Adjustable Phone Stand

Brand-New Adjustable Cell Phone Stand Holder Cradle Dock for Desktop, Built for convenient charging and viewing at the same time; Supports 180 degrees free angle adjustment. Travel-friendly foldable cell phone stand, makes everything easy on the go 

Durable & Convenient: Made of robust aluminum alloy, this cell phone stand lasts for ages for its incredible durability. Supporting arm features a hole for charging cable to go through for convenient charging.

Wide Compatibility:This phone stand is designed to work for a great many smartphones and tablets, ranging from 4 inches to 8 inches size for cell phones.

Easy Angle Adjustment:Two swivel rotation sections between supporting arm and holder enable you to adjust viewing angle effortlessly for 180 degrees range, meeting your different needs. 

Total Protection:Other than a solid base with an anti-slip design for stability, it has thoughtful anti-scratch silicone pads nicely built to safeguard your phone or tablet from possible damage.   

Great Portability: The foldable design allows you to easily store the stand holder into any bag wherever you go. It's practical and compact for easy travels.

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