BlackBerry Bold 9900

Made for DIY Disassembly Art Task! Having such a wooden photo frame for BlackBerry Bold 9900 disassembly means the best tool to explore and show the basic structure, configuration and overall design of the phone. It's an exquisite frame to display parts and function perfectly as an indoor ornament.

  • Made of natural, solid walnut wood with skin-friendly sleek surface and texture, the disassembly photo frame lasts for ages with great durability and reliability.
  • Superior Craftsmanship in Design -- Solid wooden frame shows perfect details for the rounded edges and corners for comfortable touch. It holds the old BlackBerry Bold 9900 parts securely in place.
  • Pre-designed drawing paper features an ergonomic layout, aimed for better organizing each and every part of BlackBerry Bold 9900, creating an eye-pleasing display along with brief word description for each part.
  • Hassle-free & Interesting Experience -- Disassemble the old BlackBerry Bold 9900, stick each part on the background drawing in designated spot, then the job is done. Awesome ornament for desk or wall ! 
  • Size:  43.5cm x 31.5cm, A3 Paper Size

Memory about BlackBerry Bold 9900:

The BlackBerry Bold is a line of smartphones developed by BlackBerry, Ltd. The family was launched in 2008 with the 9000 Model. In 2009 the form factor was shrunk with the 9700 and the Tour 9630. In 2010 BlackBerry released the 9650 and 9780 refreshed with OS 6. In 2011 came the 9790 and 9788 along with the 9900/9930 series. The 9900/9930 and 9790 are touchscreen smartphones, released in August and November 2011. - From wikipedia

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