Smart Coffee Scale with Timer

Black with LED Screen
White with LED Screen
White with LCD Screen
Easy to use with touch control, smart digital coffee scale with timer, powered by triple A batteries, with auto shut-off, hibernation mode feature.

High Accuracy for Measurements: This smart coffee scale with timer uses advanced gauge sensors to measure weight and time for coffee brewing as accurately as up to 0.1 g tolerance, with 0.3 g to 3000 g weight measurement range.

Convenient Touch Control: This digital coffee scale is easy to use with user-friendly, highly sensitive touch control buttons. The control panel has a straightforward layout for you to easily operate functions.

Ultra Clear LED Display: The highlighted LED screen fully displays easy-to-read results for the weight and time, with smart weight unit conversion gram, ounces, and ml.

Solid Construction: It's made of durable ABS material for the main section, with a waterproof, non-slip silicone pad on the top side, and anti-slip feet at the bottom for stability, with a compact size 18cm x 13cm.

Power: Supported by 4 triple A batteries, the smart power-saving scale will shut down automatically after it's continuously on for 3 minutes, or the screen will be off for hibernation mode after 1 minute without operation.

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