AirPods Pro Diamond Case

Preorder, in stock around November 15. Stylish, attractive design with protection and convenience for charging.

Supports both wired and wireless charging, easy to install and remove. Trendy, brand new style for girls.

Shining Diamond Style: This AirPods Pro case features a charming look with an attractive diamond pattern on a sleek surface that's rich in freshly adorable pink color. It's a perfect match for female users.

Storage and Portability: This AirPods Pro case is designed to be snugly fit for your AirPods Pro, providing secure storage. It comes with a metal carabiner for easy portability.

Protection: Made of highly durable and lightweight material, the AirPods Pro case is impact-resistant to accidental drops, giving your AirPods Pro total protection for everyday use.

Wired and Wireless Charging Compatible: Designed with a friendly cutout for charging port, the case supports easy wired charging, plus, it's compatible with wireless charging, you can simply place it on a Qi charging pad or mat to get power.

Easy to Install and Remove: It's easy to put this beautiful AirPods case together, and it comes with an included tool to easily remove. It's good-looking and easy to use.

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