Funxim Airpods Wireless Charging Case


Funxim airpods wireless charging case is a new protective case for Apple's AirPods that adds Qi wireless charging. Also Buy our wireless charger for apple watch and iPhone.

Place your AirPods into wireless charging case and put it on Qi wireless charger for wireless charging experience.

  • COMPLETELY COMPATIBLE: The case and AirPods will continue to work just like normal. You’ll still have access to the sync button. The AirPods original case perfectly fits into the wireless charging case.
  • ONE FOR ALL: Works with all Qi standard wireless chargers. 
  • HARD SHELL PROTECTION: It can be used as protective case and protects your AirPods from scratch and dirt. No sticky feeling of general silicon material and it doesn't collect dust and lint.
  • SAFE CHARGING: Eliminate safety concerns with overvoltage protection, temperature control, and more, by using highly efficient components and an advanced chipset.

1. Product Standard: Qi 
2. Input: DC5V/1A
3. Output: DC5V/0.5A
4. Color: White
5. Product Weight: 30g
6. Size: 51.1*64.4*29.5mm