Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners for Pet Hair 2019

There has been a tremendous growth in high-end vacuum cleaners that typically function as a fully automated cleaning robot. The robot vacuum cleaner uses an air pump to create a partial vacuum to pick up dust and dirt by means of sucking. An outstanding robot vacuum cleaner is exceptionally good at collecting dust and dirt from floors and other surfaces such as furniture and upholstery.

We are going to list 10 best robot vacuum cleaners in 2019 especially good for picking up pet hair. If you keep a pet at home, a dog or a cat, you will expect the great efficiency of a smart powerful robot vacuum cleaner to suck up all the pet hair instead of picking it up with your fingers.

1. iRobot Roomba 650 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

iRobot showcases its Roomba 650 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner on Amazon proudly. Amazingly marked as #1 Best Seller in Robotic Vacuums category, it features conveniences and automation. In detail, it can be scientifically preset to vacuum up to 7 times on weekly basics, and that makes your home stay clean every day with this convenient weekly scheduling. The vacuum cleaner is specifically designed to dock and recharge itself automatically. And it freely adjusts itself when it meets different surfaces of texture, like a hardwood floor, carpet, sofa, and furniture. It promises a thorough clean by a 3-stage cleaning system that will vacuum where dirt and dust exist no matter how deep it hides and no matter how terribly the pet hair spreads all over the house.

Cons: Always hate to list some cons for a best seller product but from an unbiased point of view, for some coarse-grained big rugs, iRobot Roomba would most likely stop and turn around sadly leaving its owner to vacuum that part on his or her own.

2. bObi Pet Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, Silver

This robotic vacuum cleaner labels itself as a dedicated vacuum cleaner to clean up pet hair and paw prints. This Canadian-made robotic vacuum cleaner is designed to quickly adapt itself to many different textures. It can simultaneously sweep, vacuum, mop, UV sterilize and HEPA filtrate due to the astonishing performance. Moreover, it has a remote letting you sit back, relax and control from your comfortable seat. It also allows the cleaning schedule setting for your daily cleaning. Bobi Pet has an impressive motor and long-lasting battery power.

Cons: The robot vacuum is blind and immune to black furniture. When it meets black furniture, it just runs into it and skips it over and changes direction. It's also blind for a certain skinny obstacle and would run right into it. The navigation part is still sort of a time waster.

3. iRobot Roomba 960 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

iRobot Roomba 960 is designed to fit under most furniture, beds and some narrow gaps in your house, where your pets would spend much time playing hide-and-seek, peek-a-boo. The powerful tangle-free extractors will effectively eliminate pet hair, human hair and debris jams. The cleaner keeps track of your house cleaning with its iAdapt 2.0 Navigation with Visual Localization. With maximum run-time 75 minutes, when time is up and power almost runs out, it will automatically recharge and resume cleaning immediately until the entire task is completed. You may as well try the iRobot Home App which helps schedule your cleaning conveniently.

Cons: According to some feedback, this robotic vacuum cleaner would sometimes return to base just after cleaning some area of a large carpet. Besides, it's somewhat susceptible to getting stuck on furniture with unusual shapes.

4. Neato Botvac D80 Robot Vacuum for Pets and Allergies

Neato Botvac Robot Vacuum is engineered with a D-Shape design and CornerClever technology, in particular, to get extremely close to some hard-to-reach spots, such as wall corners, narrow gaps and irregular shapes of furniture and some large ornaments. It's able to pick up scattered pet hair, crumbs and all kinds of dust and dirt. With the help of the advanced LaserSmart mapping and navigation system, it will scan and map the room, and provides a systematic cleaning plan for the area.

Cons: Noise cancellation needs some improvement work, and fails to locate its base accurately for each time.

5. Eufy RoboVac 11, High Suction, Self-Charging Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Eufy RoboVac 11 is a very user-friendly vacuum cleaner which shares most features with similar products. But it does feature its high suction capability, high capacity li-ion battery and scratch proof tempered glass cover for protection. All the dust, pet hair and crumbs in your house will be swept away by the 1000Pa vacuuming power, 2 side brushes, and one motorized rolling brush. Other than guiding the cleaner to the cleaning job, the smart navigation system also leads it to the docking station when it needs recharging.

Cons: After a long time vacuuming, it would get stuck once in a while. Also when it keeps working too long, it fails to sense exactly where its base is.

6. iRobot Roomba 980 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

iRobot Roomba 980 model is good at precisely navigating your rooms for a comprehensive and thorough cleaning job. Of all iRobot Roomba's features, its 120 minutes' running time is the most impressive one. Because 2 hours is enough to clean up a large house, whichever room your pets might have visited and left their hair. Although the 2 hours' power is used up, it will automatically recharge itself and resume vacuuming dust and dirt for you.

Cons: Still struggles to return to base without malfunction every time especially when it keeps working over 2 hours.

7. COVACS Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, Tangle-free Suction for Pet Hair

This robotic vacuum cleaner has 3 major cleaning modes that will ensure fast and effective cleaning to make pet hair, debris and dirt vanish. You may choose an AUTO mode for everyday cleaning when your house is not a disaster yet; Spot mode is used to focus on a certain spot that needs cleaning so bad; Edge mode is designed for edges and corners. It has a powerful and tangle-free suction picking up dust effortlessly. It gives you 110 minutes of cleaning time and total protection for your floors.

Cons: Wish it had a roller brush that might handle cleaning way better. It could get hung up on vent covers if it meets too large gaps there.

8. Neato Botvac Connected Wi-Fi Enabled Robot Vacuum

Compared with similar robot vacuum cleaners, Neato Botvac has more precise navigation and it's a Wi-Fi enabled vacuum. The high tech it contains might sound complicated, however, it's easy to operate. Start it with the Neato App, make schedules, or simply press the button to begin your cleaning. It fits all types of floor surfaces, wood, tile, laminate, carpet you name it. All tiny dust, pet hair will be completely removed with D-Shape with CornerClever Tech.

Cons: Its identification with large objects still leaves something to be desired.

9. ILIFE V3s Robotic Vacuum Cleaner for Pets and Allergies Home, Pearl White

It does a very good job in noise reduction: 55db low noise during working. It has smart built-in sensors to avoid bumping into objects. It provides a 110 minutes' continuous cleaning with a 2600mAh battery. It's slimmer in design, making it easier to pick up pet high, debris, dirt in some unconspicuous spots where nasty dust might hide. The remote control enables you to get it to work by one single touch on the button.

Cons: It could meet the most typical problem a robotic vacuum would meet: would get stuck under furniture especially when you have too much furniture in a room.

10. Samsung POWERbot Wi-Fi Robot Vacuum R9040

Samsung also joins the party: POWERbot Wi-Fi Robot Vacuum has everything you need, powerful suction, Wi-Fi connectivity for remote control, systematic mapping and advanced sensor. They have the robot wheels and brush improved too. Better wheels run on the specific floor more smoothly to prevent getting stuck. The combo brush picks up pet hair more easily with less tangles.

Cons: Improvement in wheels and other aspects in design brings the robot some shortcomings: noise in vacuuming, bulkier size, lack of smart guidance system which lets it go through open space where it's not supposed to be.

Spend some quality time with your adorable pet in such a highly hygienic and clean environment with a high-tech helper that will work as a housekeeper or a charwoman who will never ever complain about the dirty work as long as the battery power is on duty. The best robot vacuum cleaners for pet hair 2017 are your best choices to create a cozy and spacious nest for you and your pets.

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