Zhiyun Crane 2

  • Kindly Note: Crane 2's Controllability to Cameras may Vary Depending on the Specific Camera Brand and Model.

    With "Servo Follow Focus", Crane 2 supports real time follow focus for All DSLR and Mirroless Cameras Canon Nikon Sony Panasonic.

    ZY Play App Compability: iOS 9.0 or Later Version & Android 5.0 or Later Version. (Turn on GPS and Bluetooth on phone to connect the App)


    1. Supports cameras weighing up to 7 pounds

    2. Power Select Sony Cameras Through the Stabilizer

    3. Manfrotto-Standard Quick Release Plate for Quick Camera Mounting

    4. "Slow-Fall" Feature protects Your Camera from A Sudden Drop.

    5. 60 Sec. Mount, Dismount and Balance Adjustment with Unique Thumbscrews, No Need of A Screwdriver

    6. 6th Gen. Instune Algorithm System, 50% Increase in Motor Torque and 20% Improvement in Noise Reduction

    7. Unique Dovetail Slot Enables High-Precision Balance Adjustment for Faster and More Convenient Camera Mounting

    8. Quick Control Dial: Either Press or Rotate the Dial to Make Various Camera Parameter Settings such as TV, AV, ISO and EV