Xiaomi Mi MITU Robot Builder Tank Mecha Crawler Base (978 Pieces)

  • Mi Robot Builder-An amazing robot in 978 parts

    Self-balancing system | Wireless smartphone control | Modular graphic programming

    Touch of tech to the brick

    Mi Robot Builder is a modular coding toy that can be assembled into different structures using 978 toy blocks along with other parts like wheels, hears, and chains to make it come to life. Safe for both adult and children alike, all parts and blocks are made out of eco-friendly material which is safe for used.

    Self-balancing mechanism for perfect balancing

    Mi Robot Builder’s main engine is powered by a CPU processor and a proprietary operating system, allowing the robot to perform perfectly coordinated actions. It also comes with four USB type-C ports, which provides power to the robot and interfaces with other components. Thanks to the inverted pendulum algorithm, the completed structure is stable enough to keep itself upright and move forward while supporting up to 3kg in weight.

    Guide your robot in three different modes: Rocker mode, Gyroscope mode and Path mode

    Connect Mi Robot Builder to the app via bluetooth and watch it come to life. Drive the robot by sliding your finger across the screen, use on-board soft button to explore your surrounding and more.

    *App is available on both iOS and Android

    Program without writing a single line of code

    Intelligently control your robot without even connecting to a computer. You can simply drag and drop complex command code to the robot right from your smartphone. You can even learn how to program through a series of tutorials on the Mi Robot Builder app.