Lightweight 1.5mm Ultra Slim Travel Yoga Mat

Vanilla Green
Dance Green

Looking to take your yoga practice on the road? Here we bring you this ultra slim and Lightweight travel yoga mat 2016 which is great for yogis on the go, perfect for retreats or outdoor yoga experiences.

So what should you looking for in a travel yoga mat?

  • Ultra Light, Lightweight and packable? Yes! Only 1.5mm, 0.98kg
  • Durable? Yes! Made of eco-friendly tree rubber from Taiwan. 
  • Sticky enough? Yes! 

The Lululook excellent yoga mat can be easily folds up or rolled to fit easily into your luggage and a variety of colors. Weighs 2.2lbs, only about 1.5mm thick and 68” long making it a great travel companion.

Gorgeous unique patterned mat for all types and levels of yoga. Sticky surface and the lightweight material makes it easy to travel with! 

This is such a unique & wonderful gift of love to give someone (including yourself) who is always traveling around the world.