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Chestnut C2 Manual Coffee Grinder

Ergonomic design for easy coffee bean grinding, unique adjuster built for coarse and fine bean grinding. High durable stainless steel with easy holding design, efficient, a convenient coffee grinder with super sharp grinder blades for smooth, even cutting.

Robust Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder: This durable coffee bean grinder is made of extremely hard space aluminum, stainless steel as well as solid PC material for some parts. It's built to last for ages with great durability and reliability. It's a high-end stainless steel coffee grinder for espresso, French press, Turkish brew, drip coffee, etc.

High Performance Adjustable Grinder Blades: 55-58HRC hardness in 5-axis CNC, The super sharp stainless steel grinder blades provide great efficiency and optimized results based on sophisticated CNC craftsmanship. It easily cuts and grinds coffee beans fast, smoothly, and evenly, yielding different results from coarse to fine levels. You can expect to find Fine grinds in the 6–12 click range, Medium grinds from 13–24 clicks, and Coarse grinds at 24+ clicks.

Non-slip Design for Easy Holding: The adjustable hand coffee grinder is ergonomically designed with an anti-slip surface. The convex lattice pattern allows you to hold the coffee grinder securely and comfortably in hand for easy coffee grinding with less effort needed.

Uniquely Curved Grinding Handle: It also features great ergonomics in the grinding handle design. With perfect handle length and distance to the main part, a specially curved handle can effectively balance both hands for effortless coffee grinding, saving as much strength as possible. The labor-saving design helps greatly for grinding the finest coffee powder.

User-friendly Size: The travel friendly coffee grinder features great portability with a practical size of 147mm(height)x52mm(horizontal width, the diameter), 159mm for the grinding handle length, 430 g for the whole net weight, and 25 g for coffee bean capacity. The great compactness of the dimensions enables you can carry the manual coffee grinder for convenient everyday use and easy travel.

It's one of the most high-performance manual coffee grinders with adjustable cutting levels for coarse, fine coffee results. Convenient, fast, efficient hand coffee grinder, with stainless steel construction.