Best Weighted Blankets for Toddlers and Kids

Weighted blankets for kids are not a new concept if you ever heard about such products before. Companies have been making them for decades and they keep showing customers the latest designs with improvement in quality and technologies overall. The growing number of reviews on the best weighted blankets for toddlers and kids clearly manifests the popularity of children's weighted blankets.

As we dig into the new trends of such weighted blankets, we find there are way too many great weighted blankets out there on the market. They ought to meet toddlers' needs based on the unique design and dedicated weight. But, it's still tough to choose the right one. For today's recommends, we will run through a few best examples to see what we can benefit from what they offer.

Best Weighted Blankets for Kids on the Market:

1.  Quility Premium Kids Weighted Blanket & Removable Cover 5 lbs

This Quility kids' weighted blanket comes with a removable cover. It's made of 100% cotton with a greatly soft texture. For a weighted blanket, it's about 5 lbs. It has 7 layers for the sophisticated structure. The 7-layer weighted blanket is beautifully sewed, containing millions of premium micro glass beads inside. It gives you best comfort by the remarkably breathable outer layer. The removable minky duvet cover is designed for greater warmth during cold winter time. It can be easily removed to use the blanket in summer time. The weighted blanket is ideal for kids as it provides warmth and comfort like a gentle hug, making sure kids can sleep all night peacefully.

Such a weighted blankets for toddlers is particularly good for those who have autism or a sensory disorder. This blanket can keep kids warm while watching TV as well as sleeping. The comfortable blanket hugging help kids feel safe and secure.

2.  YnM Weighted Blanket 7 lbs for Kids

This YnM weighted blanket for toddler is more thickly designed with 7 lbs weight. With such thickness and weight, it works for adults too. The 7-layer weighted blanket is designed to comfortably surround your whole body and adapt to the shape with great ergonomics. For its inside, it's filled with more glass beads and less fiber so that the blanket can better control its temperature. The suppleness and comfort the blanket provides can effectively help adults and kids to sleep better. The 7-layer blanket has an anti leakage design with 3-dimension sewing to look the beads securely inside.

Despite heavy weight, the blanket effectively helps you sleep more soundly. This is found especially good for those who often sleep restlessly. With the comfort blanket, you would sleep more deeply than before. It's also a great blanket for you to cover yourself for warmth while you stay awake, you can totally relax, play cell phone, or watch TV. With this blanket, even when you are awake, watching TV, you would fall asleep sooner than you expect because the cozy blanket encourages you to sleep. I have to say this is an amazing blanket for those who have sleeping problems.

3.  Hiseeme Cooling Weighted Blanket for Kids 7lbs

This Hiseeme weighted blanket is made of 100% breathable natural cotton. What's clear that you can benefit a lot from such breathable material. Like, in hot weather, this smooth material is able to keep kids cool, and effectively prevent sweat during their sleep. With such a weighted blanket that helps with keeping kids asleep through the night, parents no longer have to worry they would kick the blankets off just within minutes of falling asleep because they feel hot.

This blanket works brilliantly for small toddlers. It's designed with the attractive dinosaur pattern and super soft fabric. The 5 lbs weighted blanket does a good job taking care of babies below 1 year old. For toddlers less than 12 months, they would get shocked in the middle of the sleep and cry because of the scenes they see in bad dreams. With such thickness and comfort, toddlers feel comfy, cozy and secure in their sleep. For small kids with sensory disorder, a 7 lbs would work best.

4.  ZonLi Kids Weighted Blanket 5 lbs

Likewise, this ZonLi weighted blanket for toddler is made of 100% cotton. Unlike other brands, this company focuses more on the sewing work, using 2-layer microfiber to prevent possible losing threads or leakage of beads. The beads inside are evenly filled. The cotton fabric can help control temperature, preventing you from getting overly hot. It has everything that a toddler's weighted blanket needs, showing care for details, helping toddlers sleep through the night soundly.

On the other hand, it's also a weighted blanket for adults. It works great for helping a grown-up fall asleep. This is found particularly good for fitful sleepers. With this blanket, you will fall asleep sooner and sleep more restfully throughout the night. It might take you a couple of nights to get used to the added weight. The added weight is evenly distributed to give you comfortable, relaxing feeling. For those who have been suffering from frequent anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, migraines, etc., this weighted blanket could be a good choice and an effective helper.

5.  Weighted Idea Cool Weighted Blanket Twin Size 15 lbs Adults

This is another weighted blanket for toddlers and adults. This company has some suggestions about the weight choices. Beginners should choose a weighted blanket with approximately 7% of your body weight. And for those who are already used to weighted blankets, should get one with 10% of your body weight. It will work best this way. This blanket, made of pure cotton fabric, it's nice and look. The breathable design helps control body temperature and avoid getting hot in summer.

For kids, this weighted blanket serves its purposes, helping them sleep greatly through the night. It helps with their tossing and turning during sleep. So with this blanket, you kid will stop coming into your room complaining about the nightmare issues. And the design is cute, soft enough for kids. For grown-ups, if you can't settle your brain to go to sleep at night, this blanket will make you feel snugly warm without being smothered. Gently put it on top of you and you would feel relaxed and slowly become sleepy. And yes, getting a duvet to cover it would be even better.

6.  LUNA Weighted Blanket 5 lbs

Let's take a glance at this children's weighted blanket. This LUNA weighted blanket has a lot in common with the above blankets. It's made of 100% cotton for comfortable touch, breathable design using 400 threads count for better temperature control. And the glass beads inside work together perfectly to provide comforting weight and pleasant temperature.

Similarly, it's not only a dedicated weighted blanket for toddler, it works for adults as well. It's better to use the blanket and a sheet together. It settles nicely, giving you hug-like feelings. The warmth makes sure you sleep comfortably and calmly at night. Compared with other kinds of quilts, such a weighted blanket can spread all over your body, and breathe slightly when it gets hotter.


This could be one of the best sensory blankets for toddlers because the company pay much attention to the materials, making the blanket highly hygienic and safe. 100% BPA free, hypo allergenic, FDA compliant plastic pellets are used for the reliable quality of this blanket. The blanket is well quilted in small squares to create an evenly weighted experience. This weighted blanket can be used as a qualified therapeutic blanket to relieve your anxiety for better sleep throughout the night.

People could probably get obsessed with this weight blanket. For most toddlers, even for adults, they would like to be snugly touched by soft, comforting blanket texture. And this one just does the job well. Most customers find this weighted blanket adorable and quite well made. There's an example of a kid who struggles with ADHD. Instead of tossing in bed for around 2 hours like before, the kid has been able to fall asleep in 15 minutes or so, and often much less than that.


These above are the best weighted blankets for kids in 2019, which have been highly recommended by the majority of blanket users. They keep giving these weighted blankets the thumbs up due to the great quality in fabrics, breathable design for temperature control, perfect weight, glass beads inside, etc. If you are looking for a best weighted blanket for toddlers, or a weighted blanket for autistic children, these are really worth your consideration.

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