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Air Blower for Coffee

Coffee powder, dust cleaner, collector for easy grinder maintenance.

Safe, reliable, food-grade silicone, scientific air-blowing cleaning without sucking dust back in, compact size, easy to use.

Flexible Material: This coffee grinder cleaner/dust collector is made of non-toxic, odorless food-grade silicone for safe, hygienic requirements.

Easy to Use: Simply squeeze the main body, and focus on the post with unwanted coffee powder or dust, and blow it away. It's easy to hold in hand, and it bounces back quickly while loosening your fingers.

Practical Design: The silicone is highly flexible so that it won't scratch sophisticated parts of your coffee grinder; a 5cm long nozzle can easily reach deep spots for cleaning.

Cleaning Effect: The nozzle only provides one-way for air to come in when you squeeze it, and one-way to blow air out when you loosen fingers, so dust or powder won't be sucked inside.

Compact Size: It's a useful, small tool with a total length of 14.2cm. It's designed for easy storage and comes in handy when it needs to do the cleaning job.