Xiaomi Smart Visual Ear-Stick Endoscope


The Bebird M9 Pro Smart Visual Ear Stick is 3.5mm diameter, much thinner than the diameter of other otoscopes, it's perfect to meet adult and baby canal's depth, which will Protect the Ear Canal and Eardrum from being hurt.


  • Brand:Xiaomi Bebird
  • Network Standards:IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
  • Working Frequency: 2.4Ghz
  • Antenna:Built-in FPC Antenna
  • Working Frequency:2.4Ghz
  • Image Transmission Rate:30fps
  • Working Environment Temperature:-10~50°C
  • Centigrade Battery:350mAh
  • Battery Life Approx:90 Minute
  • Charge Length: 1.5h
  • Input Current: DC 5V 300mA
  • Inside Diameter Of Lens:3.5mm
  • Optimum Focal Length:1.5 - 2cm
  • Pixel:3,000,000
  • Gravity Sensor: 4 Axis

High Definition Camera: Revolutionary 3.0 Megapixels HD Camera Technology, 141*13*13mm Lens with 6 LED Lights, which has Anti-Fog & Anti-Dust Technology, you can use in homecare and more Industrial areas.

Easy to Use & Wide Compatibility: Download the Bebird App and install your device, it can be easy to connect WiFi with Android Smartphone / tablet or IOS iPhone / iPad. More functions, you can not only check ear canal and clean earwax, help your family member do ear exam, but also check ear for your dog/cat with the alcohol sterilization. It is also suitable for skin, teeth examination. 

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