. It comes with a 32GB SD card, which can store encrypted record footages for about 9 months. The doorbell is rated at waterproof IP65, making itself workable in severe weather conditions. It supports two-way voice real-time calls for better communication with your visitors. The audio quality is great with noise cancellation technology. As for the video, it has 1080P full HD and night vision to offer. For night vision, infrared lights make area within 16 feet visible in the dark, helping you get a good look at your visitors. The motion detection is awesome. Once a motion is detected, the doorbell will send a message to your smartphone for you to know what's going on outside your house.

5.  EZVIZ DP1 HD Wireless Video Doorbell

This wireless video doorbell allows you to view on a large 4.3" LED touch screen. Other than just seeing who's standing outside, you can talk to him or her using the two-way audio. This part is quite similar to other Wi-Fi video doorbells, just it's built with a more user-friendly touch LED screen. For motion detection, it's very sensitive and alerts will notify you instantly. The smart doorbell uses a rechargeable battery inside, which is reliable and long lasting, providing 2 months' use based a full charge. Additionally, the installation is easy as pie.

6.  Google Nest Hello Smart Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

Let's take a good look at this smart Wi-Fi video doorbell on Walmart. They advertise almost the same way as they share the main functions. That said, the 24/7 streaming and continuous video recording for this video doorbell is still amazing. Especially when it provides 4:3 video designed to show people from head to toe for you to get a close look to identify your visitors. With the great facial recognition, you'll clearly know who's out there . As for its motion detection, it's smart enough to detect a person, and alert you simultaneously if they don't ring the doorbell. You can receive alerts instantly and communicate with your visitors effortlessly without even leaving where you are in the house.

7.  Ring Video Doorbell 2 with HD Video

This is another Ring video doorbell.  Surprisingly over 10,000 pieces were sold. Customers seem to love the concept of this product for its useful functions. Its design is sleek and well made. You'll surely appreciate the easy user interface of the app. Like other Ring doorbells, it's easy to enable announcements after connecting it with Alexa. Other than the easy communication with visitors standing outside, 1080P HD video, infrared night vision, real-time viewing videos, Ring has another benefit for you, that is, a lifetime theft protection, they claim you will get a replacement for free if your doorbell is stolen. This is very thoughtful.

8.  Ring Video Doorbell with HD Video

One more from Ring, this one is obviously by far more popular, with over 38,000 piece sold, and the number is still increasing. Why Ring gets so popular might have something to do with the great functions and easy operation. It's all run by one single app on your smartphone. After linking your Ring doorbell devices to the Ring app, you will be able to control your entire home for security surveillance. Thanks to a top notch camera all around, you can see crystal clear image. The app works greatly and keep alerting you as soon as the bell rings. You can get alerts if there is any motion, not to mention a person. The motion range can be set up to 30 feet away.

9.  Zmodo Smart Greet Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

The Zmodo Wi-Fi video doorbell shares most features with Ring's doorbells. But still, it works a little differently to serve the same purposes. Like the PIR motion senor, equipped with wide-angle PIR sensors, the doorbell can detect slight movements and activate alert notifications instantly. For this part, it even is designed to prevent false alerts, like strong wind, swaying trees etc. Zmode has excellent cloud service. Motion alert clips can be saved in the cloud for 12 hours, free of charge. They offer 30 days free trials for such cloud service to save records. In addition, you can record a voice message beforehand to answer a postman or a delivery man automatically. This is extremely useful when you are not at home.

10.  SimpliSafe Pro Smart Home Security Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Wired Camera

SimpliSafe Pro Wi-Fi video doorbell is a wired camera and requires electricity for use in contrast with other wireless doorbells. This sounds so not high-end. That said, it's still one of the best Wi-Fi video doorbells. It does what it's supposed to do like other Wi-Fi doorbells recommended today, like smart motion detection, motion alerts, two-way audio function, 1080P HD video, HDR imaging etc. What's special is its night vision. The night vision gives you a 162 degrees view, allowing you to pan and zoom for details. This helps you identify a night visitor's complexion, face, clothes and more. As for its motion detection and notifications, text messages will be sent to you once a motion is detected. False alerts will be avoided too, like all sorts of distractions, swaying trees caused by strong wind, pets running around, etc.


Hopeful these tips from these 10 best Wi-Fi video doorbells help in some way. The new technology of Wi-Fi and video monitoring in the doorbells makes life easier and home securer. For you folks who want to get a good value for a best Wi-Fi video doorbell, you are better off checking these ones. They are sold to so many customers already and are positively reviewed for their performance.

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