Smiley Split Badge

Well-made zinc alloy emoji badge tag! A split smiling face appears to tell you this one isn't 100% happy and yet still happy to accept what's coming towards him/her.

Durable Material: The emoji badge tag is made of high quality zinc alloy with a solid build and long lasting reliability.

Creative Design: The split style badge comes in 2 halves. When the 2 halves are used onto clothes or bags, they show a greatly vivid emoji effect.

Easy to Use: Thanks to the straightforward design, it's easy to attach/detach the split style badge tag for convenient everyday use.

Funny Decor: Adorable emoji look creates a funny sense, particularly a split smile face shows a unique mood and attitude towards life.

Lovely Gift Choice: It's a small but cute item that you can use as an awesome gift for family, friends around you.

Every minute counts, go make your time worth it, start with a funny split emoji badge tag.

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