Baby stroller hooks -2 Pack

2 Pack of Multi Purpose Hooks - Perfect Hanger for Baby Diaper Bags, Groceries, Clothing, Purse - Great Accessory for Mommy when Walking or Shopping.

Introducing The Multi-Purpose Stroller Hook

- Keep both hands on your stroller to ensure the safety of your children 
- Push and steer your stroller correctly 
- Easily maneuver over hill and dale, sidewalks and pathways 
- Securely carry diaper bag, purse, clothing and more without hitch or hiccup 
- Address your child’s moment-to-moment needs instead of your freight

With this durable, easy-to-attach, multi-tasking stroller hook set, you can make your outings enjoyable again. So lose the stress of multi-tasking and focus on the pleasure of spending quality time with your children, unencumbered by the ‘stuff’ that so often makes a journey with a stroller a pain.

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