Liquid Silicone AirTag Case

Protective Silicone Case for AirTag 2021, Case Cover with Keychain for AirTag, High-quality Liquid Silicone with Flexibility & Resistance to Scratches, Bumps, Drops

Durable Materials: Perfect combo of AirTag case and keychain: the case cover is made of supple, flexible, scratch-resistant liquid silicone while keychain is made of robust stainless steel.

Full Protection:With perfectly fit design to hold Apple AirTag in place, the silicone case offers great protection from possible scratches and scrapes, impact, drops or being lost accidentally.

Convenient to Use: Other than easy setup for AirTag, the keychain allows you to easily attach it onto a bag, belt, car key, luggage, or pet leash etc. It's small and helpful for tracking your items.

Comfortable Grip: Shock-proof, sweat-proof case with a slim design, made for comfortable, easy carrying; Flexible, soft silicone offers skin-friendly touch for everyday use. 

Easy Maintenance:Thanks to the water-friendly liquid silicone material, the protective case for AirTag is easy to clean with tap water, and easy to dry naturally for regular maintenance and care.

Color Options: Black, Gray, Blue, Red

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