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NANO Portable Manual Coffee Grinder

Timemore NANO Portable Manual Coffee Grinder is made for travel or outdoor, Ergonomic design for easy coffee bean grinding, unique adjuster built for coarse and fine bean grinding. Compact, portable size, highly durable stainless steel with easy holding design, efficient, convenient coffee grinder with super sharp grinder blades.

Durable Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder: It is made of extremely hard aluminum, stainless steel, and sturdy walnut wood for the handle end. Built to last for ages with great durability and reliability, it's a high-end stainless steel coffee grinder for espresso, French press, Turkish brew, drip coffee, etc.

Foldable Handle Design: The handle features a folded design for easy storage and great portability. It has a non-slip walnut wood end for comfortable, easy holding. Thanks to the ergonomic labor-saving handle design, it enables you to grind coffee beans with less effort needed.

Efficient Adjustable Grinding Blades: Based on advanced CNC craftsmanship and double bearings built in for fast, smooth grinding, the sharp stainless steel grinding blades can be adjusted for creating coffee powder from coarse to fine levels.

Convenient Bean Storage Tank: Designed with a wide opening, it's easy to open the bean tank and put coffee beans inside for grinding. Despite its small size, it allows for 15 g coffee powder capacity, producing the right amount of coffee for two persons.

Extremely Compact Size: Measuring only 10 cm for height, the small coffee grinder is built for easy holding, storage, and travel purpose. It's a fast, efficient mini hand coffee grinder with portable size and heavy-duty stainless steel construction.

  • Grinder Body Dimensions:125 mm x 45 mm
  • Weight:360g
  • Capacity:15g