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Coffee Filter Paper Storage Box

Designed with easy access and secure storage, with protection from moisture, dust; Keeping coffee filter paper well organized.

Storage and Protection: This dust-proof, damp-proof coffee filter paper storage box keeps coffee filter tray paper well-organized and secure in place, with protection against dust and moisture.

Easy Access: The user-friendly transparent lid is easy to open and close, allowing for convenient access for you to put in and take out filter paper.

Space-saving Size: This coffee filter tray paper storage box features great compactness in size, with measurements 13.3 cm x 12.5 cm x 7.3 cm for convenient everyday use.

Large Capacity: Despite a compact design, it's roomy to accommodate approximately 100 pieces of well folded filter paper.

Durable Material: It's made of highly durable acrylic plastic with long lasting quality. It's a reliable filter paper storage box that looks snugly tidy overall.