Wooden Vertical Stand Rack for Macbook

This is the most beautiful, elegant and stylish wood stand for macbook you should be concerned about -- and the answer is a resounding YES.

We select our wood very carefully for bring the best quality to our customers. A small angled cut in to hold your device at an attractive angle. Free your hands now while watch movie, etc.
  • Elegant Vertical MacBook Stand and the perfect choice to giving your workspace a clean, less cluttered look
  • Simple, functional and environmentally friendly with its high quailty wooden material
  • Its Soft Rubber insert is molded for follow the curves of Macbook
  • Perfect choice if you prefer to connect your MacBook to the Apple Display.
  • Stylish stand for MacBook Pro and Macbook Air
  • Size:  26.4cm*12.5cm*7.5cm


  1. Macbook pro version: Suit for 2.5cm pc
  2. Macbook air version: Suit for 1.8cm pc
  3. Macbook version:  Suit for 1.31cm pc

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